Prison Break -8

I thought I'd just update some of my dormant stories before I go on vacation to Detroit. I'm gone until Tuesdays. So I hope this will tie over some of you.

I do not own anyone except Jenn and Jay.

Half an hour later, Veronica watched as Jenn started at her wedding ring, she hadn't said too much at all yet. The waiter came back with their lunch, which consisted of fried foods. Veronica gave the waiter a smile as he nodded and walked away.

" So you going to tell me what is going on in that pretty little head of yours, or are we just going to sit here in silence and stare into space". Veronica inquired. She watched Jenn move her side salad around the bowl with her fork.

" I know, sorry, it's just I was with Michael last night" Jenn started

" Wait, you were with who, last night? Does anyone know?" Veronica interrupted.

" No, well only Jay, he was the one who organized the whole thing. It was very sweet of him. But I don't know what if I fall in love with Jay, Ronnie. I mean I love Michael, I really do but…"

" You can't help but have feelings for Jay right? Jenn, that is only normal" Veronica finished for her.

" You think so?" Jenn asked just wanting to make sure, that she was just worrying for nothing. Veronica looked around the restaurant, hoping beyond hope that they were alone. Deciding they were, after finishing the comfort food. She opened her briefcase, pulled out a file folder, and placed it on the table.

" Take this home and have Jay look at time, it may help Lincoln". Jenn took the document and placed it in her bag.

" So are we ready to do some shopping since you are rich now?" Veronica asked coyly. Jenn smiled, she did receive a spending credit card from Jay after they got married.

" Sure, lets finish up here and I'll call Jay to let him know I'll be out awhile". Jenn told her, as she started to stand up.

" Sounds like a plan. I'll get the bill and meet you out front." Veronica grabbed the bill off the table then went over to the register.

Jenn stood up, picked up her bag, and headed towards the Ladies room. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed her home number. " Hey Jay, how is work going?"

" Could be better if you were home."

Jenn chuckled " Yea, but then those contracts wouldn't get done. Anyway I'm going to do a little shopping with Veronica before I come home. Is that okay? "

" Sure that is fine. I'll call you in an hour or so, talk to you later babe". She got a dial tone in her ear. As she was putting her phone in her purse, she heard people screaming Oh my god Veronica was the only thought in her head.

While Jenn was in the Lady's room, one of Caroline's men had trailed the two women and had been waiting for the right time. He found Veronica and with a silencer extension on his guns shot Veronica three times, making sure not to kill her. Killing her would be too easy. As the man stood the unnoticed as he watched Jenn come running out of the restaurant.

Jenn was kneeling down next to Veronica, taking off her jacket with one hand while she was calling 911 with the other. Jenn had been leaning over Veronica holding her jacket against her friends bleeding body. She leaned back .she saw a shorter man, who didn't seem fazed by the shooting. Jenn stood up, not bothered by the blood that covered her clothes and walked towards him.

Fred saw Jenn walking towards him, She knew, she knew he was the shooter. He had to get out of there. He turned to flee the scene, when a hand grabbed his arm " You shot her you bastard, why?" Fred scoffed at the accusation " Ma'am come down I have no idea what you are talking about!"

Fred started to pull away, but Jenn held fast. Until a police officer came over to see what the fuss was all about. " Arrest this man, he shot that woman." The officer looked at Fred, then at Jenn. " Maybe both of you to the station so we can sort this out". The officer had a gentle yet firm hold on Jenn's elbow and was leading her away. He looked back at Fred. " Sir, follow me please." Feed nodded, he was a secret service officer, and he'd skate away free.

Veronica had sustained bullet wounds, but they were not life threatening She knew that. Her mind went to Lincoln and his son. Was she ever going to see them again? She winced with pain as the syringe entered her arm. The medication was quickly taking over her senses. She started to wonder where Jenn was, hoping who ever shot her was not going to get Jenn as well. Slowly her body giving in more and more to the painkillers, getting her mind off of everything else.


Jay was still poring over some interesting poll documents, when his cell phone began to ring. He picked it up and looked at it, but didn't recognize the number, so he ignored it. His eyes went back to the computer screen. It seemed as if his 'Aunt' had become Vice president after his 'Uncle' had died. Jay closed one window and opened up another one. Which shown that his 'uncle's' private accounts out of the U.S. had some movement in them. Jay closed that window as well and looked over the Death certificate for his 'uncle'. Jay had planned to take it to a buddy of his to check the authenticity of it.

Jay closed all of the windows he had opened. Just as he was about to close the last one, his cell phone chirped again. This time it was his 'aunt', he decided to answer it this time.

" Hello Caroline, how are you? Thanks for breakfast… Wait a minute, what? When? Alright I'll be there in a little bit bye." Jay threw down his cell. Caroline had called him to tell him that Jenn was at the police station, starting all kinds of problems. Jay grabbed his keys and headed out of the cabin.

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