8The guardian-1

I will admit I received some of this idea from watching Angel. I figured if the evil side had help why not give the good guys some help.

Disclaimers- I do not do not own Super natural, nor do I own the descriptions of the Guardians for the ptb's they belong to Joss Wheden. Just so we got that clear.

AS they watched Meg use the Shadow demon to over come the Winchesters. The Powers that be frowned. This was no good, Meg had broken a few of the rules, well her father had broken some of the rules as well "It has to be done, balance must be restored to the Universe" A Guardian told her partner. The male guardian agreed with her "Whom do you have in mind?" We only have three humans left". The female smiled "How about her?" she pointed to the corner as a servant pulled her forward. It was a human girl all of 28 years old. Her skin was milky white as a pearl, her eyes oval shaped like almonds, dark in color, her lips a light pink, her hair was as dark as her eyes and spiky. She was almost perfect except for the slight plump issue; she still got the job done. The brothers will not be able to ignore her.

The male wasn't so sure about this one " What about the dark skinned one " "No Cassie already is too close, besides how will she explain following them. No it has to be Gina." The servant pulled her closer to the Guardians " plus she has yet to let us down. But just to be on the safe side, take her to get tattooed". The female said to the servant who only nodded and led the woman away. The male Guardian smirked 'I hope you know what you are doing, she doesn't form attachments to her charges that may pose a risk this time". The female guardian smiled " I'm sure she will be fine, trust me."


Down in the marking chamber, Gina sat perfectly still; she knew why she was chosen. She didn't have an emotional fiber in her being. Oh she felt bad if some one got hurt, but she never formed friendships with her charges, she jumped as the device to tattoo her neck touched her skin. It was not the most pleasant feeling in the world. The tattoo only took twenty minutes; the pain was not as bad as last time.

The Guardians had her taken to the suite before sending her to earth once more, but wanted her to get use to being in the human world again. Gina smiled when she saw the clothes, jeans; she hadn't worn those in so long. She picked up the top and laughed it was black, here also sat some making up. Gina went over to the bed, she hopped onto it lay back and was asleep within minutes.

A few hours or in human time a few days. Gina blinked open her eyes and saw the guardians just standing there staring at her " I hate when you do that" she told them as they watched her get out of bed. She stretched and glanced back at them "Oh, now I know you are going to let me get dressed in peace." The female guardian laughed " Of course, but we do have to approve of the end product. We also brought you breakfast." The guardians nodded and left her to get dressed.

Gina looked over at the file sitting next to the breakfast tray; she walked over to it and picked it up " Winchester" was on the label. She quickly looked over the contents then put it back down; she would read the whole thing later. Gina walked into her shower and quickly scrubbed up, dressed and grabbed the purse that was left for her and a set of keys, before heading into the conference room.

The conference room only held her master guardians and another servant " Gina Reeves please sit down so we can go over you mission". Gina sat next to the female guardian " You are to keep Meg busy with yourself so the Winchesters can bring peace and harmony to the world once more, while we deal with the evil. Once the evil is in our grasp you are to kill Meg and come back. Now we picked you because of your lack of feelings, but we must warn you these two you are to protect are fueled by emotions, you may have to just play along. Now go and good luck." That had to be the first time Gina had ever been wished good luck.

Gina stood up, bowed before them, and walked through a pair of double doors, which would lead right to where the Winchesters would be. The fun part is she would have an identity, an apartment, a job people would know who she was, and everything she would need, would be at her fingertips.

Don't worry the Winchesters will be showing up soon… Just something I came up with after watching Angel….