The Guardian- 5 part one

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Sam stared at his brother, who was staring so hard at the computer screen. Sam thought it would break. He decided to surprise his brother. " Hey, why don't you turn that thing off for a while and we will go grab a beer at the bar down the road." Dean's eyebrow twitched but he didn't take his eyes off the screen.

" Dean?" Sam called. Nothing. Sam stood up and walked over to where his brother sat completely, transfixed to the screen. Sam looked over his shoulder " Myths and legends, what are the powers that be?" Sam asked Dean, who sat there still just reading the page. Sam frowned and closed the lid of the laptop, which earned him a "Hey" from his brother.

" God, Dean if you would of stared at that any longer I think it would of blown up. Why don't you tell me what is bothering you?" Sam asked his brother, hoping that this time he would get an answer.

Dean turned his body around to face his brother. Sam sat on the coffee table and waited. Dean was not sure what was roaming around in his mind.

" I'm not sure Sam, that girl Gina. There is something different about her, and the way she was having a moment with dad, it was she could beat his ass if she wanted too. That isn't normal."

Sam sighed " Dean, is it because dad was holding a gun to her and not you, cuss Bro she is very good looking."

Dean rolled his eyes at his younger brother as Sam wiggled his eyebrows. Maybe Sam should get laid, by the way he was acting. He watched Sam lean back and stretch. His mind went back to the thought of Gina. She certainly shaped perfectly and that car hmm. Dean closed his eyes and sighed.

" Dude, what are you doing, wait don't answer that. I thought we were going back out. Maybe we could pick up Gina." Sam said teasingly. Dean opened his eyes and looked at his brother since when was Sam so eager to go out? Dean looked at his watch and yawned.

" You know what, take the car and pick up Gina. I'm pretty tried and won't be any fun, besides maybe Dad wants to go over a move against Meg."

Sam frowned "Dean, come on I know you think Gina's hot so why don't you just come with me". Sam taunted Dean, in hopes his brother would change his mind.

" No Sam, really it's fine, besides you deserve first crack at her, because after that I'm going to make my move. Now go get her tiger" Dean had a challenging smile on his face. "

" Yea? I think you already had your change, remember Mr. Cool, in the parking lot earlier. I recall that she had you speechless." Dean gave him a brotherly gesture before throwing him the keys. " And don't get anything on or in my car" Dean quipped.

" Jerk" was Sam's response.

" Bitch."

Sam chuckled as he walked out the door, leaving Dean to his own devices. He walked past his dad's room, where he could hear the TV; he walked right over to Gina's door and knocked. He listened for footsteps, but didn't hear any; he knocked on the door. He listened but again didn't hear anything and there was no answer. He also knew in his business that was never a good sign. Just as he was going to pick the lock a voice came out of nowhere behind him.

" Don't you dare pick my lock."

Sam turned around to see Gina staring at him " Gina, hi I'm sorry it's just in my line of work when people don't answer the door it's never a good thing."

Gina's face softened a little trying to remember not to be so rigid towards the boys. " That is ok Sam, but what are you doing here?"

"I was, um… I wanted to see if you would want to go get a beer with me" Sam told her, his face just a little red.

Gina smiled genuinely surprised that it was Sam not Dean knocking at her door. " You know what? A beer sounds like a great idea. Come on I'll drive." She reached into her pocket for the car keys. " Come on." Sam followed Gina to her green dodge and almost felt like he was cheating on the Impala, as it sat there in the dark, he knew dean would never, unless absolutely necessary. Gina had already slid behind the steering wheel, she rolled down the window and looked out at the younger Winchester " Sam, are you coming or staying." Sam blushed as he opened the door and slid into the passenger seat, a familiar feeling came over him.

Gina noticed the look on Sam's face and decided to be concerned "Sam what is the matter?"

" Oh nothing, it is just I sit on the passenger side all the time in the Impala and it feels like dejouv ".

Gina grinned understanding what he was implying " Here, lets switch seats." Before Sam could protest Gina was straddling his lap, she was definitely having an effect on him. " So are you going to drive or what?" Sam blinked and moved over to the drivers seat, touched the keys in the ignition and turned over the engine. The Charger erupted with a loud roar. He put the car in gear and gently guided the muscle car out of the parking lot and onto the main street.


Dean smiled as he saw the Charger leave the parking lot. He looked back over his shoulder back at the laptop. He would just goolge this girl one more time to make sure he wasn't imagining anything, then tell his father what info he had found.

As he walked back to the computer, he felt a presence behind him. As he turned to face it, thinking it was his father. A sharp pain ran through his head, then his world went black and he dropped to the ground.

Meg smiled as she dropped the shot gun to the floor, she wasn't there to kill him just yet, but to get the information he had on the newest player in the game her father started 22 years ago. She sat down at the computer and lifts it open. The smile she had been sporting a minute ago disappeared. The picture of the woman on the screen looked very familiar to her, she closed her eyes as memories flooded her mind and they were almost painful.

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