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Chapter 1: I Believe

Shultz opened the door to barrack 2 and stuck his head in. He found Corporal Peter Newkirk sitting at the table with Sergeant Ivan Kinchloe, Sergeant Andrew Carter and Colonel Robert Hogan. Corporal Louis LeBeau was at the wood-burning stove making a fresh pot of coffee and the rest of themen were sitting on their bunks reading or writing letters home. It seemed safe enough for him to enter. He walked over to the table and watched the group playing cards.

"Something we can do for you Shultz?" Hogan asked as he laid two cards down.

"No. I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by."

Newkirk took the cigarette out of his mouth and gave Hogan two new cards. "You are 'iden somethin'. What are you up to? Did Bald Eagle send you over here to spy on us or is that your way of saying you want to be dealt in?"

"I don't have time to play this time, maybe later. Actually I just stopped by to drop something off."

There was a moment of silence. The only movements were the ones playing cards. "Are you going to give it to us?" LeBeau asked bringing the pot of fresh coffee to the table and filling everyone's cup.

"Give you what?" Shultz asked.

"Shultz, have you been hitting the schnapps again?" Kinch asked. "I fold. This game is getting two rich for me."

"I don't think so why?"

"Okay Newkirk, I will see your oatmeal and raise you a raisin. Shultz, just give us what you came in here to give us and leave before you get into trouble." Hogan said tossing the cookies into the center of the table.

"Oh, that. Okay." Shultz reached into his pocket and brought out a pile of envelopes. He threw them in the air and yelled. "Mail call." And ran out the door before he got trampled.

Before the letters hit the ground, people were grabbing them and passing them to the rightful owners.

"Get a load of this. My parents and grandpa were camping in the Rockies and they heard a weird sound. They asked the park ranger what it was and he said a mountain lion. Grandpa kept insisting that it was a Sasquatch." Carter read.

"What is a Sasquatch?" Newkirk inquired.

Kinch looked up from reading his letter. "You know Big Foot. Part man and part ape."

"Big Foot? Have all of you gone around the bend? There is no such creature." Newkirk added

"There have been reported sightings in all the states and territories and in quite a few countries including England and Europe." Hogan added.

"Don't laugh Newkirk. Grandpa told me a story of when he was a little boy. He was hunting and came across a huge bear. He got so scared, that he started running. He didn't pay any attention to where he was going and ran into a small canyon. He was trapped and only armed with his bow and arrow and a knife. The bear reared on its back legs and gave a thunderous growl." Carter got so involved with telling the story, that he stood up and started acting it out. "He took aim and shot the bear. The arrow didn't affect the bear at all. He reached for another arrow and found his scabbard empty. He pulled out his knife. He wasn't going to give up." Carter paused when he noticed the stares he was getting for acting it out.

"For cryn' out loud Andrew. What happened next?" Newkirk asked impatiently. By now everyone was listening to his story.

"Well, he steadied himself waiting for the bear to attack. All of a sudden, a huge hairy creature, that walked upright, came out from behind a tree and attacked the bear. Grandpa didn't stay there to see what would happen and took off back to the village."

"What happened next Carter?" LeBeau asked

Carter shrugged. "He told his people what happened and they got a hunting party together to look for the bear. Grandpa swears that the hairy creature was a Sasquatch. He even showed me some old cave drawings of one."

"It was probably just another bear. Oh, I know maybe it was King Kong." Newkirk said as he went back to reading his letter.

"I believe him." Hogan said. "One time I was visiting my girlfriend at a college in Arkansas and she and I went behind the dorm to look at the stars… Don't give me that look; I swear we only looked at the stars. There was a meteor shower that night. Any way, there was a wooded area behind the dorm. We got into a fight and she went back inside. I stayed out there and walked around along the edge of the woods thinking. It was freezing out and there was frost on the ground. The moon was full and you could see your footprints in the grass. I looked down and saw a bare footprint in the grass. I put my foot next to it and it was twice as big as mine. I heard a sound like I have never heard before coming from the woods. Then a tree located just on the other side of some bushes started to shake. I didn't waste any time getting out of there. A couple of days later, I heard that the police department had a few calls saying that a creature fitting the description of Big Foot was spotted about a half mile from there."

The bunk that concealed the entrance to the tunnel system that lay under Stalag 13 opened and Sergeant James Baker stepped out. "Sir, London is on the radio with our next mission."

Hogan, Carter, Kinch and Newkirk went to the bunk to see what London wanted. "Coming LeBeau?" Carter asked. "Louis, are you okay?"

"Huh?" LeBeau was too busy reading his letter and didn't hear anything that was going on around him.

Carter walked over to LeBeau. "Is something a matter? London is on the radio and they have a new mission for us."

"Right I'm coming." LeBeau folded the letter and put it in his pocket and joined the others at the bunk.

Hogan went to the radio. "This is Papa Bear. Go ahead Goldilocks."

"I will be brief and too the point. The Gestapo did an underground round up yesterday afternoon. They have taken a special interest in one person in particular, Sleeping Beauty."

"She has a lot of information about the underground. I only thought she gave orders or hid people. I didn't think that she was involved in much more than that?"

"You are right Papa Bear. One of the underground members that was picked up fingered her. She has information about your organization and countless others. We got word that they are going to be bringing her to Stalag 13 for safe keeping until they feel it is safe enough to move her to Berlin."

"Let me guess. You want us to break her out and get her to London before they have a chance to interrogate her."

"Exactly. She should be arriving there tomorrow. From what we gather, they will probably be leaving during the day. Fewer chances for surprises you know. Let us know when package is ready to be picked up."

"Will do. Papa Bear over and out."

"Gee Colonel, it isn't going to be easy to get her away from the guards." Carter commented.

"If the Krauts suspect she knows anythin', they wont let 'er out of their sight for a moment. I don't see any way to get 'er out." Newkirk added

"Seems pretty impossible to me." Kinch interjected.

Everyone looked to LeBeau. He was just staring off into the distance. "What is your vote little mate?" Newkirk asked

"What vote?" LeBeau asked shaking his head as if coming out of a trance.

"The mission. Do you think we can pull off the mission?"

"Umm…sure." Newkirk rolled his eyes at LeBeau's answer. Clearly he wasn't paying attention.

"I agree with LeBeau. We have no choice but to rescue her. The only problem is I have no idea how we are going to do it." Hogan stated as he started pacing.

"I have complete faith in you Gov'nor. I know you will think of something." Newkirk added with a half smile.