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Chapter 4

Both Severus and Minerva blink and the man smirks at their faces.

"You're Mr McTavern?" Minerva says and gives Severus a look.

"Yeah," he grins, "Though I'm never really been called that just plain Nigel." He puts his hand out for Minerva to shake and she does gingerly and he grips her hand hard and shakes it hard.

"So how can I help you?" he asks once he has given Minerva her hand back.

"Why couldn't we find you?" Severus asks ignoring Nigel's offer to shake his hand.

"Ah well," the man looks slightly embarrassed at Severus's rudeness. "McTavern is my old name, for personal reasons I changed it to Scott. That's what everyone here knows me as see."

"What personal reasons?" Severus asks.

"Severus!" Minerva hisses and he just raises and eyebrow.

"My father and me mother got divorced and mine got changed, took my mother's name," Nigel says anyway. "What is it I can do for you?"

"We're…" Minerva starts but Severus cuts her off.

"I think somewhere more private is better to discuss this."

"Ah yes, would you like to come to my house? It's not to far from here," Nigel says and Minerva looks at Severus who nods.

"Good," he says the tips his head back draining his drink. The two of them stand, Severus places his hand on her back and together they follow Nigel out.

Nigel's home is slightly outside of the main part of the village, a small cottage with a slightly over grown garden. Nigel catches Minerva's look and smiles.

"I know I haven't had time lately," he says. Severus glances at Minerva and raises an eyebrow, her lips quirk into a smile and she taps his hand lightly. They are guided into a small white living room and are left for some moments as Nigel goes to get them tea.

"Well what do you think?" Minerva asks Severus quietly as she looks around the room.

"I'm not sure. Not my type of person," he says and something catches his eye.

"No one is your type of person Severus," she says with a little sigh her back to him as she looks out of the window. He goes to the table and picks something up.

"Look at this Minerva," he says and she turns around.

"The Daily Prophet? What's that doing here?" she asks taking the newspaper into her hands seeing that it was Monday's issue.

"Do you think he's…?"

"Ah here you are," Nigel suddenly says and the two of them jump turning around.

"How did you get hold of this?" Severus asks out right and Nigel looks at the newspaper in Minerva's hands.

"Oh that, a friend sends them," he says and the two exchange a look.

"So you are a wizard?" Minerva asks and Nigel laughs.

"Oh no wish I was though."


"I think we need to talk. Albus sent you here right?" they both nod and he continues, "oh dear well you came for nothing…"

"You know Albus? And what do you mean for nothing?" Severus says a little irritated.

"Of course I know Albus, we met a year ago rather funny story," Nigel looks at the two of them. "He wanted you to come and get something but I'm afraid he's already got it, sorry you had to trouble yourselves by coming here."

"Wait a second so you mean we have nothing to collect from you because Dumbledore already has it?!" Minerva says outrage written all over her face.

"Um yes I'm afraid so," Nigel shifts guiltily. "Albus tried to reach you…"

"We came here for bloody nothing, wandering around getting wet and lost and falling down a ditch!" Minerva says her voice rising and a note of hysteria is in her voice. Severus places a hand on her arm calming her.

"I'm really sorry I have only just had my fireplace done for the Floo network…" Minerva opens her mouth to say something but Severus squeezes her arm keeping her silent.

"If that's it then we'll be getting back," he says and Nigel escorts them to the door.

"I'm sorry again," the muggle says and the black haired wizard nods and led the woman away. Closing the door Nigel looks to see a man with a long white beard and half moon spectacles looking rather guilty.

"I don't think they took that so well," Albus says and Nigel nods.

"The woman looked as if she was going to scream at me…or hex me."

"I have to say I have never really seen her loose total control."

"I think you should have found them Albus."

"But the experience has done them some good," Albus says with a smile.


Minerva collapses onto the magically fixed bed as Severus closes the door with a deep sigh.

"I can't believe this was all for nought," she says. Severus sits at the end of the bed and looks at her.

"I had a feeling it would be."

"I'm going to kill Albus," she says and kicks off her shoes.

"I would love to help," he says through gritted teeth and she gives a light laugh.

"Well let's see, we have four more spells. How about using a couple?" Minerva grins at Severus and he lifts an eyebrow.

"Hmm well we need something to lighten our spirits," he says. She sits up and reaches for his wand and puts on the door the 'Do not disturb' sign.

"I know just the thing."

Later Severus dwells in the hot water and Minerva sips at her glass of champagne.

"This was an excellent idea," he says and she smiles before eating a chocolate covered strawberry. She had changed the bed into a huge bath like the one in the teacher's bathroom, filled with hot water and multicoloured bubbles. There is also champagne and strawberries with a chocolate dip. Just in case they were disturbed Severus did a muggle protection charm around the room.

Happy, Minerva scoops up some bubbles and blows them whilst Severus watches her amused.

"Ah Minerva you have a bit of chocolate on your chin," he says when he notices and she rubs her chin and he shakes his head.

"I'll do it," he says and sloshes forwards in the water, puts his hand to her chin and wipes it away then slowly trails his tongue over her lips tasting berry and chocolate.

"Mmm very nice," he murmurs and with one small spell the bath, champagne and strawberries disappears back into the bed and without wasting anytime they made love until the morning, where she lies across his chest.

"That's all the spells gone," she says sleepily.

"Ah yes but that doesn't matter since we can travel now but the Floo network," he says spinning her hair round his fingers.

"I nearly forgot," she says, "I just want to see what Albus is going to say."

"Yes now do we wait to kill him where there's no one around or just do it there and then?" he says joking and she laughs.

"I think its best just to wait," she says grinning and he just laughs.

The End

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