Professor Lupin's secret was out.

The werewolf rumours had gotten to someone and they'd spread it around the school that the Werewolf on the grounds had in fact been Professor Lupin.

The gang were relaxing around the side of the lake, taking up a large amount of space as seven Gryffindor third years, a Ravenclaw third year and a Gryffindor second year, all crashed out, even Seto Kaiba taking time away from his laptop to play a game of Wizard's Chess with his little brother.

It was sign of how much had changed that not even Joey brought up the fact the Seto Kaiba they'd known three years ago would never have done that.

With Yami and Joey discussing tactics since they'd agreed to go to the Tournament, Hermione with her nose in a book, Ron and Kari doing something to Ron's deck and Ombre interrupting them every so often and Mokuba and Kaiba playing Wizard Chess, it was a miracle Yugi hadn't woken up yet. Instead the hikari was fast asleep, on his back, in the grass.

The only one that was missing was Harry, who had gone up to see Professor Lupin before he left, telling the others to wait for him here.

Not moving meant not waking Yugi up, so Yami wasn't overly bothered about not getting to see Lupin before he left. It worried Yami slightly that Yugi was sleeping so much, but the Dementors had been sent back to Azkaban when Sirius had turned himself in, meaning it was safe to be out here again.

They'd already received one note from Sirius and some information from Dumbledore. Apparently Sirius was due a fair hearing in a matter of weeks, meaning that while Harry would have to return to the Dursleys for the first few weeks of the holidays it was quite possible that their escape plans might not be necessary since if Sirius was cleared, it was very possible for him to be given custody.

Harry joined them at the lake side, and slumped down onto the grass, his green eyes practically as blank as Yugi's were when he was talking to Yami.

"Harry?" Hermione asked.

Harry jumped and the group laughed. Yugi stirred but didn't actually wake up.

"Knut for your thoughts?" Joey asked, tossing one to Harry from his money pouch.

"He was miles away." Ombre said with a giggle.

Harry smiled and tossed the Knut back, "Save the money Joey, I was just thinking about something Lupin told me."

"What's that?" Ombre asked.

"You remember my Patronus at the Quidditch Match?" Eight heads nodded and Yami just listened. "It took the form of a stag right?"

Again, eight nods.

"Apparently Sirius and Pettigrew weren't the only Animagi in that group." Harry said, "They all learnt so they could keep Professor Lupin company, Sirius was a dog, Pettigrew was a rat and my Dad was…"

"A stag, right?" Joey asked.

Harry nodded.

"That's not all; you know Messers Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs?"

Seven nods, one thoughtful look, "Go on."

"Pettigrew was Wormtail, Sirius was Padfoot…" Harry trailed off.

"That would make Professor Lupin, Moony…" Kari realised.

"And Harry's Dad Prongs." Yami said softly.

"They made the map?" Ombre yelped.

"Shush!" Yami scolded, but Yugi was stretching and sitting up, looking vaguely like a ruffled owl that had just woken up.

"Everything alright?" He asked, blinking at them.

Joey started to explain to Yugi as Yami gained a slightly evil look, and before anyone could say anything, he'd pointed his wand at Ombre and said something the others didn't quite catch.

Ombre's hair went blue, white and red in a union jack style.

Yami then had to run for his life as the Princess got to her feet and went to attack the Pharaoh. Harry continued to watch in amusement as Ombre managed to push Yami into the lake, getting him soaked from head to toe.

Yami's dignified glare wasn't helped by the frog that leapt off of one of the spikes of his hair.

All nine of them, Kaiba included, burst into laughter at the sight of him.

Harry remembered something Dumbledore had said, about Wizards whose lives are saved by another having a Life Debt with the Wizard who saved them.

The Head Master had mentioned life debts while talking about the fact Harry had saved Pettigrew from Sirius, and that technically Sirius owed Joey one too, since he'd stopped Harry doing anything rash.

Harry had realised, as he thought about it carefully, that this group had several between them and that was just since the first year of Hogwarts. By Harry's reckoning, Yugi, Yami and Joey had so many life debts between them that it would take millennia to sort them all out.

Harry gave up thinking about it, he didn't expect Pettigrew to keep to his Life Debt and inside the group they acted to save each others lives without thinking. It didn't matter about Life Debts, they were friends and that's what friends did.

Harry snapped back to reality when Kaiba finally beat Mokuba (he had to have been going easy on him), and proclaimed that he wanted a Duel, with Yami, right there and then.

This caused the group to scramble to the sides as Yami grinned, accepted Kaiba's challenge and pulled out his Duel Disk at the same time Kaiba did, casting the charm Kari had taught them to get them to work.

Where did they hide those things? Harry wanted to know as the duel started and curious people drifted down to the lake to watch. Duel Disks cannot possibly fit inside their bags!

As the thought ended, he was drawn into the duel, watching with baited breath, same as the others. Either of the Mutos verses Kaiba in a Duel was always fun to watch, even if they inevitably were hanging on tender hooks by the end.

The exam results came out the last day of term. The group had passed everything, though they still couldn't work out how Hermione had gotten to all of her exams. Ron's brother, Percy, had managed to get his top grade N.E. and Fred and George scraped a handful of O. each. Gryffindor house, meanwhile, due mostly to their spectacular effort in the Quidditch Cup, won the House Championship for the third year in a row, meaning that the end of year feast was held in a Great Hall decorated with scarlet and gold, and that the entire house had a good reason to be the noisiest they'd ever been.

Even Harry managed to forget that tomorrow meant going back to the Dursleys for possibly the last time, and not seeing his friends until September, in the festivities and laughter.

Harry was one of the last off of the coach that seemed to pull itself (Yugi, Yami, Joey, Ombre and Kari were convinced that there was something there and Harry didn't question them), and still the first of his group to approach the train, though it was a slow, 'do we have to go home now?' type of approach.

This year Harry didn't have that much to take home. Kari had put a lot of his magical things into storage with her stuff. Harry had told her she didn't have to, but Kari had insisted.

It was all part of the plans and it meant Harry's things would be safe if he had to do another runner from the Dursley household.

"It's not like we won't keep in touch this year." Yugi was saying, "I'll send letters as often as I can, and the others will keep in touch this year, won't you?"

The rest of the group instantly assured him they would for about the thirtieth time at the same time, which caused three or four of them to burst into laughter.

Abruptly the laughter stopped and Harry froze as a chill invaded the air around the Hogwarts Express.

Joey growled and Yami and Ombre pulled their respective hikaris behind them.

Then the first of the Dementors arrived, with more in tow.

Half the students fled to the safety of the train, the other half either were too scared to move, or stupid enough to try to take them on.

The Gryffindor Eight, with their Ravenclaw friends and second year Gryffindor tag alongs were somewhere in the middle. Mokuba, Hermione, Rebecca and Kari quickly moved; herding the stunned students into the train, as Yami, Yugi, Ombre, Joey, Harry, Ron and Seto faced the Dementors.

'Yugi, get on the train.' Yami said, looking at his hikari for a spilt second before glaring at the Dementors, who were gaining in numbers quickly, his wand drawn.

Yugi however wasn't listening.

Yami gasped as he felt Yugi's power build up.

"Yuge?" Joey yelped.

A bright white light burst from Yugi, creating a shield around the Hogwarts Express.

Yugi half fell and Yami caught him. Yugi's eyes were half closed and glowing. "I can't hold this." Yugi murmured, "There's too many!"

The coldness was overwhelming Harry and it was only the thoughts that his friends were by his side, and that Sirius would have his name cleared soon that kept him on his feet.

"Yugi, get on the train and take the shield down." Yami practically ordered his hikari, who shrugged off Yami's help and staggered to his feet.

Harry could see patches where the light was beginning to go out.

Harry's mind raced, the light helping him focus as the Dementor's powers began to invade his mind, bringing forth the horrors of losing his parents.

"The spell is Expectro Patronum!" Harry yelled and then drew his wand. "You need to think of your happiest memory!"

Abruptly, like a tidal surge flattening a town, the Dementor's power grew too much for Yugi's shield and it failed.

Harry spared enough time to see Yugi slump against Yami.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" Harry roared, choosing his memory and pointing his wand at the Dementors.

A huge white stag burst from the end of Harry's wand, attacking the Dementors. Yami used the distraction to get his unconscious hikari into the train safely, while the others closed ranks.

"Expecto Patronum!" Another voice roared in the distance, then another and another.

Harry's stag was joined by a wolf, a cat and a bird of some kind.

There were teachers racing down from the school to help.

Without the light, the Dementor's powers were infecting his mind, and the minds of his friends. The others tried to bring forth their own Patronus, failing because they hadn't had the lessons Harry had.

Joey surprised even himself as Kaiba keeled over and Joey caught him. Ombre sent one Dementor running with a blast of golden magic, but two more took its place.

A combination attack from Harry's stag and someone else's cat sent the last of the Dementors running.

Harry grinned, his stag cantering up to him. "Prongs?" Harry asked, his hand on its muzzle.

Then he collapsed.

Ron caught him, and nearly went down himself, glad of Ombre's assistance as the white stag vanished.

Then the teachers reached them.



Losing his grandpa.

Bakura's Soul Card Shadow Game.

Sending Joey to the Graveyard.

Change of Hearts.

Mai's scream.

Panik's flames attacking their friends.

Joey missing.

Fighting with Yugi.

Yami nearly killing Kaiba.

Actually being willing to let Kaiba die.

Pegasus's powers.

Trying to get Yugi to trust him again.

Unsure if he could succeed.

Afraid to draw the last card.

Playing Pegasus.

Yugi falling to Pegasus.

Bandit Keith, under mind control, taking the Puzzle.

Losing contact with Yugi.

Duelling alone.

Sensing Yugi's fear but unable to do anything about it.

The Puzzle shattering.

Trapped in the Shadows again.

Death Duel with Joey.

Barred from helping Yugi in a duel that could kill him.


Watching Joey duel 'Marik'

Ra's anger.

Mai's Shadow Game with Marik.

Mai losing her memories of her friends.

The blast from Ra.

Finding out about Mai.

Nearly losing to Noah.

Joey nearly dying.

Yugi bound in Shadows.

Fighting Marik.

Yugi's scream of pain.

Ra's flames.

Indescribable pain.

Fear the attack would kill Malik too.

Tempted to attack to save Yugi, no matter what.

The attack near the Game Shop.

Nearly losing Yugi because of those thugs.

Joey in hospital.

Yugi kidnapped.

Kari falling in Spirit Hearts.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Voldemort nearly killing Harry.

Yugi, too badly injured to fight off Voldemort's spirit.

Too weak to fight off Voldemort's attempt to seize his body.

Yugi's spirit almost too weak to hold on.


Yami petrified.

The Basilisk.

Harry nearly dying.

The Pyramid of Light trapping Yugi beyond his reach.

Zombies in the Puzzle.

Andro Sphinx gaining power from their item.

His friends nearly being crushed.

Anubis's transformation.

Kari falling to Bakura.


The Quidditch Match.

Fighting with Yugi again.

Staying away from his friends.

Hitting Yugi.

Not his parents.

Feeling Yugi's pain all the way from England while Yugi was in Egypt.

Facing the Dementors alone…

Yugi unconscious after fighting the Dementors.

Thinking Yami had tried to attack and control him.

Unable to prevent his magic from attacking Yugi.

Realisation that he'd been freezing Yami out for no reason.

Facing the Shadows alone.

Thinking Black was trying to kill Harry.

Yugi, pale after Black's escape.

Yami fainting in class.

Losing control and attacking Hermione.

Being blasted halfway across the room by stray Shadow Magic.

Bakura's memories.

Yami as a shadow.

Yugi's pain.

Having to leave the Shadows… and Yami.

Yugi paying the price to free them from the Shadow Realm.

Fighting for Boh, without help.

Finding Yugi and Boh fighting Slytherins and losing.

Struggling to close the door to the Shadow Realm.

Yugi falling, his crown fading.

The Monsters gone…

Yugi in the hospital wing again…

The fear the Shadows would escape…

Yami had tried slamming the door on the mind link, blocking his own pain and his own worst memories from reaching Yugi but the pain was flooding both ways.

Yugi was shielding the others, but taking the worst of the effects on himself, causing the memories to rip through the link at such a speed Yami nearly buckled himself.

Yugi nearly fell, only prevented by Yami's speed in catching him.

"Yugi, get on the train and take the shield down." Yami practically ordered his hikari, who shrugged off Yami's help and staggered to his feet.

Yami could feel it, Yugi's power slipping against the onslaught of memories.

He gave Yugi as much mental support as he could; sending his own power down the link to bolster Yugi's fading energy.

This was all wrong.

Yugi had so much power now, that he made Pegasus look like an ant.

But there were just too many Dementors and too many bad memories for the hikari to hold his grip too long.

The Dementors were feeding off the energy his hikari was shoving into the shield.

Yami felt something build up.

Then the shield, and in essence Yugi's mind, was assaulted at once by the full weight of the Dementors's powers, draining Yugi of all hope and joy and the power those feelings brought him.

Yami yanked Yugi into his soul room as Yugi collapsed, more unconscious then not.

The Pharaoh didn't have time to check his hikari over as Harry roared, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" And a huge stag shot from the wand tip.

Yami looked at Joey who nodded, and dashed, carrying his hikari, into the train, where Kari had managed to grab two compartments just for anyone injured in the fighting.

"Kari, Ombre might need you." Yami said as he led Yugi down. Kari nodded and dashed out the door, but before she got too far, Ron and Ombre led the group that had stayed outside into the train. Yami looked round and his eyes narrowed as he realised Harry was out cold too.

"Is everyone alright?" Professors Sprout and Flitwick rushed past, while Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall stopped at the door to their carriages.

"Is everyone safe?" Professor Dumbledore asked, slipping inside and nodding to McGonagall to check on the students in the other carriage.

Yami ignored him, letting him check on Harry first.

"Pharaoh, may I check on him?" Dumbledore asked.

Yami moved over slightly and Dumbledore knelt down by his side.

"They were incredibly brave, taking on all those Dementors head on like that. I'm not surprised that they passed out."

"Why did they attack?" Hermione asked shakily, "I thought that the Ministry sent them back to Azkaban when Pettigrew was caught and Black handed himself in."

"They were." Dumbledore nodded, "I will get to the bottom of this," Dumbledore said in the tone of voice that had scared Yami on more then one occasion.

Yami however was having trouble controlling his rage. He had to let the Dementors go, couldn't risk sending them to the Shadow Realm again.

He'd promised Yugi that he wouldn't no matter what happened and he couldn't risk everyone's safety again.

"Is it safe to travel via the Hogwarts Express?" Yami asked, biting his tongue.

"I will arrange for teachers to travel with the train." Dumbledore still sounded furious. "I will not take any chances that that was all of them."

The Hogwarts Express was delayed in leaving until both Yugi and Harry had woken up and been checked over by Madam Pomfrey, annoying some, relieving others and causing trouble at both ends of the track.

The train was moving and Yugi and Harry were munching on the chocolate in the rather huge pile that was on the table when something tapped on the window.

It was a small owl, tiny compared to Hedwig, with a letter that was too big for it. It kept tumbling in the air, having trouble with the slipstream.

Harry quickly got up and opened the window, catching the bird that felt like a very fluffy snitch and quickly closing it again. The owl dropped its letter at the very top of the pile of chocolate and fluttered around the carriage, apparently pleased with itself.

Hedwig didn't look impressed and the cats, Kiyoshe, Bastet, Crookshanks and Kana were watching it. Ron noticed this and snatched the owl out of harms way.

Dear Harry and gang.

I hope this reaches you before you split up for the summer, since it relates to all of you.

Yugi, thank you for saving my Godson. I have transferred enough money from the Black vault to cover both you and your brother for the rest of you books and equipment during your time at Hogwarts. Do not worry about the costs; the Black vault can cover it many times over.

Yugi and Yami looked at each other, they hadn't expected that, and that hadn't been why they'd done it, but they couldn't protest the money wasn't needed after they'd openly been discussing how many tournaments they'd need to enter to get enough money this year.

Harry, I didn't get a chance to tell you before, I sent the Firebolt.

"Ha, told you." Hermione crowed.

"Yes, but he didn't jinx it." Joey laughed.

Crookshanks took the order for me; I used your name but told them to take the money from my vault. Please consider it as thirteen birthdays' worth of presents from your Godfather.

Joey, there is enough money in the Muto vault for you too, provided you only buy books and equipment with it.

Joey's eyes bulged out of his head. With that much money, coming back every year wouldn't be as much of a problem as he had begun to fear it would.

Kari and Ombre, I didn't get a chance to meet you properly and will treat you the next time I see you.

Hermione, please find enclosed the largest voucher for Flourish and Blotts that they would give out. Since I doubt that the entire Black vault would be enough to cover all the books you read, and I'm unsure what you're looking for in all those tomes, I thought this was appropriate.

There was a voucher for five hundred Galleons. Hermione's eyes went bright and dreamy with the thought of all the books it could buy.

Ron, I know the Weasleys well, and once my name is cleared, I will be visiting your home to speak to you personally, also since it is partially my fault you no longer have a pet, I thought you might like this owl.

Enjoy the summer and I can't wait to see everyone once my name has been cleared.

Harry, enjoy tormenting the Dursleys.

Sirius Black.

PS Harry, there's something else enclosed too. It might make your fourth year a bit more enjoyable.

A signed Hogsmead Permission form, with Sirius's signature on it, gave Harry a reason to grin.

PPS It's amazing how much you can get done from behind bars when you know how.

Joey laughed and Yami just shook his head.

To all of their surprise, Ron held out the owl to the cats for them to sniff, "What do you think? Defiantly an owl?"

Crookshanks purred, Bastet meowed, Kiyoshe went to sleep and Kana looked like she wanted to play with it.

"Good enough for me." Ron rescued it from an overly playful Pilot Cat Kitten and grinned. "He's mine."

"Are you sure your parents won't mind looking after my cats and Yugi's owl?" Yami asked Hermione for the millionth time, as they pulled into the station.

"You can't take them to America with you, and my parents said yes ages ago." Hermione laughed. "I don't even know how you're getting Bastet to Japan." She said to Kari who grinned.

"Magical Customs is good at making sure the animal is completely free of disease in a fraction of the time it takes Muggle Animal Control, plus it helps we fly out on Seto's jet normally."

They said goodbye and headed out of platform nine and three quarters.

Being so late back, Harry half expected the Dursleys to have left, and half wished they had as Ron gave him a 'poor you look' and followed his brothers, yelling back "I'll call about the World Cup!"

"Harry, don't forget, if the worst comes to the worst, we have the escape plan." Kari murmured, and then followed Seto who actually nodded to Harry before the four heading back to Japan left the train station.

Yugi and Joey nodded and then grabbed up their bags and headed for the taxi rank, Yami gave Vernon a rather dirty glare and followed his hikari and friend with a reassuring smile to Harry.

Hermione passed him an envelope and then followed her parents out.

"What's that?" Vernon demanded, pointing at the letter in his hand, "If that's another form for me to sign…"

Harry shook his head, a plan forming "No, it's a letter from my Godfather," Harry grinned

"Godfather?" Vernon spluttered, "You don't have a Godfather!"

"Oh I do." Harry was enjoying the reaction and wondering if he was spending a little too much time with Yami, "He's a convicted murderer who's in the middle of having his name cleared, but he like to check up on me and make sure I'm alright."

Vernon Dursley looked like he was going to go bright purple as Harry followed him out to the car park. Between escape plans and possible rescue by Sirius at any point from about halfway through the summer, this summer was looking a million times better then the last.

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