Weeping Willow

Disclaimer: Firefly is not mine. All characters are depicted as legal age.

Warning: Contains slight spoilers for Serenity.

River likes climbing trees and sitting nestled within the branches. She likes to wrap her arms around the trunk and hold tightly, hugging the only physical reminder she has of someone she loved beyond anything.

River likes watching the sun as it rises. Loves watching as it crests over plains and mountains.

River likes to dance, moving as though she is the very air itself. Grace embodied in form, weaving in and out of dangers.

River likes her brother – well, loves him really – and his loyalty. She likes how he isn't like other siblings, ones who hurt those they are supposed to love.

River likes her current companions, though they don't really seem to realize.

She liked Wash and how he used to smile; he reminded her of a man, a boy really, she used to know. A boy with dark hair that laughed and joked and fought for good, even when he didn't really have to.

Much like River and her friends now.

She liked Book and the sensible advice he brought.

She likes Jayne and his brashness.

She likes Mal and his witty banter.

She likes Kaylee and her tendency to say things that no one else ever would.

But most of all, River likes the color red. She remembers watching with awe as the fiery strands slid through her fingers. Red connects her to someone she had thought lost. Someone she is desperately trying to find again.

River remembers a time long ago when she was surrounded by other people, other friends. She remembers a defender, a joker, a mentor, a sister, a partner, a fighter, a lover.

And River sits in her willow tree, watching the dawn, and remembers who she used to be.

Ever Hopeful,