Pairings: Ichigo/Orihime

Title: Alarm Clock

Life was good. Things had been calm for awhile and the world was, for the most part, returning to normal. Some might think that was boring, but that was okay. Ichigo liked boring. Boring didn't cut you, boring didn't bite you or crush you. Boring was good.

Sick of the sight of blood, Ichigo had eschewed the family profession of medicine. It would have been hard to become a doctor anyway as he had dropped out of school to fight in the war. Ichigo didn't care at all about money as long as he had enough for basic necessities. His humble job suited him fine and he got to be his own boss. It seemed he had inherited the cooking gene just like Yuzu so he started his own little restaurant.

It was just a little shop, but business was pretty good. That was probably thanks to his wife, Orihime. Ichigo wasn't too keen on the idea of people coming there to ogle his wife, but it wasn't just her looks that drew people to their little shop. She always had a bubbly personality, but that had increased three fold since they had gotten married. As long as he kept her away from anything that had to be edible at some point, everything ran smoothly.

He was happy to be where he was now. Orihime had loved him for some time and he had finally found out during the war. He always tried to be tough, but deep down he had always been a romantic so it hadn't taken long for him to fall completely in love with her. To be honest, it felt great to be in love. It was the greatest thing he ever experienced and it was this love that got him through the horrible times in the past.

Orihime was kind, beautiful, smart, and loving. Ichigo couldn't think of anything he'd change about her…


Well, it had started soon after they started living together. Ichigo's throat hurt in the mornings and he had woken up in coughing fits. This really puzzled him because he was perfectly healthy.

A few weeks later, he had not been able to sleep and was lying in bed thinking. It was just before dawn as he lied there next to his wife. She looked so peaceful and happy as she slept. She even seemed to smile and laugh as she dreamed, which made Ichigo grin as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face. As he watched the first light of morning stream into their room and shine gently on Orihime's face, the mystery of his sore throat was solved.

As soon as the sun's rays ran over her closed eyes, she flung her arm out to the side and caught Ichigo in the neck with the knife edge of her hand. Ichigo's eyes watered as he hacked and coughed trying to get air into his lungs. Orihime just rolled over and continued to sleep peacefully, oblivious to the fact that she had just assaulted her husband.

Ichigo didn't tell Orihime at first, knowing that she would feel bad, and instead tried to solve the problem on his own. First he noted that she only attacked him when the sun rose so he closed all the blinds. Her internal clock must have been super accurate because even without the sunlight, she got him right in the throat.

Next, Ichigo tried shifting in the bed so his neck was in a different place than usual. To his horror, she again located his neck with pinpoint accuracy.

After many sleepless nights, Ichigo finally snapped and told Orihime what was going on. She had not reacted the way he supposed she would, opting instead to giggle and then come to a sudden realization. "Ichigo! Did you say at exactly dawn?" she had asked hopefully. "I must be part rooster!" It made Ichigo uncomfortable to note how happy the thought of being part rooster made her.

Now, years later, he has yet to find an effect way to protect his neck from his wife. As he receives his dawn karate chop, Orihime leans over and whispers "good morning" into his ear. Then she caresses his neck, first with her fingers and her lips. When she uses her tongue, he is most definitely wide awake and he thinks absently that Orihime puts alarm clocks to shame.

Just when he has totally forgotten about the pain she bites down on his neck. Taking advantage of his shock, she swings one leg over his hips and now he's looking up at her. The look in her eyes is strangely arousing and frightening at the same time. It's good that Ichigo is his own boss. They'll be late for work this morning.

His life isn't that boring.