Kira's heart hurt like hell. Everytime he thought of Setsuna and Sara together a dull ach started in his heart. The more he thought about them the more it hurt. Whether he was willing to admit it or not, he loved Setsuna and hated Sara down to the very core of his being for having the blond haired teen all to herself. It made him sick to his stomach when he saw her cling to her brother the way she did.

Sometimes, late at night, he would lie in bed just thinking about the boy who had been his friend for years. He remembered the day he had told Setsuna about who he really was, about how he was only friends with Setsuna because of Alexiel. The look of betrayal that had come over the other boy's face was unbearably agonizing for Kira to see. Arakune had been right. He had been on the brink of tears. He remembered telling Setsuna to take Sara and run away. That had been hell all on its own.

Kira's love was a dangerous love. At times he hated himself for loving Setsuna. It made being around the younger teen tense. He knew Setsuna never sensed the tension between the two of them, but Kira sensed it. It drove him insane. To be so close to the one he loved, yet so fucking far away. He cursed god. Cursed him and his sick sense of humor with every fiber of his being. If loving the same sex was wrong than why did god make it happen all the time? The damn guy was a hypocrite!

He couldn't remember when his friendship with Setsuna had turned into something more. All he knew is that one day he woke up with a hard on and thoughts of Setsuna's hard warm body pressed up against his. At first it had frightened Kira, he hadn't thought himself a bisexual. That's when he started sleeping with any women who would have him. It eased the pain that came from loving and lusting after one of his closest, dearest friends. Every now and then when there wasn't a woman to be found he would go stumbling and needy to Katou. They would fuck like wild animals. He in turn would have a moment's relief from the constant torment that waged in his heart.

He had to tell him. He had to get this off of his chest. It plagued him to no end. He sat in his cold empty bedroom staring out the window at nothing. He thought of Setsuna. Thought of his smile, his voice. The way he moved. How he laughed. How he cried. He thought of everything that made up and was Setsuna. He looked up as he felt cold, small hands touch his. It was the real Sakuya Kira, the seven-year-old boy whose body he now possessed. The young child gave a reassuring nod, smiling innocently. Kira smiled back at him numbly. There came a knock on his bedroom door. The child ghost disappeared. Kira nearly jumped ten feet out of his skin. He rolled his eyes, getting up to answer it.

What he saw when he opened the door tore his heart to shreds. Setsuna stood before him. Tears gushed forth from his brown eyes, staining his cheeks in salt water. The blond's knees finally gave way and he fell into Kira's welcoming embrace. Kira half dragged, half carried his distressed friend into his room, laying him on the bed. He sat next to the younger boy. When Setsuna calmed down, Kira asked what happened.

"It's Sara," he told between hiccups and partial sobs. "She-She doesn't love me anymore. She found someone else. Someone better. It's another girl." Fresh tears began to roll down Setsuna's tender cheeks. "She left me for another girl."

Kira layed down next to the other teen. Gingerly, he drew the blond into his arms, comforting him as best as he could. Setsuna rested his head on Kira's strong chest. Kira's arms encircled his waist. To Setsuna it didn't feel wrong. In fact it felt more right and at home than he was used to. Having Kira hold him made him feel the same way he did when Sara used to hold him. It felt safe. It felt warm. It felt…loving.

Setsuna's eyes widened at his last thought. Loving. Did Kira love him? He knew Kira loved him as a friend, but could it be possible that he loved him as more than a friend? Is that why the older teen always got tense whenever he came around? Setsuna was so caught up in his thoughts that he yelped when gentle, soft lips kissed his cheek.

Kira chuckled lightly at Setsuna's tiny yelp. He enjoyed scaring the blond sometimes.

"Kira, you wicked man," Setsuna growled at him.

"Oh, what an insult. I think my ego's gonna break."

Setsuna growled at him again, pouting. Kira loved it when he pouted. It made him look so adorable. This was the perfect time. He had to tell Setsuna. Kira grabbed Setsuna's chin in his fingers. Slowly he raised the other's face towards his. He gave the younger boy enough time to pull away if he wanted to. The brown eyed teenager didn't though. Tentative lips touched Setsuna's mouth. Tenderly the two kissed. Moving slow and with ease. It reminded Kira of a movie he had once watched.

Hesitantly their tongues danced. Setsuna draped his arms around his black haired friend's neck. Kira pulled Setsuna flush against his body. They moaned into each other's mouths. God, this is heaven, Kira thought. He knew Setsuna would taste good, but he never dreamed he would taste this good. The boys pushed apart, gasping desperately for a thing called air.

"I love you," Kira whispered into the trembling boy's ear.

"I love you too, Sara."

Kira froze in anger and frustration. Setsuna jumped out of his friend's arms, finally realizing what he had uttered. He looked at Kira in shocked terror. Kira stared at him with cold, heated eyes.

"Kira, I'm…" He could feel tears welling up behind his eyes again. "I'm so sorry." Setsuna ran from the room, leaving the house and his friend behind.

Kira moved to his from his bed to the window. His sat on the windowsill, staring out at the now raining sky. He thought of Setsuna, out there all alone. He thought of their friendship and about how he had probably just ruined it all to hell. Damn, did the younger teen feel amazing in his arms. He licked his lips, tasting Setsuna on them. Kira winced as the dull ach started up all over again.

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