Starting Over
by DC Lady

Disclaimer: I own neither Batman or Nightwin.

Summary: Inspired by Nightwing 118

He's tired. Tired…lonely…sad.

New York City. His new home. He did it before—started over, that is. In Bludhaven. Seems like it was such a long time ago. But Bludhaven is gone now and he finds himself starting over again in another town that's not Gotham. A town with no Batman—with no Bruce.

That's what he wants. No. Not what he wants at all. But running away from this man is what he does even if he no longer knows why he does it.

But that's not quite true. He knows.

Why not admit it, Grayson? It's you who feels you're not good enough. Even after all this time. After all that's happened.

He shakes his head sadly knowing that he's not yet willing to confront those demons, but realizes that they'll have to be confronted eventually. That he'll have to face Bruce, because he always goes back to Bruce. Always goes back home, even if it's just for a short time.

And he wants to go back but he can't. Not now. He'll go back with his head held high. When he can be the man he knows is inside of him. A man Bruce can be proud of.

But he wants to go home. He only hopes that Bruce will let him come back.

He always has.

Dick smiles.

He knows that he always will.