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"Look Danny, I'm really sorry I kept making mistakes—"

Danny cut her off. "Mistakes? You kept sucking me into the Fenton Thermos! And then I had to go rescue you from Vlad."

"Hey! I'll have you know I was doing fine until Ghost X—"


"Skulker caught you and brought you in! Then he thought we were working together! He never figured out I was working on my own! It went a lot better than the times you've dealt with him! He was totally in the dark, little brother!" Jazz nodded, congratulating herself.

"Yeah, but then you almost got killed! If I hadn't grabbed the remote for the Nano-Bots—"

"The Nano-Bots wouldn't have been in me in the first place if you hadn't blown my cover!"

Danny had to admit she had a point. No, wait, he didn't. This wasn't about being fair. This was about her being an overbearing, self-righteous pain in the butt who had kept ruining his ghost hunting. He had to convince her to stay out of it! "You shouldn't have been there in the first place! You hacked my files, which I'm really mad at you about, so you should have known how dangerous he is!"

"I've told you a hundred times, I'm doing fine. Just because you're a naive kid and he totally plays you don't mean I'm the same way! Who's the one who reads psychology journals for fun?"

Grr! There went Jazz again, being all..,. right! "I'm not a kid! I'm fourteen!"

"You were enough of a kid to see that Youngblood ghost!"

"You saw him too!"

"Only after you acted like a two-year-old!"

"I had to because you wouldn't listen to me! Just like you didn't listen when you were trying, and failing to help me! Jazz, I'm the expert on ghosts and Vlad! You need to listen to me!"

"I promise I will listen to you, little brother, but I'm not an idiot! I admit I did get a little—"

"A lot!"

"—Overenthusiastic about helping you. I've already said I was sorry! You don't have to keep rubbing it in!" Jazz gritted her teeth and gripped the steering wheel of the Fenton RV hard to keep herself from strangling him. Eyes on the road, Jazz.

They'd both already died today; it would just be ironic to die in something as mundane as a car crash.

No, they wouldn't die with the amount of safety features their parents had packed into the RV when she started driving.

"I do have to keep rubbing it in! Because you never listen!"

That was it. "Danny, get out of the car! Now!" She felt like her parents who told them to be quiet or they would have to walk the rest of the way when they bickered in the RV. Danny could fly, he would be fine!

"No, I'm not! Not until you promise to do what I say when ghosts are involved!"

Aargh! She felt like the girl in that fairy tale her friend Sarah had just made act out with her, whose baby brother kept irritating her. "Danny, I wish the goblins would come and take you away!"

In the sudden silence, the blinked. First willing wearing a blue hazmat suit, then saying something out of a fantasy story.

Her parents were starting to rub off on her! Oh, god no! When they came to a stoplight, she banged her head on the steering wheel. "Danny, I'm sorry."

No response. "Danny?" She looked over.

No Danny.

She must have really ticked him off if he had decided to fly the rest of the way. She sighed. This just wasn't going well at all.

Elsewhere, Danny cried, "I'm Going Ghost!"

The strange man applauded. "Such an amazing magic."

"Magic? It's just ghost powers?" Where was he? "This isn't the ghost zone!"

"Quite right, my boy. This," he gestured expansively, "Is the Labyrinth."

What? "Who are you?"

"My domain, and I am Jareth, the Goblin King?"

"You're kidding me." Danny laughed. "The guy Jazz's friend Sarah made me play so she could wear that dress when we were kids?"

A smile. "Yes."

"You're real?" He had to be in the Ghost Zone.

"Isn't it obvious?" He bowed, and the strange creatures in what seemed like a throne room cackled.

"Well, nice to meet you, but I'm going home!" He flew up.

And banged his head on empty air. "Ow!"

An owl flew up to him, then turned into the long-haired man. "It's no use, my powers prevent those wished to me from leaving."

"Wished? I'm going to kill Jazz!" He turned to the Goblin King and his hands started to glow with ectoplasmic energy. "Take it down or I'll go medieval on you, Goblin King!"

Crystal balls circled in his hand. "I'd like to see you try," he said in a mocking voice. "Really, I would. You'll be a fine addition to my goblins."


"The only way out is if your sister rescues you, and she has no idea you are gone." One of the crystals hovered in the air and showed him the driving Jazz. "Don't worry, you have some hope. My man Hoggle is about to tell her friend Sarah I have you. Bringing Sarah back to the Labyrinth." He laughed.

"What do you want with Sarah?" Danny thrust his hands out and fired an ectoplasmic energy blast. It was absorbed by one of the crystal balls, which spun around and fired it back, hitting him and slamming him into the invisible barrier.

"She wasn't the one who wished you here, so in order to rescue her best friend's little brother, she will have to agree to a trade."

"You're after Sarah's little brother?"

The Goblin King laughed. "Not even close, child."

"Well, whatever you want, you're not getting it! Now let me go!" Danny began to fire more blasts.

This wasn't the ghost zone. The Goblin King wasn't a ghost. So the Thermos wouldn't work. He was totally out of his depth.

As six crystal balls began to circle him, freezing him in midair, he wished Jazz was here. She had actually read Sarah's book.

Typical. She never displayed her know-it-all-ness when it would be useful!