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"No!" I screamed. I took the sapphire vase that was placed at the entrance of the door and threw it across the room. The vase shattered as it made contact with the opposite wall. Pieces of glass lay on the carpeted floor and covered the wall. The remains of the vase sparkled in the moon light. That had been one of my favorite vases. It had always attracted so much dust but I didn't mind cleaning it.

My husband Mistress snuggled deeper into the coverlet, trying to hide her naked body. How many times had she been in our house, in our bed, in my spot, sleeping with my husband, enjoying the things that I helped buy? What really had me was how she was snuggling into the coverlet, my coverlet! My husband and I spent hours picking out that coverlet, three thousand thread counts, Egyptian cotton!

I know what you're thinking, it's just a coverlet; get over it. Well, I can't! That coverlet is very special to me; everything in this house is special to me. My husband and I bought everything in this house, everything. It had been our first year of marriage and my husband thought it would be good if I decorated our house, make it feel comfortable and homey. Well at first all we did was fight about everything, if we weren't fighting about the size of the bed or the color of the walls, we were glaring at each other or not speaking at all.

One day we finally agreed on something. We both loved it the second we saw it, the color was perfect, light blue not too feminine or too manly. Now I see her on it, my beautiful coverlet; our beautiful coverlet. Just like she was contaminating my coverlet, she was infecting my marriage! I began to wonder, how many other nights had she been in our house? How much time had they sent together, had they planned on this? Coming into our house and…I can't say it.

"Why?" was all I said but oh how I wanted to say more! I wanted to yell, thrash and throw things! I wanted to jump on my bed and pull my husband's Mistress by her hair off until she squirmed, thrashed and screamed for me to stop. I wanted to make them hurt, like I was hurting. I wanted to collapse in a useless puddle and cry. I wanted to cry, wanted them to see what they did to me but I didn't.

All I did was slowly walk over to the cream colored chair by the window and sat down. My husband's Mistress crawled to my husband's side; he always liked to stay next to the window. She thinks that would help my anger? Was she trying to get me angry or was she just stupid? I saw her hands seek out my husband's, as her hand closed in on his, a part of me died. I felt light headed and so confused, something I, Hermione Ann Granger, have never been.

A part of me thinks my husband held her hand by pure instinct, another part of me wanted to draw my wand and jinx them both with the darkest curses I knew. I looked at my husband hoping to find his face filled with concern, sympathy, or care but he wasn't looking my way, no he was staring intently out the window, at the full moon. As I too stared at the moon, memories that seem like forever came rushing back, one beating every other and playing like a movie before my minds eye.

It had been our late date, back at Hogwarts. Harry had blinded folded me and led me into - I don't know where but when he finally took off the blind fold, my eyes were sparkling in the moon light. We were by a pond, a picnic blanket set up on the ground, by the water. That had to have been the best date of my life. We were so close, closer than we are today. I was sitting in between Harry's legs, very comfortably, having some of Harry's favorite dessert, treacle tart.

Harry then leaned in and kissed my neck ever so slowly, his hot breath leaving goose bumps behind. I couldn't help but moan his name softly. I felt him smile into my neck, my eyes fluttered and closed. Little ouches like that was always my undoing. I forgot all about treacle tart and pulled Harry's hands tighter around my waist. As Harry's mouth got lower, I was slowly losing myself in ecstasy.

Harry then started to kiss my chest, tasting my skin, never even leaving a trail to follow. That was as far as Harry and I had gotten to fooling around that night. When we stopped our attention was captured by the moon, so big and bright. Silver covered us as we gazed at the moon Harry slowly stepped away from me. I thought he was leaving me to back to Hogwarts but he then stood in front of me. He got down on his knees and fumbled in his trouser pocket and pulled out a shiny silver and blue box. As Harry lifted the lid of the box, I couldn't say anything.

"Hermione Ann Granger, I have loved you for seven years, dated you for a year, watched you grow into the beautiful woman I know today. I've known you for seven years but it feels like I've only known you for the year we've been dating. The wonderful qualities I didn't notice when we were younger have been brought to my attention, I love you so much that if you say no I will die," he smiled teasingly at me.

Why would he do this to me now? I had thought. I wasn't even dressed properly, wearing my most hideous clothes, my hair even frizzier than normal. As the look of horror took over my face, Harry's face fell dramatically. His green eyes sparkled with unshed tears; I had hurt him. "Will, you be my wife?" he asked forlornly.

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