I don't down any of this, none if it is mine, except for the OC's. (Eiji's room mate, some peoples girlfriends… ext.) So if you didn't catch it then, catch it now: This is my disclaimer.

So without further ado…

Now and Then

Eiji had his head down, resting on top of the massive text book. It was Friday afternoon, his last class of the day, and while some people would just think he was tired, the red head was really 'recharging'.

While he loves his new found college life and normally would be very alive for this was his favorite class, today was an exception. Tonight would be the reunion of the starters from his ninth grade year. There had been a few other meeting between the group while they were in high school, but Eiji's mother had never allowed him to attend. She always claimed he needed to pay more attention to his studies now that he was in high school if he wanted his life to go anywhere.

But now he was a first year in college, and his mother had no control over it- this would be the first time since Jr. High he would see everyone. Tezuka, Fuji, Momo, Kaidoh, Echizen, Taka….everyone. But what really put a smile on his face was when he thought of seeing Oishi for the first time in four years.

So basically, this was going to be the first year everyone was back together again. And what made it even more fun, was the fact not one knew he was going to be there. Since none of them really had talked to him since the ninth grade, well besides for Sakuno who attended the same high school as him for a year, he had his mind set on surprising his old team mates.

A bell sounded, and the sound of chairs scraping the ground filled the room. Eiji jumped up, slammed the overly large ext book shut and shoved it in his bag, quickly making his way to join the large group of people also heading for the rooms exit.

Tightening his grip on the bag he had slung over his shoulder, he entered one of the large houseing complexes for the students to stay at and began to climb the stairs. Three floors up, he walked down the hall stopping about the middle of it, turned to a door and inserted his key into the knob and entering the room.

His room mate, Ryo, was sitting on his bed, his back pressed against the wall, knees proped up and a book resting against them. He looked up when Eiji walked in.

Eiji smiled."Hio, Ryo!"

"Eiji," Ryo nodded.

Eiji rolled his eyes and jumped onto his own bed. Ryo was a good guy… really! He was just a little more on the quite side and was a total…bookworm.

For example, whenever Eiji would be on his lap top during his free time, he would be playing a game or something fun of sorts. When Roy used his during free time, he was either reading, or looking for more information on something or another.Yes, they really were complete opposites.

When they had first moved into the dorms Roy had obviously noticed Eiji's tennis stuff and asked him if he was into it. This had puzzled Eiji a little, of course he was into it. He only had three tennis rackets laying on his beds and four ball containers, along with some other things…grip tape, ext. He had smiled and told him he was really into the game, and Roy gave him a half smile and mentioned he had once tried playing it and had no talent. Eiji laughed a little as he told him a story of one of his accidents involving a tennis ball and racket, and assured him that it was completely fine that he didn't really enjoy the game, but also made sure he knew that if he ever wanted help improving his game, all he had to do was ask.

"That get together is tonight, right?" Ryo asked Eiji after a series of minutes spent in silence. Eiji nodded. "How long do you plan on being out?"

"Nya, no idea."

"Well, if you get in to late, try not to make much noice, okay?"


"When does it start?"

"Five. Takes a half hour to get there, so I'll be leaving soon."

Ryo looked up and over to his friend who was laying face down on his bed, his face burried into his pillow. So he couldn't see the clock then. "Eiji?"


"It's 4:45."