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Chapter 7

The whole way to Oishi's appartment, Eiji sat next to him in the front seat of what he said was his new car.

He was quiet, and a small blush on his cheeks refused to go away. Yes, this was deffinatly something caused by Oishi. He was sure the other man had noticed, and was thankful he said nothing about it.

Then again, Eiji didn't say anything about the light blush Oishi wore either. Instead, he opt to look around the car. It was a nice car, that was for sure.

"It was a gift from my parents." Oishi explained, as if he had read Eiji's mind.

"It's very nice! Hoi, Oishi is so lucky."

Oishi gave a small laugh in response, and Eiji noticed they were pulling into the parking lot of a houseing complex, obviosly the one that Oishi must live in.

A few minutes later, the pair was entering a decent sized apartment. Okay, so it was big.

"Nya, huge!"

"You think so?"

"Hoi! This is amazing Oishi! I know I keep saying this, but you're so lucky!"

"Even luckier to be here with you…even after so long."

Eiji turned around to face the man leaning against the door. "Oishi..?"

"Eiji..uhm…what I'm trying to say is.. I've never stopped thinking about you. Never. I thought I would never see you again. But in high school, I promised myself that If I did, I would tell you this. Kikumaru Eiji, I love you. I always have. I don't care if I haven't seen you in four years… please Eiji? If you feel the same as I do… will you be with me again?"

Eiji watched him for a second The blush was back on Oishi's face, and he was watching his feet. Shy Oishi had just told him that. And it mut have taken all he had. The red head was touched. He smiled softly.

Before he knew what he was doing next, he went right up to Oishi, pushed in all the way up against the door and kissed him.

"Nya Oishi Syuuichiro. You had to ask?"