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Chapter 1 Rescue Mission

The skies above Coruscant blazed with war. The Confederacy of Independent Star Systems had launched a surprise attack on the Republic capital and General Grievous himself had captured Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Two Jedi starfighters dropped out of hyperspace and joined the fray. Those two Jedi, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, were among the best Jedi the Order had ever known.

While they fought to get to the flagship, Invisible Hand, Jedi Master Plo Koon recieved a transmission. He called Mace Windu to his side.

Mace stopped just short of profanity, How many things coul go wrong at the same time?

"I'll assign a rescue team right away."

Meanwhile, not far from Coruscant, on the planet Borleias, Kitch and Kimmy Shan were eating and awaiting news on a droid army that had landed on the planet to invade when Commander Welk rushed in.

"We've received a top priority message from Coruscant. He said. "As you know, Shaak Ti has been tracking General grevious."

Kimmy and Kitch nodded.

"Apparently, she has been captured...

Kimmy stood. "Has a rescue team been assigned?" she asked. It may have been three years since she'd been an apprentice, but the master/padawan bond was still strong.

"You are need by Master Windu to help rescue her." Commander Welk continued as if there hadn't been an interuption.

"Get a fighter prepared immediately." Kimmy said.

"Yes, sir."

Kitch fished in his pocket for his comlink. "Master Laythion?" he said.

"Yes. Kitch?"

"Master, Shaak Ti's been captured and Kimmy's been assigned to the rescue. I..."

"You want to go too?" Master Laython finished for him.

"Yes, sir."

Master Laython sighed inwardly. He didn't go on many missions because of his services in the lab, so he'd been letting Kitch tag along with some other Jedi teams recently, but this would be the first high action mission, and Kimmy was young. Still, Kitch needed the expierience.

"Alright, Kitch. But be careful."

"Yes, master. Out."

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