Troy. A name that stood for power and strength. Throughout Greece and the Balkan Peninsula, Troy was a symbol of what one could do with nothing. King Priam had started with virtually nothing and now he was King of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the known world.

Now Priam had been blessed with two sons, Hector and Paris.

Hector was a true Prince of Troy. He had married Andromache, who was said to be a daughter of Zeus. And in truth she was a favored mortal daughter of Zeus. Zeus had promised that he would give her first child any gift Andromache desired. Two years after her marriage, Andromache gave birth to a beautiful girl. The name Evangelia was chosen for the girl. She had large eyes the color of the heavens on a clear day and thick curling brown hair like her Father. Andromache had presented her daughter to Zeus and he had blessed her with the gift of immortality and Evangelia became a favored granddaughter of Zeus and he blessed her abundantly. She was most beautiful to behold and had independence unlike that of any other woman in all of Troy.

Priam's other son, Paris, was handsome and full of charm. He was a favorite among women of all ages. And it was said he could have charmed Meduas if he had tried. But at times…his charm could cause trouble.

"Will you hurry back to me?"

"You know I will." Hector took her hand and pressed a kiss to the top of it. He knew that the small hand he held could deal out terrible death. "Watch over your mother for me?"

"Of course."

"And Damien?"

"I'd die for him."

Hector smiled. "I'll hurry back as soon as I can."

Evangelia saw her uncle coming up behind Hector. "Keep Paris out of trouble."

Hector rolled his eyes and smiled dryly. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to."

Paris grinned as he swept Evangelia up and swung her around. "I'll bring a handsome man back for you."

"It will probably be one of the angry husbands I've seen so often on your heels." Evangelia kissed her uncle's cheek. "I'll watch daily for your ship."

Hector took his daughter from his little brother's arms. "What shall I bring back for you?"

"Whatever you think is fit for me."

"A man, then?"

Evangelia raised an finely arched eyebrow. "Whatever should I do with him?"

Andromache laughed as she appeared next to her husband. Hector wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. He pressed a kiss to her temple.

Andromache looked up at him. "She's right. Whatever would she do with a man? I hardly know what to do with the one I have."

Paris grinned. "You could use him to carry your sword around for you."

"I can carry my own sword, thank you very much."

"You could use him to keep you warm at nights."


"And when you get tired of him, you can take him out and give him a good beating!" Paris's brown eyes danced with laughter."

"No," said Evangelia. "That's what I use you for." She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "Remember, Paris. You are my beloved Uncle. And I love you. But if you do anything to endanger Troy, I'll rip your pretty face from your pretty skull!"

They all burst into laughter.

Hector turned. He could see the lone figure dressed in white on the beach and waved.

The tiny figure waved until she was gone from sight.

Hector looked at the spot for last for a long time and then turned. They where bond for Sparta.