5/11/15: Just a heads up, this story is really freaking old, and definitely not my best work.


Lily Evans sat in the armchair in the Gryffindor common room. She looked up, and across the room she saw James Potter and Sirius Black performing tricks, to the amusement of many younger students. Lily rolled her eyes. Those two boys…they would never pass their N.E.W.T.s! She thought that James, as Head Boy, would have more sense, but no—he was slacking off on his homework to amuse the other Gryffindors.

Not that it was a bad thing in and of itself—making them laugh an all—Voldemort was killing more and more people every month, but couldn't they do this on the weekends? It was interfering with her concentration.

Lily shook her long, red hair out of her eyes and packed her Arithmancy books back into her bag. She would finish it in the girls' dormitory; hopefully it would be quieter.

The crowd's laughter rang in her ears until she got to the top of the stairs and shut the door behind her. There was only one of her four roommates in their dormitory, for which Lily was extremely grateful. Sarah Kellison wouldn't bother her—she was as much of a bookworm as Lily was. That must have been why they were the best of friends.

"Hey, Lily," she said as greeting, "Potter getting to your head again?"

"Yeah, he and Black are showing off and I can't concentrate on Arithmancy. You'd think they'd be studying for our exams in June, but no, they decide to waste their time!"

"Well, they're boys, and boys are idiots. Potter's still trying to take you out to Hogsmeade?"

"Yeah," Lily said, laughing hollowly, "I'm not going to sink to his level, though."

"It'd be better than Pettigrew, though," Sarah said, smirking.

"At least Pettigrew has some semblance of manners," Lily said, scowling, "I'd rather take out Lupin…he's nice enough, compared to those idiots he calls friends…" and with that she sat down at her desk and pulled out her Arithmancy again, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get this essay finished by Monday."

"You know, I really should get started on it too," Sarah said thoughtfully, "Did you finish the Dugbog drawing for Kettleburn? We've got Care of Magical Creatures right after lunch tomorrow."

"Yeah, I did. Do you want it?"

"Er…yeah, actually, I do. I didn't quite finish taking notes on it in class on Tuesday."

Lily took her drawing out of her bag and handed it to Sarah. "You owe me, buddy."

"Yes, yes, I know I do," Sarah said impatiently, "Oh no, here comes Potter's fan club…"

Kelsi Tigeth and Lea Shuman walked in, giggling. "Lily, I still don't see why you won't take Potter out," Kelsi said, "He's head-over-heels in love with you, and he's drop-dead handsome!"

"Shut up, Kelsi," Lily snapped, "It's my choice whether I want to take him out or not, and personally, I think he's a jerk without a brain."

"Suit yourself," Lea said, just as the final member of their dormitory entered, Laurie Victonia.

"Hey, Laurie!" Sarah greeted. "We were just finishing up our Arithmancy homework."

"I need to finish that too," Laurie said cheerfully.

The three of them worked silently for a while—Lea and Kelsi having gone downstairs to fawn over the Marauders—until Sarah broke the silence. "You know, maybe if you take out Potter once, then never again, he'll stop bothering you."

"You know, that's an idea," Laurie said thoughtfully, "Lea and Kelsi will stop bothering you, too. You'll have a reason to hate him."

Lily was stunned. "Have you two gone insane? If I go out with him once, he'll never give up!"

"Wait a minute, let me explain my idea…" she leaned forward conspiratorially. Lily and Laurie leaned in closer to listen.

The plan was simple: Agree to go out with him after making him wait, then storm out of the place on a questionable comment. For the next week or so don't speak to him at all.

By the time she was finished, Sarah's face was flushed with excitement. "So what do you say? Just try it, if it doesn't work, we can brew Polyjuice Potion and I'll go on the rest of the dates for you."

Lily laughed. 'I don't think that'll be necessary. It's a perfect plan! When's the next Hogsmeade visit?"

"Saturday after next," Laurie said. "So you're gonna do it?"

"Yeah, I think I will," Lily said, her green eyes glowing with anticipation, "He'll ask me out tomorrow, and the million galleon question: 'Will he mess up his hair beforehand?' " Sarah and Laurie laughed, and they continued with their homework.

Lea and Kelsi came up some time later, complaining about Potter going to bed early. "I mean, he needs his sleep and all, but it's only 11:30! Usually he stays up later than that!"

"Will you two shut up? What does it matter to you when Potter turns in? He's probably trying to look nice for when he asks Lily out again tomorrow!" Sarah snapped at them, and then started laughing at the looks on their faces. "C'mon, he's asked her out once a week since third year! Tomorrow's Friday and he hasn't asked her out yet this week. It's logic. I'm sure you have about a teaspoon of it between the two of you, though, so we wouldn't expect you to understand."

Looking both shocked and hurt, Lea and Kelsi climbed into their beds and pulled the hangings around themselves.

"You know what? I'll finish the drawing tomorrow at lunch," Sarah said, "you know, before Potter asks and the sparks start to fly."

Lily laughed, accepted her drawing, and stowed her Arithmancy in her bag. "I'm going to bed too. Big day tomorrow!"