My name is Haruno Sakura. I am six-years-old and I'm training to become the first ninja in my family. I started school today. So far, it's the worst day of my life.

The other kids laughed at me because I have a big forehead. I felt embarrassed, and quickly pulled my bangs to forward to cover my eyes, that were quickly, but unnoticeably, filling with tears. Not wanting to have my classmates see me cry, I ran over to the trees and sat down behind one so no one could see me.

The tears I had tried to stop, fell. I knew it was stupid to cry, a ninja never cries. But I'm only six, emotions overcome me quickly. What was I to do? This was the day that everyone knew everyone. If no one would play with me now, who would play with me tomorrow? Would I be alone forever? If only someone would be my friend...

That is when I heard a voice coming from the trees around me. "Girl, why do you cry?" I sniffled and looked up, only to see nothing. I looked around slowly, trying to find the source of the quite voice. No one was there.

"Girl, I do not repeat myself." I jumped at the irritated sound in his voice, but answered.

"I'm crying cause all the other kids were laughing at me." Another tear rolled down my cheek. "That's a stupid reason to cry. Lots of people will laugh at you over your life time. Get use to it now, instead of later. That only makes it harder."

I sniffled again, still trying to locate the position of the person speaking to me. "Who are you?" There! A bush to my left was shaking, I stood and walked toward it.

"I am a friend." A gust of wind shook the tall trees around me, and blew the small bush away, I stared at the spot where I had thought my new friend was. Where was he? He almost seemed invisible, like a ghost, or an angel, or a very shy boy.

"Will you come talk to me again tomorrow?" The voice chuckled softly, almost silently.

"Of course. What kind of friend would I be otherwise?" Even though I could not see him, I could hear his smile. So I smiled all around me, hoping he would see it.

"Children! Come inside now!" I heard my new sensei calling to us. I frowned. I just got a friend! I don't want to go in yet! I still wanted to see him!

"You have to go." The soft voice said sadly.

"Don't you go to the school?" I was confused, I was hoping this person would come sit with me during class.

"No, I don't." I hung my head sadly. "Sakura, you need to go now, before you're late." I didn't notice he knew my name.

"Hai." I started to walk back into the direction of the school, but I turned back around to address the voice.

"Before I go, what's your name?" The boy chuckled again.

"My name is Gaara." I smiled and ran back to the school. Maybe today wasn't so bad after all, now that I had my new best friend.


Just something that came to me.


"Hey Sakura, who were you talking to?"

"I'm talking to my best friend Gaara!"

"But there's no one here."

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