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I lay flat as I watched the new nurse go back and forth, doing her respective duties.

I had tried to talk to her. Tried to find out what why I was here, what they thought was wrong with me. But she had been as silent as stone. I had given up after about two minutes of trying to coax her.

It was just so frustrating! How could I get any answers this way?

I felt tears starting to gather in my eyes. I was ashamed to cry, but I couldn't control myself. This seemed to catch the nurses attention.

"Now, now." Her voice was panicking slightly. "There's no need to cry... everything will be fine."

I just sobbed harder at her words.

"Please don't cry! The man will be upset if he learned you were crying!" That made me quiet, but my tears still fell.

"What man?" I asked.

"The handsome red head that was here a few weeks ago." The nurse clasp her hands under her chin and her eyes sparkled. I tried really hard not to puke at her love-sick expression.


"Hai, Gaara-san." The woman walked out the door with light steps and sighed dreamily in the hallway.

"Geez, I wonder what kind of - yawn- impression he made." I muttered sarcastically to myself, stretching.

Curling up in my blankets, I drifted off to "sleep."


The sun was shining brightly through my window. I moaned as I drew my pillow over my face to try and block out the light. "Five more minutes." I groaned into my fluffy, temporary shade. A very faint chuckle reached my ears, causing me to look out from my nest of blankets.

"Oh, hey Gaara." I said with a small smile, slightly upset that I hadn't gotten five more minutes of sleep like I'd promised myself.

"Good Morning." He shook his head. "Or should I say afternoon."

I sat up suddenly. "Are you serious?"

I was given a nod of confirmation. "Aw man! I missed training!" I said with an angry pout.

"No you didn't." Gaara said with a smirk. "It's Saturday, and we had plans."

I titled my head. "We did? We did!" I remembered! Sort of.

"My, my, aren't we the forgetful one this morning." I couldn't reply as the fact I was promptly pulled out of bed.


"Gaara? Is the blindfold really necessary I asked sharply. Unfortunately, the edge in my voice had no affect on the body that was pulling through... well, I really don't know where we were.

"If you want it to be a surprise, then yes." I swear he must have been smirking. "It's only a bit farther."

I sighed in defeat, and allowed myself to be pulled along to who knows where.

After about ten five minutes of walking in silence, Gaara spoke. "Here we are."

"Finally!" I ripped off the cloth covering my eyes and gasped in amazement.

Gaara had lead me to a moderately sized pond in the forests outside of Konoha. The mid-afternoon sun made the water glitter in an almost blinding way, while the trees framed the sky above us.

"I found this about a week ago." Gaara said softly. "Thought you might like it."

I breathed in deep, taking in the clean air. "It's beautiful."

Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gaara smirk. I just rolled my eyes at his arrogant ways. He thinks he knows me so well. Humph.

Shaking my head, I asked, "So... now what?"

"We can just sit if you want."

I nodded with a smile, nature is a thing I will never tire of. "That'd be nice."

As I was about to plop onto the ground, Sasuke dropped down in front of us with an furious look on his face.

"Sasuke?" I asked incredulously.

"Sakura! I've come to help you!" Sasuke said quickly as he glanced around nervously.

"Sasuke." Gaara growled out.

Sasuke glared at Gaara with hatred. "Oh. It's you." Grabbing my arm, Sasuke pulled my away from Gaara.

I wiggled my arm out of his grasp and joined Gaara in glaring at him. "Sasuke! What's wrong with you?"

Pulling my arm again, Sasuke replied. "You don't get it, Sakura!" He gave Gaara a spiteful look, "This guy is dangerous!"

"Why don't you just leave me alone?" I wasn't quite yelling, was I?

"Sakura!" Sasuke growled angrily through his clenched teeth. "I'll protect you! Just come with me!"

Gaara's eyes narrowed, and he automatically bared his fangs at the emotionally screwed up ninja as he yanked me away at the same time.

"Do not address her." He spoke in a deadly quiet voice. "She's not your concern any longer."

I gasped in surprise, and disappointment. "Gaara, wait-"

"Stay out of this, Sakura!" Both Sasuke and Gaara spoke at the same time, while getting into attack positions.


"Sakura!" Naruto fell as the limb he was perched on broke, such a distraction pulled everyone's attention from the matter at hand. After landing heavily on his back, Naruto jumped up, his back facing Sasuke and Gaara.

"Sasuke's planning something! I just know it! You see, I'vebeentrappedinhisbasementwithshortpeopleandittookmethislongtogetout!ButnowI'vecometosaveyou!" Naruto spoke fast and made wild gestures with his hands. "I have to get you out of here, now!"

"You're too late Naruto!" Sasuke smirked that stupid smirk of his. "As soon as I kill Gaara here, I'll be taking Sakura to live with me. After all... " He grinned evilly. "I need someone to help restore my clan in a few years."

This statement sent Gaara's sand spraying all around us sporadically, while my jaw just dropped in shock.

"Shut... up." Gaara growled dangerously low.

"Why?" Sasuke taunted. "Can't stand the truth?"

"Sasuke! That's not the best thing to say right now!" I said frantically, after waking from my mental stupor.

Before Sasuke could even laugh, he was encased in a cocoon of sand.

"Desert coffin." Gaara's hand was stretched out, his eyes were shadowed from my view. But I could feel the murderous intent that radiated from him.

"I said, shut... up." With those words, Gaara closed his fist tightly.

"Desert funeral!"

It rained blood as Naruto and I stared in shock. Sasuke's life force created small pools all over the ground. It got on our clothes, in out hair, and mingled with our tears.

"Why you-! Just who do you think you are?" Naruto yelled in frustration and anguish as he charged in fury at Gaara, who was as still as stone.

But before I could even blink, Naruto was also enclosed in sand.

"Gaara no!" I screamed as I sank to my knees, my arm outstretched toward him. "Haven't you done enough?"

His eyes caught mine. They were wild and crazy orbs of jade. I could tell the wall that kept his sanity in check had crumbled. There was no way to go back now.

Then, his eyes changed. They were no longer the eyes I knew to be his.

"Mine." He ground the words out almost animalisticly, giving me feral grin while releasing Naruto from his sand.

"Oh crap." I turned on my heel and started to run as fast as I could. Pumping chakra into my legs tripled my speed, but I could hear Gaara right behind me.

"Oh Sakura!" My name was called in a singsong voice that I wasn't familiar with.

So I pushed myself harder.


I hear trees snapping and crashing behind me and complete fear gripped my throat.

'Just keep running. Breath.' I repeated this to myself I don't know how many times. Passing tree after tree, I'm not sure how long I ran. Maybe 10 minutes, maybe an hour. I felt like I had run 50 miles.

Now, running for a long time can get tiring. Running with chakra drains you even faster. That's when the thought hit me. The tiny detail I had yet to work out of my running plan.

Where the hell was I going?

The thought dropped like a rock into my stomach, stopping me dead in my tracks. I panted heavily, and darted my eyes everywhere to try to find a place to hide.

"My cherry blossom! Where have you gone?" That voice was calling for me again. It seemed so cold, it chilled my blood and froze my limbs.

I tried to push myself to get going again, but my body was exhausted. I closed my eyes and resigned my fate.

The trees behind me crashed down.

"My flower, you stopped running." Bile rose in the back of my throat. Turning, I looked at the person... no. Monster that had ruined my life.

It didn't even look like Gaara anymore.

I took in brownish red hair, haunting yellow eyes, and a sickening smirk.

The man spoke, "Sakura? Don't you want to be with me?" His gaze was pitiful, for a moment, I felt sorry for this person.

But that was before a hand of sand wrapped around my neck tightly, cutting off my air supply.

"You don't think I trained you for no reason?" He spat out. "Did you think I was really your friend?" Snarling angrily, the sand threw me with great force into a tree behind me.

My vision blurred, and started to darken.

"You're mine." Was the last thing I heard before the world went black.


I woke with a start and instantly fought against the tight hold the blanket had on me. Somehow, it had wound all the way around me and made me feel suffocated.

After untangling myself, I took in familiar surroundings. White walls, IV stand, charts with nurses names on them, and Gaara. He appeared to be sleeping in a chair next to my bed. But, he looked... older.

"G-Gaara?" My voice was thick with sleep and had a very tired tone to it.

He flinched, and opened his jade eyes. "Sakura?" His face was written with relief. "You're all right!" He stood and sat next to me on the small mattress.

"What happened?" I asked, as I slowly sat up rubbing away the headache that threatened to come.

Gaara looked slightly uncomfortable, but spoke anyway. "There was an accident."

I sat in shock. "What kind of accident?"

He coughed nervously. "Well, we were walking across the street, and some guy out of nowhere just hit you."

I was confused. 'That's not what I remembered happening.'

"Hit me with what? Taijutsu? Ninjutsu?"

It was Gaara's turn to be confused. "Taijutsu? No." He shook his head and gave me criticizing stare. "He hit you with his car."

"Car?" I had heard of such things, but I've never actually seen one.

"Yeah, you were in a coma for six weeks." He looked guilty. "I was out of town when you started to drift in and out of consciousness a few days ago. I just got back and I came right to see you."

"But what about Sasuke and Naruto? The fight?" I was couldn't comprehend what was going on.

"Who's Sasuke and Naruto?" Gaara asked with a jealous look on his face. I just stared at him.

"You've gotta be kidding, right?"

Gaara raised a nonexistent eyebrow. "Um, no." But then he smiled. "Maybe it was just a dream you had?"

I didn't think so. It was so real... I could remember anything from any day. "I guess you're right." No, he wasn't.

"Well, now that you're better. We don't have to cancel the wedding!" He smiled brightly at me. It was very frightening. I wasn't used to seeing Gaara smile. He didn't seem to be the type to smile a whole lot, and for the small amount of time I really saw him, I could see that he-

"Wait a second!" Shock flooded into me, thrashing around in my stomach like a snake. "Wedding?"

Gaara froze, his eyes showing concern. "Yes. We're getting married in two weeks." He gave me a quizzical look. "Don't you remember?"

"Before I answer," I lifted a hand to my temple to try to rub away a coming headache. "How old am I?"

"Twenty-two." I swallowed hard.

It was all just a dream? I don't know if I could believe that. It was so real. I could touch him, see him. Every single detail was carved into my memory.

But then again, this seemed real too. Gaara was sitting right next to me. I could touch him, see him, even feel his body heat. Which one was real?

What should I believe?

"I remember."

Sighing happily, he pulled me in for a hug and nuzzled my neck. "I missed you so much! I was so worried." He placed a gentle kiss on the junction where my neck muscle met my shoulder.

'The same place where Gaara bit me... ' I remembered.

"Yeah, I missed you too." I reluctantly hugged him back as I stared dumbfounded at the wall over Gaara's shoulder, and I didn't feel the smirk against my neck.


Shukaku smirk against Sakura's neck. Inhaling the unique scent that was hers and hers alone.

Staring at the wall, jade orbs flashed yellow as he thought. 'Genjutsu complete.'

The End.


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