AN: Ahhh I suck I suck I suck! I have a very bad habit of rushing things along…I'm sorry (bows in a Tohru-ish way) this'll have to be my…what…7th fic I've made so far…erm, I mean, actually put online…

Tohru. Was. Nervous. She had left life with the Sohmas four years ago. Oh, she kept in touch, but only with a few choice people—Kyo not included. Definitely not Kyo. What was she supposed to do? Show up out of the blue and go "Hey Kyo, guess what? I had your baby!" Uh-huh, definitely wasn't gonna go there.

But alas, at age 4, her Katsumi-chan was bursting with questions about her father. Tohru couldn't bring herself to say "Daddy." A cold shiver went down her spine whenever she thought about it. However, Katsumi was desperate to know, and Mama Tohru could hardly refuse her anything.

So there they were, walking hand-in-hand to the old house. Well, that's how Tohru thought of it. Old. It had been so long ago, that her memories of the place had faded from her mind. A small tug on her skirt pulled her away from her thoughts. She glanced down to stare at her child, "Katsu-chan, what is it?"

The four-year-old toed the ground with her sandal. "Well, um, w-will I get to meet my Da—ah, I mean, my Father?" Tohru wanted to cry. Her little girl didn't want to call him Daddy, knowing it would upset her. Such a sweet child.

"Uh-huh, we're nearly there. See?" She pointed to the house they were approaching, and smiled. "See, your Grandpa Shigure took care of me when I was in high school…"

"Aw, Mom," her daughter groaned, "High school for you was like a gazillion years ago!"

"Ah, hush you. We're almost th—

Tohru pushed open the door, running straight for the kitchen with her child at her heels. Sliding the kitchen door open, she screamed and flailed her arms wildly as Shigure Sohma stared off into space.