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Katsumi spun in a circle underneath the shade of a sakura tree, Hiro and Kisa babysitting her for the day. Tohru was working and Kyo was teaching a sparring lesson—which roughly translated to beating the cocky kids into submission. From their picnic blanket, Kisa held a small bowl and a bubble wand; everyone loved bubbles no matter what their age.

"Argh! Kisa, my eyes!"

Well, everyone except Hiro. He was just an all-around grumpy pants.

"Uncle Hiro," Katsumi kissed both her hands and pressed it over his eyes. "You're not s'pose to pop them with your eyes! You'll get more owwies that way."

"Kisa…" Hiro tried really hard not to glare at his long-time girlfriend; that would be inappropriate in front of Katsumi. "Just…don't say anything."

She didn't have to since she was too busy giggling before glomping both Hiro and Katsumi. "You're both so cute!"


"Auntie Kisa! You're heavy!"

Killing You Softly…Or at Least Trying To

It took some intense trial and error to figure out Kozue. On the outside, she was a prickly porcupine with the temper of a starving bear fresh out of hibernation. But on the inside…she was an insecure little girl who treasured the simple things. It was times like these when Haru became grateful for his years of training in martial arts since dodging a variety of inanimate objects being lobbed at his head would have been a smidgen harder to accomplish without it.

For all her prickly-ness, Haru discovered that she really didn't know how to fight. She just reacted on instinct like an animal backed into a corner. Although her instincts were dead-on and frighteningly accurate. He found that little bit out after one of his video game controllers nailed him in the spine.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt you, so please stop throwing things at me."

"Ha! As if. I know you're just trying to soften me up so you can take me back my brother and sister!"

There had to be a better way to help her control her anger.

For him, it had been martial arts and then running. Then there was the street fighting on the side, but that wouldn't help her since the goal was to make her as non-violent as possible.


"Oi, bastard. I'm hungry," she snapped at him, arms raised to beat him with the pillow again.

Apparently hiding the sharp items in his room made her more creative.

Yanking the pillow out of her grasp, Haru was about to ask her one more time to stop hitting him before she shoved said pillow into his face. And that's when an idea struck him…well, literally actually.

Grinning, he grabbed her by the waist and hauled her over his shoulder and ignored her outraged shrieks of protest as he carried her out the door and out of the house. "I know how you can be violent without hurting anyone!" At least I hope you can't hurt anyone, he added silently.

After making a quick call to one of the servants for a massive order of pillows and mattresses, Haru kept himself entertained by coaxing out the inner shy girl out of Kozue. They sat in the courtyard with her—unwillingly—on his lap.

"You're an idiot."

"I know," he nuzzled her ear through her hair and held both her hands in his. "But you have to admit it's a brilliant idea."

She scoffed and turned her head away from him, effectively whipping his face with her hair. When he lightly grabbed her by the chin and turned her face back to meet his, she refused to meet his eyes.

"Kozue," his brows furrowed in concern, "I'm trying to help you because I honestly want to. Tell me what's wrong?" He tried mimicking Momiji's puppy eyes and was satisfied when Kozue cracked a smile before rolling her eyes in mock-disgust.

"You sicken me," she growled before she sighed in defeat. She always was a sucker for the cuteness. "I…I don't know how to have a pillow fight, Haru. I've never had one," she mumbled.

And there it was. That little sign of vulnerability that had her pegged as an innocent. Inwardly, he smiled happily as he wrapped his arms around her. "You'll like learning how; you get to be as violent as you want to be.

The spare dojo in the Sohma complex with filled with the sound fabric tearing and feathers exploding. There was also a hint of maniacal laughter mixed with bouts of "I hope you die of asphyxiation" and "You're as stupid as Shigure!"


"Ouch! Sonofa—Kozue, you're not supposed to put your fist in the pillow case!"

"Ooh, what's wrong Haru-chaan? Can't take the—oh what the hell? No hair pulling!"


There was the disturbing sound of a medium shaped object slamming into one of the walls. Followed by intense giggling, "Nyah, nyah, you missed!"

Haru had to admit that Kozue with a catty grin was downright adorable. Sure, he threw that pillow with unnecessary force but the look on her face when she dodged it was exhilarating. He would bet on his favorite plushie—not that a full grown man like him would collect plushies—that this was one of the few moments in time that Kozue was happy.

And even better than that was not once, from the start of the pillow war to now, did he even think of Rin. Strangely enough, that was more than relieving because finally, he was healing.


It just wasn't fair.

Ever since Kiyone ran him around in circles with her twisted logic, Shigure was absolutely miserable. She had him sleeping on the floor for Kami's sake! Of course it was all unintentional; she just had a bad habit of kicking him to the floor every time he tried to cuddle with her. When he had complained to her about it, she merely said that his unborn children sensed his pervyness and didn't want him near them. He was left speechless for about a minute before she laughed in his face and hugged him in apology.

Shigure didn't like it when she was mean to him. He even told her so in third person. He then told her that Shigure didn't like being smacked without just cause.

He soon discovered that being pinched with just cause was even more painful than being smacked. She did one of those lingering pinches his mom used to do to him. The kind where it would have been ten minutes, but he could still feel how much it hurt. Glaring at his sleeping lover, he mentally decided that yes, all moms were born with the knowledge of how to hurt men.

Vile women the lot of them, but…

Shigure liked them wicked and with an intensely perverted grin, he snickered to himself as he pressed a kiss to his lover's temple.

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