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Ginny shivered, it was the middle of a storm and she was out attempting to fulfill her Head Girl duties. She was trying to get everyone from the Quidditch match back inside. It was getting unnaturally dark for so early and the Hogwarts students where starting to worry. Quidditch matches where hardly ever canceled for anything snow or sleet, but this was an exception.

When Ginny had ushered all the students she could find into the castle she headed for where she thought it was. She walked until she felt she could hardly walk and did not get the school she turned around and trudged through the sleet the other way. The storm was getting so bad that the only thing you could see was the white streaks of fast falling snow. When she had been walking for quite a while she stopped. She could not see her hand in front of her face.

'This is not good,' she thought, 'I hope I got all the kids inside in time'. The wind was starting to push in Ginny all differant directions she sat down in an attempt to stay where she was and not run into a tree. When she sat down she was almost instantly covered in snow, she dug herself out and kept trudging hoping to find some means ofshelter. By now the wind was almost enough to pick her up off her feet. Then, she felt something pull on her arm. She couldn't see anything, she struggled to keep her consciousness. She did not have any idea what was happening but before she could tell everything got dark and she passed out.


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