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98 Strokes, 99 Strokes, 100 Strokes

There. 100 strokes of the hairbrush a day kept her soft pink hair fluffy and manageable. Sakura was certain that her hair needed to be perfect today. Tsunade-sama had told he that she would get a surprise today, and she thought she knew what was coming, or at least what she hoped for.

Sakura closed her eyes, and began to daydream about her Sasuke-kun. Or, that's what part of her thought was coming. She had her Sasuke-kun back. Everything was going back to normal. Sakura ran to the bridge team seven always met at, and saw her dark Sasuke-kun. "Sasuke-kun, would you like to do something today after we're done training?"

Sasuke looked at her, mild disgust in his eyes. "Instead of trying to go on dates, why don't you get stronger." Sakura looked down, disappointed in Sasuke and herself. She should have known that was coming. He hadn't changed at all in the four years he had been gone.

Then, a happy voice from behind he stated "I'll hang out with you, Sakura-chan!" She looked around, and saw Naruto there, his bright blue eyes reflecting his desire to spend time with her. Next thing she knew, he had scooped her up and was pulling her in close…

Sakura snapped out of her daydream. Since when had she thought about Naruto that way? But it was true. Sakura had been thinking about how strong his arms were, how warm his smile was, how safe she felt when he was near… That had to be Tsunade-sama's surprise. Naruto was coming back from his training trips! It had been two years since she had seen him. Smiling, and humming a little tune, Sakura walked over to the Hokage's tower.


Temari panted hard as she flew across the desert. She was standing on a wooden platform with wheels, using her powerful battle fan to blow across the sands. Temari really didn't know why she was rushing. The Hokage had called her to Konoha many times, but this time seemed different.

It couldn't possibly be what Temari wanted it to be. She wanted it to be Naruto. Temari couldn't remember when she had fallen for him, but it was definite that she had. She had just woken up thinking about him one day, and fell asleep to dream about him. Temari, the desert rose who had never dreamed about any man before, had dreamed about Naruto!

Temari had first me Uzumaki Naruto about 6 years ago, at the Chunnin Exams. She had thought he was a little blowhard. He had been cute though. Later, she had been proven wrong. Not that he wasn't cute. But he had been so much more then a little blowhard. He had been strong enough to defeat her little brother, and beat him so badly he'd been down for days.

He hadn't just defeated Gaara. He'd saved him. If Gaara had continued as he had, he would have killed everyone or been killed. Now, Gaara was a powerful Kazekage, and was actually beginning to develop a sense of Humor.

That hadn't been the last time Temari had seen Naruto. During his training trips, he had often come to Suna to visit Her, Gaara and Kankuro. He and Gaara got along great, with Gaara actually laughing. Naruto and Kankuro played so many pranks, it was a wonder that they had time to sleep. As for Naruto and Temari, had spent the most time together. At first, they had just spoken of Konoha, as Temari was the liaison there. But later, they had just talked, Temari enjoying Naruto's company. She even thought, with a blush, that he enjoyed hers.

Naruto had told her that he was going back to Konoha, and less than a month later, she was being called there. She hoped he would be there. Temari beat her fan harder. She wanted to hold him, kiss him, and love him. Those thoughts spurred her on, and she pulled up in front of the Hokage's tower in minutes.


Ever since Sound and Leaf had made an alliance, Kin was welcomed everywhere. Everyone wanted the new gadgets and conveniences, such as radios and drums, which Sound brought. But though she had seen and met most everyone in Konoha, Kin just wanted to see Naruto again.

It was thanks to him that she was living. Orochimaru had killed her, and used her life force to reanimate the second Hokage. When the third had sealed the bodies of the Kages, Kin's life force, and that of her friend Zaku, had returned to their bodies. They would have died soon after if Naruto, who had been looking at the spot there the third died, hadn't noticed that they were alive, and given them a chakra transfusion.

Then Naruto had killed Orochimaru, though Sasuke had escaped, claiming the vengeance that Kin had wanted him to. But when she congratulated him, Naruto had just nodded, like it was someone anyone would do. He also added "That bastard deserved it because he hurt you."

That's when Kin had fallen far, and never tried to get back up. She just wanted to spend her life with Naruto, pleasing him and letting him love her. That was why Kin had requested the Konoha duty, to spend time with Naruto. Luckily, Zaku, the new Otokage, had understood, and detailed her to Konoha.

Kin sped up. The Hokage had called her, and Kin couldn't imagine why. It could have something to do with Naruto, but that was probably wishful thinking. But he was due to return anytime now.

As Kin neared the tower, she saw a flash of pink hair. It was Sakura, a local Kunochi who had been on the traitor Sasuke's, and much more importantly in Kin's mind, Naruto's team. Kin would have liked her fine if it wasn't common knowledge that she felt the same way about Naruto as Kin did, though she might not admit it. The thoughts were mirrored in Sakura's mind as she looked at Kin.

A cloud of dust announce Temari's arrival. The dark haired sound ninja and the pink haired leaf ninja both looked at the newly arrived blond sand ninja. They exchanged a three way stare, which they all broke at the same time, and sniffed in unison. They all knew that the other two felt the same way about their favorite whisker-faced shinobi as they themselves did, but they meant to have him. All the villagers ran as they went by the three Kunochis. The townspeople might not know what the root of the problem between Sakura, Temari, and Kin was, but they could sense the tension and wanted no part of it. Blows had been known to be exchanged when the three were in close proximity. But this time, they all just sniffed again and continued into the hokage's tower side by side.

Tsunade looked down and groaned. She wished there was some other way, but all her other ninjas except for Sakura were tied down with missions, so she had to call in favors from Sand and Sound as it was. The fifth Hokage looked through the window at her hand-picked team and shook her head. Maybe they could coexist long enough to get through their mission. And maybe pigs could fly.

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