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Twenty minutes after the attack by stone ninja, Naruto was pacing back and forth in the living room of his apartment. 'Why would they want to kidnap Temari-chan?' he thought. 'The logical reason is that she's the princess of Suna, but something about that just doesn't seem right! But what other reason is there!'

'Lemme see…' Naruto thought, still pacing. 'Temari-chan has kicked a lot of asses, maybe this is just some dude who got his pride stomped on who wants payback. Nah, that doesn't fit. The guy would come in for her himself. Hmm… I can't really think of any other reason why they would want Temari-chan, unless they were trying to hurt someone by taking her.'

'But if that's the case, who were they trying to hurt? If it was Gaara, they just would have taken Kankurou. He's much worse protected then Temari-chan. Who else is she close to? Well, the only other person I can think of is… me. Aw, shit! Why the hell is the bastard going after the woman I love!' Naruto started rubbing his temples. 'Wait a sec… woman I love. There's more then one of those. And if I were teme, thank Kami I'm not, I'd go after the others soon! I've got to get Temari-chan and Sakura-chan, and possibly the entire team together, then we gotta go after Kin-chan! Who knows what could have happened to her!' With that panicking thought, Naruto sent out a chakra pulse.

Almost instantly, in his mind, the chakra signatures of everyone within his range came into view. Ero-sennin had taught him the 'chakra sonar' during his training trip, and it had come in handy more then he ever could have guessed. Naruto scanned the results, and found Sakura. 'She's walking down the street with Kakashi-sensei. At least she'll be safe with him while I get there.' Not wasting anytime, he bounded out the window, honing in on Sakura.

At that moment, the kunoichi herself was sneezing a lot. 'Damn, someone's thinking about me a lot!' she thought. Then she turned her eyes back on Kakashi-sensei, who was, as usual, buried in his perverted book. "Honestly Kakashi-sensei, how can you stand to read those things in public? I mean, there're children right over there!"

"It's fun." Kakashi said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Then, to head off the beating he knew was coming, said, "So you and Naruto, eh? Can't say I ever saw that one coming."

Sakura lowered her fists, and said, "Yeah, a couple years back, if someone had suggested it to me, I'd have laughed in their face. But I can't imagine why now. I mean, he's smart, caring, honest, loyal, handsome, funny…" Kakashi tuned her out as she went into one of her 'Reasons why Naruto is great' lists. Then he noticed something strange. They were the only ones on the street.

Kakashi extended one arm out to the side, effectively stopping Sakura from walking and shutting her up. She looked at him questioningly, but then looked around herself. She got it instantly. There was danger nearby. That fact was driven home by seeing Kakashi calmly close up Icha Icha Paradise, put it in his belt pouch, and move up his head protector to reveal his lone Sharingan eye.

Seeing that they were discovered, a small group of Ninja emerged from a nearby alleyway. Their headbands signified that they were from Cloud. Kakashi shook his head. "Cloud nins on our streets. Security is sure getting lax around here. So, who hired you and what do you want?"

The one wearing a completely black jumpsuit with a full mask, who seemed to be the leader, walked a step in front of the others. "We have been paid a substantial amount to kidnap Haruno Sakura. We were originally going to just take her when no one else was around, but I've always wanted to fight Copy Ninja Kakashi."

Kakashi grinned under his own mask. "Well, today's your lucky day!" He said, before assuming a fighting crouch. "I require your word that your men will not interfere, or do anything like kidnap my student, while we fight."

The cloud nin cocked his head to one side, thinking. "Acceptable." He made a gesture to his companions, and they relaxed, ready to watch their leader's sport. The leader cracked his neck. "I am Hayai Takai, and it will be a pleasure to kill you." He ran forward at Kakashi, who met his charge with his own.

Rapid fire blows were exchanged, and the two skidded backwards. Kakashi drew a kunai, while Takai pulled out a katana. The two blades met, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Seeing that the blade fight was no use, with the katana's longer reach, Kakashi threw his kunai, then followed it with five shuriken.

Takai grinned. "Is that the best you have?" He dodged the kunai, but stood right in front of the shuriken. His hand moved in gestures too fast too be seen, but when his hand stopped moving, each finger had a shuriken spinning on it. "I, on the other hand, can do much better!" Suddenly, the shuriken began to crackle with electricity, and Takai threw them at Kakashi.

Hurridly, Kakashi moved through the hand seals for Kawarimi. The electrified shuriken connected with a log, and Kakashi wound up on a nearby rooftop. "Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu! (Fire Style: Dragon Fire Technique)" he yelled, his hands flashing through the appropriate seals. A stream of fire blew at Takai, who grinned as his hands flew through other seals.

"Suiton: Sujinheki! (Water Style: Water Encampment Wall)" he yelled, and a wall of water rose around him, creating steam when the fire impacted. "Better, Copy Nin!" He yelled. As the Sujinheki dissipated, he felt a presence behind him. "Much better."

Kakashi launched a pair of kunai, and they connected solidly with Takai's shoulders, rendering the arms useless. He was about to launch another one, this one aimed at the heart, when he realized it would be best to take this guy alive. And he suddenly sensed Naruto's chakra signature on a nearby rooftop.

A smirk appeared under Kakashi's mask. He had the perfect move to disable the guy, rendering him unconscious. It would also be priceless to see the look on Naruto's face after he pulled this one off.

"You know, Takai, you've me copy ninja multiple times throughout this fight. I think it's time I showed you why." Kakashi went into a hand seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Technique)" He yelled, and four more Kakashis appeared next to him. "Let's roll!" They all yelled.

The five all charged forward, the original slightly behind the others. The first clone charged in with a cry of "U!", then decked Takai with a powerful punch, causing him to stagger backwards. The original used the first clone to springboard into the air while spinning rapidly. The second, third and fourth clones all came sliding in toward the staggering cloud nin. "ZU!" "MA!" "KI!" The clones shouted as the kicked Takai into the air.

Takai noticed he was in the air, then felt a shadow over him. He looked up just in time to see Kakashi deliver a painful downwards kick. Takai crashed into the ground, then as he went unconscious, heard Kakashi finish the technique's name. "NARUTO RENDAN!"

From the rooftop, Naruto's jaw dropped. 'That was my rendan!' his mind screamed. 'I worked hard for- well, about twenty minutes, developing that technique! And he just copies it!' Naruto sighed. 'Well, he is the copy nin. But he could have at least asked!'

Kakashi looked up at Naruto, then grinned apologetically. Naruto started fuming. 'The prick knew I was here! That's why he used my rendan, just to piss me off! AND IT WORKED!' In a flash Naruto was down on the ground, shaking Kakashi by the front of his shirt. "THAT WAS MY RENDAN! IT HAS MY DAMN NAME IN IT! AT LEAST ASK IF YOU'RE GOING TO COPY SOMETHING OF MINE!"

Kakashi smiled. 'Heh. Knew it would piss him off.' After a minute of Naruto shaking him, Kakashi was beginning to get sick, and decided it would be best to appease him. "What can I say? If one of my students comes up with such a good move, I've got to copy it!"

Naruto stopped shaking him. 'Awww. I can't kill him now! He complemented my jutsu!'

From off to the side, the remaining cloud ninja had giant drops of sweat beading on their head. "Uh, excuse me?" One of them said.

Kakashi and Naruto both looked at him. "WHAT!" they yelled.

"Uh, we're here to kidnap Haruno Sakura, and uh, you guys fighting, as funny as it might be, is not getting us any closer to doing that."

Naruto looked at Kakashi. "We'll talk about this later." He growled out, then turned to the cloud nin. "I SO DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" he screamed.

"Well, you can go then." The cloud nin said. "Hold on a sec while I check my list." He pulled a scroll out from the inside of his Jounin vest, and unrolled it. "Pick up dry cleaning? Check. Walk the dogs? Check. Practice evil cackling in mirror? Check. Kidnap Haruno Sakura? Almost there. Kill Uzumaki Naruto? Uncheck." He looked over at Naruto. "Uh, would you know where we could find an Uzumaki Naruto?"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, you twit!" Naruto growled, still pissed about Kakashi stealing his rendan.

"Oh, well next time you see you, can you tell you we're going to kill you?" he said, in a very confusing manner.

"Uh, ok." Naruto said.

"Good!" The cloud ninja said, then rolled his scroll back up and put it away. "Now, where were we."

A vein in Naruto's head was pulsing. "I'm going to kill you fast, so I can go beat the crap out of Kakashi-sensei!" In his anger, annoyance, and suppressed panic about Kin, Naruto barely felt it as his left middle whisker burned white. But he did notice the results. "Cool. This is perfect for my new technique!" Naruto went off into hand seals, then slammed both palms into the ground. "Saiko Uzumaki Ninjutsu Waza: Kitsune Kagai! (Supreme Uzumaki Ninjutsu Technique: Fox Assault)"

In answer to his technique, the ground began to rumble. A red-furred paw broke out of the ground, and a bright red, wolf-sized fox broke out of the ground. It was soon followed by more, some of every color. All looked at the cloud nins and licked their lips simultaneously. Then they looked at Naruto, as if asking permission.

Naruto shrugged. "Go wild."

What followed was ripping and tearing noises, some screams, and the sound of blood spattering as the foxes systematically killed the cloud nins, then ate them. Sakura was slowly turning green, Kakashi had taken Icha Icha Paradise back out, and Naruto was watching with an open mouth. "Wow! Don't you guys ever need to breathe?" He asked.

In his mobile fortress, Sasuke watched the scene unfold through a powerful technique. "Why the hell are cloud ninja such idiots?" He asked himself. "Well, at least it wasn't a total loss." He looked over at the struggling prisoner. "Eh, Kin-chan?"

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