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Chapter 1: A new friend, a new problem

It was a bright, beautiful morning at duel academy. Everyone was up and on their way to breakfast, then to a usual day of classes. Except for one person who decided to extend his visit in dreamland a little longer…..

"JAYDEN! WAKE UP!" Cyrus screamed at the snoring lazy bum that is Jayden Yuki. "Dang it! Why won't you ever wake up on time!" he yelled as he shoving Jayden until he finally woke up.

yawn" Morn'n Cy! Where's Chum?" he said as he stood up and looked around. "He head for breakfast early or something?"

"Early! Jayden it's 7:45! Chumley's probably scarfed down our breakfasts as well as his by now!" Cyrus said waving his arms about in rage, while turning red in the face from being so mad.

"Say what! Oh, I get it! your just messin with me aren'tcha! What is it April Fool Day already?

"No, Jayden! I'm being serious! We got to hurry! We already lucked out on breakfast but we have to hurry to that meeting that Chancellor Shepard called up."

"Meeting what meeting?"

"Don't tell me you slept through that announcement yesterday!"

"Must've cause I don't know what you're talk'n bout!"

sigh "Just get dressed and lets go!" Cyrus said while throwing Jayden his uniform.

Then about 5 minutes later they were out the door and headed for the academy. It took only 5 minutes for them to reach the auditorium where the whole student body had been assembled. They quickly ran in hoping they were unnoticed.

"Hey what took you guys so long!" said a pretty loud and familiar voice.

"Chumley!" screamed the two late birds from the center of the room.

"So what took you guy so long? You guys better be glad I went to the cafeteria without you guys. If not I wouldn't have been able to wrap up your breakfasts."

"Wow! Thanks Chum! This is awesome!" said Jayden all excited with a following agreeable grumble from quiet Cyrus and his stomach.

"Hey Chumley I have a question." said Cyrus as he stared at his opened boxed breakfast.

"Yea Cyrus?"

"Why is mine half empty?"

"Well…..uh….you see…."

"Hey yea! Mine is too! Chumley!" piped up the now aware Jayden.

"Well it's a long walk up here, and I sorta got hungry and you guys were taking a while so I figured that….."

"You scarfed our breakfast!" screamed Jayden and Cyrus as they furiously chased down their friend throughout the room.

"Hey could you guys pipe down! Chancellor Shepard trying to talk and I can't understand him with you guys fighting!" screamed Chaz as he walked over and hit all of them upside the head. And then directed their attention to the Chancellor who was up on the stage speaking.

"Good afternoon students," bellowed Shepard as he spoke into a microphone. "I have some great news, as some of you older students may remember from your previous years here at duel academy. Every year we have had a visit from a very special person who's been here for previous years as a check up on the school's well being and the student's education. Who's close to the head of a great company who has donated generous amounts of money to us each year."

Jayden and his friends look at each other with confused looks. "And is also very close to me, and for you first years I am speaking of no one other than my daughter Ruby."

Jayden and his friends continued to give confused looks. Then they all turned to Shepard and then back to each other.

"I didn't know that Shepard was married. Or that he had kids. Wonder why we haven't seen her before?" asked Jayden as he looked at his friends then towards Shepard, who was still talking.

"That's because Shepard doesn't like talking about it." said Zane as he walked up and stood there with a serious glare at the stage.

"Um…hi Zane, and what do you mean he doesn't like talking about it?" questioned Jayden as he continued his confused gaze.

"I mean, Shepard doesn't like talking about it because that would then bring up his divorce. You see Jayden, when his daughter Ruby was little, her parents got into a fight in Shepard's office, and then they realized that all they did was fight. So they decided to divorce each other. His ex got custody of Ruby and she's allowed to come for a full month to duel academy to see her dad."

"Really? That poor guy, he only sees his kid one month out of the year." Jayden's expression soon changed to one filled with pity.

"Yeah and imagine how Ruby must feel, I mean, to be so small and have your parents separate like that." piped up Cyrus as he had the same look on his face as Jayden's.

"Oh yeah! I remember that her from last year! She was nice, and cute too. She would always smile, but was kinda shy. She wouldn't really talk to you unless she knew you really well. I guess that's why she mostly talked to Lex." Chumley said as his friends continued to ignore Shepard.

"And I also would like to ask you all to be on your best behavior to her while she's here.

Not only is she here to visit but she is also here to make sure that you students are getting the best education you can get. Then when she reports when back to the corporation they will send us their donation, for the year."

Jayden and his friends noticed that he was smiling bigger and brighter than usual, which made them ease up on the pity they held for the dear Chancellor. "So when she gets here later today I would like you all to give her a big, warm welcome to her. Well I don't want to keep you all from your studies so back to your classes students."

"Hey Zane, Chum, since you guys know so much about her when does she usually get here?" asked Jayden as he stared at the two of them.

"Well Jay, she usually gets here around lunchtime, so it'll be a good while before she's here. C'mon we gotta head over to class before we get detention for being late, again."

said Chumley as he got up and began to walk out.

"Well, I want to be there when she gets here. So, when it's time for lunch, let's go see her." Jayden excitedly said as he began to walk with his buddies.

"You can't do that Jayden, the teachers aren't even aloud to go." said Zane as he walked up to Jayden.

"What? Why? Why can't the teachers go?"

"Simple, Ruby doesn't really like large crowds. She asked that only Shepard meet her and then she goes around and checks up on the school and all the classes."

"So, she'll come to our class and then we can see her!"

"Actually, Jayden she usually shows up and leaves without anyone noticing she's even there. It's strange but she could stand at the door for an hour and have no one notice she's there until she says something."

"I wonder why she's so quiet." asked Cyrus. As he looked up at his brother and then Chumley they shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders that seemed to tell him that they didn't know.

They continued on to class and didn't ask another question about Ruby. However Jayden and Cyrus were both really curious about her. So they continued to stare up at the clock until lunchtime.

"Alright! It's almost time for lunch! I really want to see this girl! I mean there's so many questions about her, and then of course we got to be nice and give her one heck of a warm Slipher red welcome before those stuff shirted Obiliscuses show up." Jayden said with excitement as he turned to Cyrus with a smile across his face.

But when he looked at Cyrus, he noticed Cyrus wasn't smiling. Cyrus actually looked like he felt sorry when Jayden brought up Ruby, like he pitied her.

"Um…Cy, you ok?"

"Yeah Jay, I'm fine. It's just…I kinda feel bad for her. I mean her parents are divorced, and she only gets to see her dad one month out of the year."

"Yeah, I get what your saying. It is kinda sad. But, I'm sure that if she feels bad then we'll make her feel welcome! What do ya say!"

"Yea! Ok we'll make her feel a heck of a lot better, when she gets here that is."

"Yea c'mon lets go sneak out and see her!"

"Say what! Jay you know we can't do that! We're in the middle of class! And besides she doesn't like a lot of people there to great her."

"Not a lot of us just you, me, and Chum! C'mon we'll sneak out!"

"Ok, fine but if we get caught, don't say I didn't warn you."

"Don't worry so much!"

A little while later, Cy, Jay, and Chum were outside hiding behind a building at the docks. They slowly crept up so no one could see them. As they crept up they looked around to the edge of the wall they saw Chancellor Shepard waiting on the ferry that was just in the distance.

"So you all ditched class as well." Jayden and his friends jumped at the sudden sound of a voice behind them. They quickly turned to see Bastian standing behind them, as well as Zane, Chaz, and Alexus.

"Um, what are you guys doin here?"

"We came to see Ruby, like you all. So has she arrived yet?"

"Nope not yet the ferry's just coming into sight. See, it's right there." said Jayden as he pointed out to the horizon. And all his friends began to push past each other to see the ferry coming into view.

After a few minutes of the pushing and shoving, the ferry finally showed up. Everyone stared at it with anticipation waiting to see who would walk off of it. They soon saw a someone walk of it and run up to Chancellor Shepard with open arms.

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