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Chapter 15: Sy/Rub Lemon

As Syrus's and Ruby's kiss deepened, Ruby took one hand and pulled on Syrus' blazer, while the other pulled on the rim of his pants, she led him to the bed. She lay down and pulled him on top of her, without ever breaking the kiss. Syrus then licked Ruby's upper lip, wanting entry, when Ruby parted her lips just enough, Syrus seized his opportunity and stuck his hot tongue in her mouth, and began to explore.

As Syrus did this, Ruby laid there, loving the sensation of it all, his hot tongue in her mouth, his fingers trailing down her figure. Syrus had placed one hand behind her head, and the other on her hip, her skin shivered at his touch.

Syrus soon felt Ruby's hands on him, pulling his clothing off piece by piece as he did the same to her, they couldn't help themselves, the wanted one another, and with each passing second that their lips were pressed on the others, the longing grew and grew.

Meanwhile, back at the Slifer dorms, Jaden had just awaked; he was grabbing his clothes and getting dressed while trying to push Chumley awake. Once away Chumley rolled over in his bed with a groan, he then looked down, noticing Syrus wasn't there, he asked, "Yo Jay…you seen Sy? He's not here; do you think he left without us?" Jaden perked up at the question, his gaze then turned to his watch that was on the table, it was 7:15 a.m., even for Syrus it was early, and he's usually lagging behind or waiting on them.

"Couldn't have…you know Syrus, he'd be waiting on us to get up and ready, then when we leave he goes really slow…he wouldn't be going to school this early."

Chumley nodded and then rolled out of his top bunk, almost falling over on himself, he sleepily grabbed his clothes and began to get dressed. Jaden couldn't stop thinking of where Syrus could be. The thought kept bugging him, he then shrugged his shoulders and grabbed his tooth brush, and he headed for the door with a wave to Chumley. "I'm gonna head for the out house, then the Obelisk dorms, later Chum!"

Now laying with his back against the head board, his under shirt and blazer on the ground, as well as Ruby's top. Syrus laid there breathing heavily, catching his breath every now and then as Ruby's lips moved down his neck, kissing and licking as she made her way down. As she did this, Ruby moved her fingers down towards Syrus's pants rim, unbuttoning them so she could reach her hands in and grasp Syrus's manhood firmly.

As soon as her fingertips touched it, Syrus grinned, knowing what she was planning, he closed his eyes and let her do as she pleased. Ruby, after grasping his manhood, she worked her hands back and forth, at first slow but she soon picked up the pace, working faster and faster as she kissed and licked up and down his neck.

Jaden, now fully dressed and everything in place and fixed, walked forward through the woods and on his way to the Obelisk girls dorms. With a big grin on his face as he approached the building, he expected to see Ruby waiting on him outside, but instead of seeing her, he saw all the other girls standing around chatting.

Jaden looked down at the ground and kicked a rock, a little disappointed that he didn't see her waiting on him; he shrugged his shoulders and decided to wait on her instead. So, he walked over to a tree that was far enough away that none of the girls could see him, but he could still see them. He leaned back against the tree, tilting his head back to see a bird fly ahead.

Just then, from behind, someone stepped forward and whispered in his ear, "You do know where you are, don't you, Jaden?"

At the sound of the voice he turned to see Alexis standing there with a smile on her face. Jaden smiled back and nodded, "Yup, right where I'm supposed to be, waiting on Ruby to get down from her room."

Alexis didn't really like the way he smiled when he mentioned Ruby, true, her and Ruby are really good friends, but still, there was no use in denying that Alexis liked Jaden. And it was pretty easy to notice; only an idiot wouldn't realize Alexis's feelings for him, which explains how Jaden doesn't know.

Alexis tried to smile back and make it look convincing; she then sat down beside him, leaning against the tree as well. "So, Jaden…I heard about what happened with Syrus and Ruby the other day."

Ruby's lips were no longer on Syrus's neck, but now suckling on his length, sucking harder and harder as he laid there, moaning louder from pleasure. Syrus managed to speak, but silently, through his moans, "I-I'm g-going to c-cum…" Once he said this, Ruby grinned and nodded lightly, then she pushed her mouth as far as she could on his manhood, she would begin to bob her head back and forth.

Syrus began to moan louder as she did this, he then clutched the sheets in his hand tightly as his seed poured into her mouth and down her throat. Ruby then pulled her lips away from his manhood, swallowing as much as she could of the cum in her mouth, however some spilled out and down her lips. Syrus smirked, grabbing her at her arms roughly and pinned her down to the bed. He climbed on top of her and looked into her eyes with a lustful stare. "Now…it's my turn…" he said as he licked his lips and moved down her exposed figure licking and kissing her bare skin.

Jaden turned away from her and replied, "How'd you hear about that?" He didn't like thinking about it, let alone talking about it. He tried hard to act calm about things.

"Ruby told me, she said that it was a mistake, and she didn't want to…"

"Hey Lex…?"

"Yea Jay?"

"Can we not talk about that…?"

"Sure….what do you want to talk about…?"

"….I dunno…" Jaden shrugged his shoulders and stood, he walked off into the distance to try and get away from Alexis; if he sat there any longer she might bring up the incident again. And he really didn't want to rethink that entire thing.

Alexis stood as well; she walked over and stood next to him. Her heart was racing, she and Jaden have never had this kind of alone time before, and she wanted to take advantage of it. She placed a hand on his shoulder and sighed, trying to calm down and not blush as much. "Ya know Jaden…we don't have to talk…we could do something else."

"Really? Like wha…" Jaden's question was cut short as Alexis turned him to face her and kissed his lips deeply as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Jaden's eyes were wide with shock, he didn't understand what Alexis was doing, but at the same time, didn't understand why he hadn't stopped the kiss yet.

Syrus was grasping onto Ruby's inner thighs as he pushed his tongue in and around in her wet inner folds, she moaned louder and louder as he did this. His tongue snaking around inside her, she didn't want him to stop, she began to whisper through her moans, "d-deeper….f-faster…"

And as soon as she spoke it, Syrus did it, he pushed his hot tongue into her womanhood, pushing deeper and licking faster. Ruby moaned louder and louder, and just as she was about to orgasm in his mouth, he pulled his tongue out of her, he savored her juices in his mouth as she lay there wanting more. Ruby leaned up to look over her body to see what he was doing. Syrus blushed lightly as he smiled down at her, asking, "Got a condom?"

Ruby shook her head no, she had used all hers up with Jaden. Syrus shrugged his shoulders, and grinned, he climbed her frail figure, resting his hardened manhood at her wet womanhood. She closed her lust filled blue eyes and laid there preparing for his length to push into her.

Syrus looked down at her grinning, "Ready for me?" Just as Ruby nodded she moaned loudly as Syrus pushed deep into her, her tight, wet nether lips squeezing his manhood tightly. He slowly rolled his hips into hers, thrusting his manhood back and forth in her. Ruby once again moaned loudly still, she clenched the sheets in her fists as he did this, he was larger than Jaden, much larger than Jaden.

Syrus pushed his throbbing member faster and harder into her, loving the sensation of her wet womanhood tightly wrapped around his member. She moaned louder and louder still nearly screaming in pleasure, she was about to orgasm, and so was he. He pushed harder and harder still, she couldn't take it anymore, she screamed in pleasure as her juices shot from her and around his member, some dribbling out of the hole.

Syrus near his climax, moaned as well, her hot juices only coaxing him closer, he pulled out, letting more of her juices pour from her, he then sat up a bit his seed being blown all over her exposed body, covering everything from her face to her naval. She opened her eyes, her chest rising with each heavy breath, and moaned softly, licking some cum off her lips. She grinned up at him, and swirled her finger between her breasts and stuck it in his mouth. "Mind helping me get cleaned off…?"

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