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Oh, and words in italics are the journal entries, so you'll find most of this fic in italics.

Fuji took out his journal. How long was it since he wrote in it? He decided to start reading it.

Today was a relatively pleasant day. I got Yuuta to come home this weekend and my favourite cactus bloomed! I also got to play Echizen again. Luckily, this time it didn't rain. Saa, Echizen is interesting, ne? Though he did seem frustrated by the fact I didn't play seriously. Maybe I should do that sometime, but where's the fun in that? I won, of course, 6 games to 4, but Echizen still intrigues me. He sealed Higuma Otoshi last time and is now trying to stop Tsubame Gaeshi. I even had to use Hakugei. Echizen's improved a lot. I shall do some harmless spying tomorrow.

Ah, I should call Yuuta and tell him about that too. Hopefully this time he wouldn't get so rudely interrupted by a certain purple freak that won't leave my precious Otouto alone.

I'm back from calling Yuuta, according to that purple monster, they were going to the street tennis courts tomorrow. I got that before I hung up. I'm glad I listened now. Hm, I wonder what his reaction to Inui juice would be. I shall ask Inui for some tomorrow before I go. Now, which camera should I bring…

Ah, today was a lot of fun. Although I couldn't get many pictures of the tasteless-colour-blind-jerk because Yuuta threatened to not come home this weekend if he actually took pictures of him. I still got a few, but it's alright if Yuuta doesn't know, right? What did he feed Yuuta to make him like this anyways?

On the other hand, I got some good pictures of the Golden pair in action. Who knew the locker room was such a good place to do these… things…

I also found something new about Kaidoh and Inui, turns out that in those "training sessions" they had, they did more than training. I'm glad I brought my good camera today.

Oh, and the Echizen thing? He still doesn't know it was me, but he seems pretty annoyed. He practically smashed all the balls Momo hit to him at practice. He also seems to be looking around more often. Of course I'm not going to let him find out it was me though, for now at least…

I followed Echizen around again today. I actually found myself opening my eyes a lot. Ah, he's so cute sometimes, just like Yuuta. I wonder if I can get him to blush tomorrow. He's so fun to tease.

I wonder what it is that got me so interested with Ryoma (yes, he's using his first name now) in the first place. Could it be the way he could be so arrogant and cocky? Or maybe it's the fact he can't turn down a challenge. Maybe the way he can be so antisocial yet so popular.

I think I'm starting to fall for Ryoma. It's only a matter of time before he figures out it was me who's been following him these past couple of days.

And my plan to make Ryoma blush? It worked; actually all it took was a couple of touches and getting close to him. I was right, he is quite kawaii when he blushes.

Fuji looked at the journal. When did this turn into a Ryoma journal? He smiled genuinely and looked at the tennis bag placed next to his own in his room.

I got confronted by Ryoma today. He seemed downright angry at the fact I was following him. He asked me why I was stalking him. Maa, Stalking is such a harsh word, I'd prefer following.

I asked him how he knows it was me. He replied with something like, "I just do." So I decided to confess. Heh, it was nice to see Ryoma shocked. Before I knew exactly what I was doing though, I kissed him. He seemed frozen in shock for quite a while. I'll have to admit that it was amusing to see the freshman regular shocked.

He ran. Hm, did I scare him off? I wonder what he's thinking. I'll see what I can find out tomorrow then I suppose.

I found Ryoma sitting in the shade of a tree today, so I joined him. He seemed uncomfortable, but I pretended not to notice. He seemed to be edging farther and farther away from me. Did I scare him that badly?

This time I confronted him, in the locker room. Apparently everyone had left so we were the only ones left.

Did you think about what I told you yesterday? That's what I asked him. He told me to stop teasing him. I told him I was serious. Did he really think I was just toying with him? He looked confused and slightly annoyed.

I walked over and pinned Ryoma to the wall and kissed him. Surprisingly, I found him pulling me closer. I suppose that was his way of saying he accepted me. He even let me into his mouth.

After a while, I asked him out to a date for Sunday. I figured a tennis match would be good since I wasn't sure what Ryoma was in to other than tennis. I was also sure he'd definitely be interested. I shall play seriously this time. I want to see what Tezuka sees in him.

The date with Ryoma was… enthralling? I went over to pick up Ryoma at 12. He told me to come in since he wasn't exactly ready yet. It was then I met his cat again, Karupin. The Himalayan spotted cat was quite cute, kind of reminded me of Ryoma. I let Karupin sit on my lap as Ryoma got ready. He shot me a glance that said something like, "Hurt my cat, and I'll kill you…" I just smiled back before petting Karupin.

When Ryoma was finally ready, we headed to the tennis courts. We had our match there and I wasn't surprised that Ryoma had improved even more than when we last had a match. I served with the invisible serve, but not enough for him to figure out how to return it. It wouldn't be fun if he learned how to counter all my triple counters, and my invisible serve, ne?

The match was thrilling; everytime I thought I got ahead, Ryoma would catch up. I wonder how he does that; just how good is he? I see why Tezuka has chosen him for his pillar now.

When the match ended Ryoma said his favourite phrase, "mada mada dane," even though he lost. The match ended 6 games to 2. Actually, I'm surprised he managed to win those two games.

Ryoma fell asleep in the shade afterwards. He looked so cute; I couldn't resist taking out my camera and taking pictures of him. I took a decent amount of pictures before putting the camera back in my bag pretending nothing happened.

Ryoma woke up and I asked him where he wanted to eat. He shrugged and took me to a burger place. I think that was the place he goes to with Momo and Eiji all the time. Ryoma told me to pay, but I bought mine and sat down, leaving Ryoma at the counter without paying for him. He shot me a glare. Well, that was fun.

I took out the tube of wasabi I took everywhere and added it to my burger. Wasabi burgers taste good… Plus, it was amusing to see Ryoma stare at me as though I was insane. I asked him if he wanted a bite, but he said no. I wonder why.

Ryoma walked into Fuji's room and saw Fuji reading something.

"Syusuke, what's that?" asked Ryoma with interest.

"Mm, nothing much, Ryo-kun, just my journal," replied Fuji calmly.

"I never knew you kept a journal, let me see!" Ryoma attempted to snatch the book away from the tensai… by pouncing.

"Hm, nah," Fuji pulled away just in time only to have Ryoma land on his lap. He blushed before trying to get off, unfortunately, the tensai had already hugged him and kept him on his lap.

"Let me go!"

"I'll think about it…" Fuji smiled at the struggling Ryoma. Finally, Ryoma gave up trying to get Fuji to let go and tried to reach for the Journal from Fuji's lap instead.

Fuji put the journal away from Ryoma's reach and turned his head so that he was facing him.

"Syu-" but before Ryoma could finish, Fuji had already placed his lips firmly on his. Fuji used his hand to pull him in to deepen the kiss. Fuji's tongue brushed across Ryoma's lips, demanding entrance. Ryoma opened his mouth slightly to let Fuji in.

Fuji pulled away for a breath of air. Journal forgotten, Ryoma hungrily pressed his lips against Fuji's and pushed Fuji onto the bed. Fuji's hands started removing Ryoma's shirt and tying his hands back before reversing their positions.

Smiling, Fuji sent a trail of kisses on Ryoma's neck and chest. Ryoma moaned softly as Fuji continued downwards. Fuji stopped and looked at Ryoma grinning.

"Mada mada dane, Ryoma"

Fuji woke up the next morning with Ryoma pressed closely to him. He looked at the journal and wondered if Ryoma had a journal…


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