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Words in italics are the journal entries.

Ryoma sat on his bed with Karupin on his lap. Stroking Karupin he started to reminisce about the past day at Fuji's house. 'So Syusuke has a Journal too…' he thought. He glanced at the direction where he kept his books; his eyes led him to his own journal. Gently putting Karupin on his bed, he walked over to his bookshelf and took out the journal. He sighed; it's been forever since he last wrote in his journal. He opened it and started reading…

Nothing much happened today. I got to play Fuji-sempai at practice though. He wouldn't play me seriously at all. Che, it's not fair, I wanted him to play seriously. Besides, he didn't use his triple counters enough. I will find a way to beat them, just wait. I lost, but I'll definitely beat him next time! Mada mada dane.

Ryuzaki kept calling my named today, stuttering, and then running off. I wonder what's wrong with her. Why can't she just talk to her friend (what's her name again?) and leave me alone? All that made Horio bug me even more than usual. He just blabs on and on about his two years of tennis experience. How is this relevant again? I never did listen to Horio so I have no idea what he was trying to tell me, but I doubt it's anything important anyways.

I swear someone's stalking me. There are always these creepy eyes following me. I thought it was one of those crazy girls that like to follow me around, but this feels different. Why won't they leave me alone? It's so annoying! Whoever it is, when I find out who they are, I'll kill them.

I was playing a match with Momo-senpai at practice today. Inui was mumbling to himself, but I know I heard my name. Kikumaru-senpai kept on telling me I was scary. What's so scary about me smashing? I needed stress relief anyways, blame it on the stalker.

Well, Momo-senpai dragged me to the street tennis courts after practice. He told me I owed him this at least for being my practice partner. I tried to leave, but somehow I ended up at the courts anyways.

When we got there, the guy who got crushed by Fuji-senpai was screaming and choking. I wonder what happened. I saw Fuji-sempai chuckling off to the side and I figured he had something to do with it.

Ryoma sighed. Now he remembered why he's with Syusuke now. Endless stalking and harassment certainly did the trick. Ryoma turned back to the journal.

The stalker just won't quit! I wish they would just leave me alone! They were even following me in practice. I know I felt them there too. Why would anyone stalk me anyways? Maybe it was Inui trying to get more data on me? It's killing me!

This time, I took my anger out at some random losers playing at the public courts nearby. I also played a match with oyaji. I still can't beat him but one day, I will.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Whoever it is, just won't leave me alone. I'm sure it's not a girl now. No girl has eyes like those. I have no clue how I know this, I mean I haven't even seen the eyes before, but somehow I can just feel it.

On the other hand, Fuji-senpai was touching me… He's weird, and has a very very queer sense of humour. Can he be the one stalking me? If he is, why would he be stalking me anyways? This is getting too weird!

Now I'm sure the stalker is Fuji-senpai. Maybe this is his idea of some kind of sick joke. It's those eyes. I saw him open them at practice today, they were the ones that have been staring at me all week! I decided to go ask him what he was doing. It took quite a bit of energy to resist screaming to him.

I asked him, bit my lip and swallowed back the long string of oh so colourful words I wanted to shout at him in English. He said he loved me and oh kami-sama… That did not happen. He did NOT kiss me, and no I'm NOT writing this in my journal. I never knew Fuji-senpai was gay. This has to be a joke… has to be…

I tried to forget yesterday's events as I sat under a tree to nap. It was my favourite place; I go there often when I'm tired. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Why? Well, apparently someone had invaded MY personal space. I edged away from Fuji-senpai, for of course it was him, who else would dare (or even bother to) disturb me in my nap? Why wouldn't he leave me alone, but I think I wanted him there… What am I saying? I don't like him!

Fuji-senpai came up to me in the locker room. I had tried to get away first, but Momo and Kikumaru-senpai kept on bugging me. After asking me if I wanted to go for burgers about a million times (Which I said no to, I wasn't in the mood to, maybe I should've taken up their offer, now that I think about it) they left me. By then, we were the only ones left. He asked me about what he told me yesterday. He had to be teasing me, right? So I told him that. He told me he was serious. He… was?

That was when he trapped me to the wall and started to kiss me. I wanted to push him away, but my hands seemed to move on their own. They… pulled him closer? I think I wanted him… I don't know anymore!

He asked me out on a date, if you could call it that. We were just going to play tennis anyways. It's not like we don't do that normally. Well, I agreed on it. I mean, what can possibly go wrong in one little date?

I woke up late that morning. I nearly forgot about the date, but I remembered when I looked at the clock, only to have that confirmed by a doorbell. I ran downstairs to let Fuji-senpai in. I wasn't even near ready so I told him to wait. Surprisingly, Fuji-senpai went up to Karupin and put him on his lap. I didn't feel safe for Karupin. Afterall, that was Fuji Syusuke we're talking about.

After I got ready, we went over to the tennis courts. Fuji-senpai is strong dammit. Why can't I beat him? Everything I try, he always seems to find a way to counter it! At least he's playing seriously for once. Wait… he's playing seriously? Since when does he ever do that?

I tried to ignore that fact and I concentrated on beating Fuji-senpai. Everytime I thought I had beaten him, he does something to get ahead again. It's like his strength is endless, he just keeps getting better, just out of reach.

I lost the match… Yet, I wasn't all that sad. I enjoyed it; it was fun. I definitely WILL beat Fuji-senpai someday, just like I'll beat oyaji.

I was tired, so I walked over to a shade and took a nap. Actually, I think I forgot it was suppose to be a date. I woke up awhile afterwards anyways. Fuji-senpai asked me what I wanted to eat. Somehow, though he seemed like he was smiling just a bit too brightly. I don't think I want to know what he's thinking. Well, I told him I wanted to go to a burger place nearby, so that's where he went.

I tried to get Fuji-senpai to treat me. But he just left me there after ordering his own. Che, I had to pay anyways. Well, when I was done. I got to the seat just in time to see Fuji-senpai put wasabi on his burger. Yes, Fuji-senpai is very weird…

Ryoma stared blankly at his journal. He had almost forgotten how Fuji had managed to get him to start dating him.

Yawning a bit, Ryoma put the journal away and was about to sleep when he heard oyaji yelling at him.

"Ryoma! There's a pretty girl outside looking for you! Maybe you should invite her to stay!"

Grudgingly Ryoma got out of bed and walked downstairs. Why would a girl be looking for him anyways? Thinking of all the possibilities of why a girl would come over at this hour, he almost crashed into he person at the door-

Who was definitely not a girl… unless Syusuke had suddenly gotten a gender change.

"Long time no see Ryoma," came the sweet feminine voice that belonged to Fuji Syusuke.

"Long time? Last I checked, I saw you this morning when you took me home,"

Fuji pretended to pout, "But 7 hours is a long time to be alone with Ryoma-sama!"

Ryoma growled, "Since when did you call me that, and why did oyaji call you a girl?"

"Maa, your father just happened to get my gender wrong. Now aren't you going to invite me to your room, unless you want us to sleep here."

"Since when were you sleeping over?"

"Saa, You wouldn't want to let a girl out this late alone ne?" Quite honestly, Ryoma would, and he had the urge to kick Fuji out right now. He would've done so too, if Oyaji didn't come back.

"Oi, seishounen, it's not nice to let pretty girls out so late in the night. I'm sure Ryoma would love for you to stay over."

"Che, Oyaji, Syuusuke isn't even a girl,"

"He isn't? Well-"

"I'll go home then Ryo-kun! Since you don't want me here anymore," Ryoma sighed. He completely understood why the last words in his journal was "Fuji-senpai is very weird" now. Ryoma walked over to Fuji and dragged him upstairs.

"He'll be staying for the night oyaji," Echizen Nanjiroh wondered why in the world his son was gay. Then he walked off, looking for Karupin to tease and porn magazines to read.

The End

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