Title: Shinigami's Deception
Author: Calenloke
Rated: R (Might change later on)
Summary: What if Duo was not part of Operation Meteor? In this AU, Duo is an Oz officer, through his actions he will end up on the side of the colonies and a gundam pilot. It'll be rated as an R for now.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gundam characters, I'm just borrowing them.

Chapter 1: Do Tell

Darien Mayser walked through the halls of the Oz base with determined steps. His furious violet eyes glanced around him at the soldiers that immediately stood at attention upon seeing him. He nodded to each, but never hesitated in his steps to take him quickly to his destination.

He tried to contain his anger as he clenched his fist at his side. How dare he! The arrogant ass!'

His long chestnut briad swayed behind him as he turned the corner and came upon two soldiers guarding red colored double doors. He halted in front of them and acknowledge their salute before turning the knobs of the doors and pulling them open.

He did not wait for an introduction before moving through the beautifully decorative room. His eyes met those of blue across the room. He subconciously smooth his Oz uniform before moving towards the desk and the man who occupied the chair behind it. He did not break his gaze from the General of the Oz organization as he grabbed the hat upon his head and slammed it on the desk in front of him.

There was a moment of silence where Treize Kushranda watched with suppressed amusement the anger flicker with the violet eyes. He knew from experience what a vile temper his officer had. Fortunately, he was privy to that experience only once.

With that temper came a gifted young man that he found enlightening. At his age of fifteen, Darien Mayser was moving through the ranks at the academy to what he is now. The youngest officer in his organization. But of course, Darien's other personality trait was ambition; which came to clash with the object in question.

"General, I strongly object to Merquise's constant interference with my regiment."

Trieze rested his elbows upon the table in front of him as he clasped his gloved hands together. The stiff posture that Darien took was on the verge of looking impossible.


"With all due Respect, General-" Darien made sure that the General heard the sarcasm dripping from his statement. "-but Merquise's arrogance has been grinding on my nerves. And you're not helping."

Trieze hid his smile behind his hand when Darien started to pace in front of his desk.

"He has no right to order-"

"Yes he does…as of today."

Trieze had to fight the urge to run his hand through his red hair when Darien stopped his pacing and turned towards him. Their gazes locked and he could read the disbelief in the young officer's face. Many more emotions rushed across his face before he closed of to him.

"Because of his assistance with the Lunar operation, he has gained the rank of Colonel. And I have given him the orders to arrange both your regiment and Lieutanant Noin's for the departure."

Trieze smiled sadly as he realized that Darien was not listening to him anymore. His eyes were distant as he gazed over the General's shoulder. The anomosity between two of his top officers was bitterly dramatic. Their competitive streak was always underlining in when ever the two would come face to face. If not for their over all appearance in front of their soldiers, they would have been at eachothers throats. From the moment they met, Zechs Merquise and Darien Mayser proved that they would be nothing but rivals.

It was quite sad to think that two great people could not find any strength of acceptance in eachother. Darien's usually laughing personality always eased and welcomed the people around him. As Zechs stoic but royal influcence made the simplest of people bow to his every wish willingly.


The silence was shattered by the swift knocking on the door. They both visibly straightened their appearance. Trieze turned to gaze at Darien, waiting for him to signal that he was ready. Darien met his gaze and nodded. His violet eyes was void of any emotion as he looked straight ahead.

Trieze tore he eyes from his still companion towards the door. With a clear and yet uninterested voice he signaled forth.


The doors opened and Zechs Merquise strode confidently into the room. His posture graceful as he walked towards them. His silver mask gleamed in the soft light as turned his gaze on them. Trieze saw Zechs' stride falter for only a second when he saw the other occupant of the room. He stopped right in front of the desk and inclined his head to Trieze.

The General watched as both men stood three feet away from eachother and completely ignored eachother. The tension in the air was stifling and he tried to fight the urge to straighten his blue dress coat as their stiff postures escalated in hostility.

He cleared his throat. "What is it Colonel?"

"The regiments are in assembly, noted and listed. The mobile suits have arrived as well."

"Thank you, Colonel. Was there anything else?"

Trieze was met with silence. The quiet that fell upon the room was deafening. Both Trieze and Darien turned their full attention on the Colonel. While Trieze's gaze was questioning, Darien smirked at Zechs. Well…Well..Well..What have we here?'

Zechs pulled on the end of his red coat to straighten it before his gloved left-hand rested upon the hilt of his sword. His nervousness was obvious, which surprised the other two.

"Whom will accompany the regiments, General? Lieutanant Noin has-" His voice broke off when he met Trieze's eyes.

Darien looked between them, confusion was not an emotion that he favored. He was missing a vital point here.

"Yes. Lieutanant Nion will accompany you." Trieze saw the tension ease from Zechs shoulders. But he was not finished yet. This childish behavior between them should stop. "Lieutanant Mayser will be with you both as well."

He was right in his assessment when he saw Zechs clenched his jaw to keep a protest from bursting forth. Darien tried to keep his face unreadable as this revelation washed over him. He knew Zechs had hoped that he would not doom to eachother's company. No such luck. He raised an ginger eyebrow in question. His eyes twinkled with amusement when no answer was spoken.

"You have both done excellent work. But this hostility must stop, for you are both important figures in this organization. There are appearances that must be upheld, and many of your subordinates follow examples that you set. As difficult as it may be for you both to get along, you are to act accordingly to your status. Is that clear gentlemen?"

Darien clenched his fists at his sides as he nodded his head to Trieze. "Crystal clear..Sir."

Zechs bowed his head as he spoke softly but clearly. "Yes General."


Zechs and Darien stood at attention before pivoting; both men turned to leave, when Trieze spoke again.

"Lieutanant Mayser..a word please."

Darien stopped midstride and watched Zechs arrogantly stride across the room. The last thing he saw was Zechs' gold platinum hair flying behind him before the door closed softly behind him. You arrogant prick. ARRRGH. Jackass.'

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he did not hear Trieze leave his seat and move towards him. He was able to stop himself from jumping in surprise when a hand landed on his shoulder.


He remained silent, but he turned his head to gaze upon the hand that softly squeezed his shoulder in assurance. He heard the General sigh softly. He stared ahead again and ignored the General. In the back of his mind he felt Trieze's arm move to circle his waist. He was pulled back to lean against the General's chest. And softly and with gentle care, Trieze kissed the exposed skin above his collar.

"Darien." His soft voice rang threw the room.

Again, met with silence, Trieze turned the motionless officer in his arms until they faced eachother. He slowly tilted Darien's chin up until their eyes met. Blue tried to smother the violet gaze with their intense passion.

Darien subconsiously realized that Trieze somewhere along the way had taken off his white gloves. He felt the soft yet strong elegant long-fingered hand caress his face. And he could do nothing but surrender. Without breaking their gaze he raised his arms and wrapped them around the taller man's neck. He saw the blue eyes of the General glitter with warmth.

Strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him into the circle of Trieze's arms. He closed his eyes against that instense gaze. And smiled.

Their lips met softly….passion and adoration present in their kiss.

Trieze smiled lovingly against Darien's lips. "Beloved."

Sorry…I did not specify on the people that would appear in Duo's life…keep in mind that it is an AU….anyways…first is Trieze as you read…..13x2, 1x2, then eventual 6x2. Hehe..oh…if I wasn't clear. Darien Mayser is Duo Maxwell..But don't worry…it will all be explain why I changed his name. All in due time.

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