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May/Drew/Brendan – 20

Ash- 23

Misty- 24

Brock- 25

Bella- 19

I think that's all you need to know for now. And that they haven't seen each other for eight years. I know it might not add up, but just stick with it lol

Love Takes Time

Chapter 1

The seaside ceremony couldn't have been more idyllic. White banners were streaming down from the altar and the sun was shining down on the happy couple. The lush waves of the sea were a wonderful mixture of blue and green, creating a brilliant cerulean color to match her eyes. Her orange hair was up in a bun, and her veal streamed down from it. Her dress was magnificent and the lucky groom couldn't be any luckier than at that moment. Ash Ketchum was finally going to marry Misty Waterflower.

"And may I know pronounce to you, Mr. And Mrs. Ketchum!"

The priest smiled happily as the two of them pulled apart from their kiss. Misty walked down the aisle arm in arm with Ash and everyone clapped loudly. May stood up along with the rest of them and beamed as she saw Misty smile at her. Everyone gathered around their limo and then, with Pikachu in the passenger seat by the driver. However he felt a bit odd about him. First of all his hair was blue… and he was wearing sunglasses… familiar sunglasses. Suddenly he lunged towards the mouse like pokemon.

"Pikachu! I've finally got you!"

But he was too quick, and the thunder shock stopped the ex-Team Rocket member right in his tracks. Brock ran up to the limo, and opened the driver's door. James fell out, and Brock fastened his own driver's hat to his head.

"Is it you again? When will you ever give up?"

Brock kicked James aside, and then got into the limo.

"Sorry about that Pikachu. But we're all set to go now right?"

He heard giggles and fits of laughter from the back of the limo. Brock smiled to himself and Pikachu rubbed his head shyly. The key was turned in the ignition and after a few honks of the horn, the crowd spread away and let the limo threw. Everyone was waving mildly now as the limo disappeared from their views. May sighed as she let her hand fall down to her side. She found her car, like everyone else was doing, and got in. It looked like she had a reception party to go to.


If the wedding had been marvelously decorated, then the reception hall was beyond terrific. Balloons were placed at each table. Silk scarves were wrapped around everyone's chairs. There was even a fountain in the middle of the room. Lights dazzled the corners of the room and stretched across the ceiling in zigzag patters. It was all too much to take in, but she managed to find her table. Thankfully her table was with people she was already very familiar with. Professor Oak, Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Birch among others not there yet. She greeted them all with a smile. But Mrs. Ketchum was slightly confused.

"Uh, I'm sorry but I don't know who you are."

"Yes you do! It's me May! Remember my brother Max? He couldn't come today unfortunately."

"Oh! Of course! Silly me! It's just you look so grown up now, and so different! How old are you now?"

"Me? Oh I just turned twenty in April."

"My… time has flown by so fast! And you definitely look mature! Ash is already twenty-three. It's so hard to think that he's grown up so fast! My Ashy-boy!"

She started to cry into a handkerchief, and Professor Oak patted her back. Suddenly a young man in a tuxedo, accompanied by a woman dressed in the bride's gown came up behind them.

"Mom what are you saying? I'm not a little boy anymore!"

She looked up at her handsome son who now had hints of facial hair growing. Delia smiled warmly and then looked at Misty.

"I knew you two would marry each other eventually!"

Ash scratched the back of his head, and Misty shrugged her shoulders while the slightest shade of pink crept onto Misty's cheeks. The two of them sat down, and enjoyed their companies' conversation and presence.

"I didn't get to tell you this, but congratulations!"

"Thanks May! Oh! You must come with me!"

Misty took her by the arm and dragged May towards the dance floor. There was as stage and Misty was escorted on top of it. From his seat, Ash sat there admiring his bride.

"All right girls! Gather around! It's time to see which one of you will be the next lucky bride!"

May finally realized why Misty had dragged her all the way over here. She hesitantly stayed in the group of girls, and when Misty turned her back, May saw her beautiful bouquet of red and white roses fly through the air. Every girl reached her hands out towards the bouquet, but May just barely lifted hers. Within seconds, the flying bouquet flew right to her hands. The girls went mad with rage, but May was dragged out of them by a pair of strong hands. When she got out the mess, she saw that he was finally here. Brendan wasn't the best boyfriend in the world, but he was always working hard, and was really busy. She admired those qualities in him and that's what had attracted her the first time she met him. He was training his pokemon, and was doing everything that the pokemon itself was doing. She admired his talent and decided to meet him. And it just spiraled out from then on.

"You're finally here!"

"Yeah, I just got here, but it looks didn't miss the best part. So, you're going to be the new bride to be? Who's the lucky groom?"

May laughed as Brendan pulled her into a warm hug. She smiled as she felt his silver hairbrush against her cheek. He was actually in a suit, which surprised her, but he looked good as usual. May was still clutching the flowers when she saw the group at her table come up to them. Misty joined as well and was standing holding hands with Ash.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Brendan, my boyfriend."

He flashed them all a grin as if he was a famous celebrity.

"Nice to meet you! My name is…"

And everyone in the group introduced themselves. After a few seconds, they started to laugh and everyone seemed cheerful. That is all except one person standing at the doors.

Drew had gotten the invitation, but really didn't know if he should bother coming. He barely knew Ash at all. He was better friends with May, if it was called being friends at all. And he hadn't seen them in such a long time. It had been almost eight years since the last time he saw her. And now as his eyes scanned the scene he spotted a girl with her back turned towards him. Her brown hair fell loosely onto her shoulders. Her hair was slightly curled, giving it more of a swift bounce to it. Her shoulders were bare, but she was wearing an amazing soft dark red dress that swept down to the floor. She saw a man standing close to her, and then he saw him put his arm around her waist. They were talking and laughing with the Ketchums, and he had a strong feeling he knew who the girl was.

After what seemed like forever, the group stopped talking and separated from each other. The man let his arm slide away and the woman turned around. When he saw her gentle face, her chocolate eyes brimming with happiness, and her smile that was as it always was, he felt his stomach drop down to his feet. It was amazing how different she looked, yet how much of the same qualities she still possessed. Everything he saw in her was shocking towards him, especially since he hadn't seen her in so long. But he had to push those thoughts out of his mind.

They were coming towards him, but he thought he should be the one who bumped into them. So Drew pushed himself off of the wall and started to walk towards the couple.

"Well would you look who it is?"

May froze on the spot when she heard his voice. She knew it all too well, and it was still completely recognizable even though it was a lot deeper than she remembered. At once her mouth dropped open and she closed it back up again when she realized it. Her eyes scanned him like a computer and she couldn't register what she was seeing. Drew was so much taller now, as was she, but the height made him look more sophisticated, especially in the suit he was wearing. His green hair hadn't changed much, except that it looked much finer and softer than before. For a split second she wished she could run her hands through it, but she recoiled the though quickly and felt a tinge spread across her cheeks. She realized he wasn't wearing a tie, and instead let his shirt be unbuttoned just a bit. It made him look even more handsome. But what was she thinking? She was standing next to Brendan, her boyfriend! Finally, her eyes came to rest on his emerald eyes, filled with the same attitude he had eight years ago. His smirk matched it.

"Uh, May, who is this guy?"

She came back down to earth and laughed a bit.

"Oh! Brendan, this is Drew. Drew this is Brendan, my boyfriend."

It stung just a bit to hear it come out of her lovely mouth, but he showed no emotions, and continued to smirk. Drew handed out a hand towards the silver haired man, and he saw that he was well built, and about the same age as him.

"Pleasure to meet you."

"Same here. Did you know that May and I were rivals?"

"No I didn't. So you were a coordinator as well?"

"Why don't you tell him how many times I beat you May?"

All of a sudden, all of that rival hatred came back to her, and she stepped up to the challenge quickly. She stepped forward one step and clenched her fists.

"You didn't beat me so much Drew! I beat you a couple of times!"

"Try none. Your girlfriend here wasn't such a hotshot against me back then. I bet nothing has changed."

He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, knowing that it would get her even more worked up. May growled at him under her breath, and he knew it had worked. Brendan was still confused, but he realized that the two of them shouldn't be together any longer.

"Well nice meeting you. Let's go May."

The two of them stared blankly at each other then, as if suddenly snapped out of a spell. They chuckled a bit and smiled at each other.

"It was nice seeing you again Drew."

"Yeah yeah. Same here."

Brendan led May away through the doors and Drew turned around to gaze at her as she vanished from his sight. He didn't know why he had come here. He didn't fit in with anyone or anything. But for some reason, it felt like for those few moments he had. Maybe there was a reason why he had decided to be at the reception. But for now, he would go home, and see what the next days had in store for him, and for her as well. Time had sure flown by, and now that he saw her again, it seemed as if for once, time slowed down for a while.

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