"What's sex?"

It wasn't so much that the question bothered her it was how she asked. The little girl had an air of high importance around her just like her father, much to Sakura's horror, and the glittery pink tiara proved it by showing the world she was the only Uchiha princess...for the time being of course.

She was going on six very soon and little Yuriko had an amazing ability to process and absorb information much quickly than other children her age. Sometimes Sasuke wished his daughter didn't take so much after her mother. It was annoying.

"Eh," Sakura looked over to Sasuke for help, a hand gently rubbing over her swollen tummy. She felt a strong kick and she smiled faintly imagining a little dark haired mama's boy…

"Mommy!" The girl stomped her foot impatiently effectively bringing Sakura out of a beautiful daydream where she was the one that was doted after by her children and husband.

Giving a defeated sigh she began to explain the concept of the birds and the bees, one of the most confusing and lamest example she had ever gotten as a young teenager from her parents. Kakashi's explanation of sex was much better (because he was blunt and not to mention he included pictures and charts), although she had been traumatized in the beginning for a while until it finally sunk in; she was more than thankful for the sex talk because a couple of years later she used that information to her advantage where it then led her to be Mrs. Uchiha Sasuke.

Sakura faintly heard Sasuke chuckling under his breath. The nerve of that man, dumping this on poor pregnant her! She huffed, hands going to her back for support, "Ask Daddy."

It was all it took for little Yuriko's charcoal eyes to glitter in pure happiness, squealing and running to Sasuke for an answer. Sakura was tempted to laugh evilly along with her inner self, but decided against it since it would ruin Sasuke's awkward father-daughter bonding.

- - - - - - - - - -

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