Sasuke was having a wonderful dream. And contrary to popular belief he wasn't giggling in his sleep about maiming his older brother limb by limb. Oh, no. He was sleepily unaware of the dangers that lay ahead as he cuddled closer to the source of warmth, dreaming of soft flushed skin and tangled pink hair.

The dream suddenly swirled in spring colors and all that was left was a vision of pink haired children running happily around on the restored Uchiha grounds.

He chortled, bringing his arms to wrap around a small waist. Sakura whined and wiggled away, but the boy persisted and followed her in his sleep. She could move no more as another body blocked her escape.

"Sasuke-kun," she complained poking the body that lay sleeping in her way. She poked harder until she heard a grumble. "Switch places with me, pretty please. Naruto is molesting me in his sleep again…"

Sakura gave him another harsh poke and was rewarded with a curse. The body behind her was trying to crush her while petting her exposed tummy.

"Zakuraa-chyan, wassa matter?" asked Naruto, rubbing the sleep from his eyes not minding the bruises that were surely to form from Sakura's cruel poking.

"Naruto?" She squinted in the dark.

"Yeah?" He yawned, stretching his arms above his head. He turned his head and found Sakura looking at him in a strange way. "Sakura-chan?"

"Y-you're not the one molesting me?" She whimpered feeling a squeeze on her soft breast and JR digging into her behind.


"Then…then that means Sasuke-kun is…" She trailed off as said boy threw a leg over her hip, bringing his front to her back closer together and humping her rear.

Sasuke buried his face in her pink colored tresses, inhaling deeply before mumbling, "Ah, Booby. Yous ssooo ssoft."


Naruto knew at that moment that Sasuke was a dead man and the pained scream that broke the silence of the night was evidence. The blond flipped over to his stomach and yawned once more as Sasuke's scream and begging lulled him back to sleep.