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Quote: Have you noticed that people can sometimes do the impossible

because they don't know it's impossible?


"Who're you?"

"Who're you?"

Silence. Then…

"Uncle Vernon calls me losta things, but they're not very nice. I dun 'member what me name is, if I even 'ad one, so you can call me whatever you want."

Red eyes glanced around, as if to assure himself that the two were still standing in the outer limits of the Shadow Realm. Once assured, he turned back to the big green eyes of the young child before him. "I have many names, but most recently I have been called 'Bakura', after my previous host, Ryou Bakura." He regarded the small boy in this between place. "Why are you here, boy? This is not the place for a child."

The pale little triangle that was the face of the boy was the same alabaster white as Bakura's, and was topped by a cloud of hair the same colour of the shadows around them. The eyebrows that hung over the huge, glittering bottle-green eyes like elegant slashes of darkness were pulled in as the boy frowned, chewing his bone-white lower lip as he looked around. Bakura noted idly that, while not ugly, the boy couldn't be called beautiful either because of the striking caste to his features and slight build. Rather like the face of one of the more humanoid Shadow Monsters.

The thief put the boy at five or six, while others would put him at three or four because of his size, but Bakura had a lot of experience with small, malnourished 'street rats' as they were once called. At the moment, the boy was wearing an oversized thread-bare t-shirt of nondescript colour that hung to his knees and off one pale shoulder, partially revealing a hand-shaped bruise around his upper arm.

The boy turned back to Bakura and smiled, revealing a set of sharp children's teeth. "I'm here because I was wondering what you were doing. I haven't been able to see you for a while now, and you always look lonely."

Bakura got the vague impression that he should be surprised, but all he was able to rouse was a mix of apathy and mild curiosity. "You have seen me before?"

The boy nodded cheerfully, not at all perturbed by the shadows curling around his ankles. "Yup. I send my inside-self out to watch you when…" The smile slide off his face and the looked reminded Bakura of the look of Ryou's face whenever he had been brought up in conversation, but somehow worse. The boy shuddered before continuing, smile back in place. "This is the first time you've seen me, though."

Bakura watched the boy's beaming place for a few moments before he sighed. "Why would you want to watch me?"

"Because you're so strong. You don't let anyone push you around. When I grow up, I want to be just like you."

"-just like you."

"-just like you."

"-like you."

Bakura jerked in surprise, his eyes widening and eyebrows shooting up. "Why?"

The boy looked down. "Because…if I were like you…I would be able to fight back…and they…they wouldn't be able to…" The boy shuddered again.

Bakura understood what he was trying to say. Or rather, he got the gist of it. There was nothing the Tomb Thief hated more than child abuse. He could stand killing children, hell, he'd killed children, but to prolong a child's suffering and let them live with it screwed them for however long they had left.

The distance between the two was closed with two swift strides, and Bakura found himself crouched before the startled boy, hands on his small shoulders. "Tell me where you are and I'll come and get you."

"Number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey."

Bakura rolled his eyes. "What country?"


Bakura pondered for a moment. He, himself, was currently wandering the underbelly of New York. He'd only come to the Shadow Realm to make human offerings to the shadows to ensure that his physical 'body' didn't run out of power and unravel itself.

"I'll be there in three days. Until then, wear this." A replica of the Millennium Ring appeared in the pale, long-fingered hand. Bakura carelessly hung it around the boy's neck. "It'll let me know if you're being hurt, and I'll send a monster to protect you. It'll also help me zone in on your location. Now, shoo. It's too dangerous here for the unwary."

The boy smiled and Bakura turned and walked towards the edge of the Shadow Realm.

"Rami Naja."

Bakura heard the boy jump. "Huh?

"Rami is Arabic for 'sniper', and Naja is Latin for 'cobra'."

Bakura faded into the mortal realm, followed by the sound of the boy's whisper.

"Thank you."

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