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The thing with Rami being clingy, Bakura would have kept him around even if he didn't care, if only because Rami beleives that everything that comes out of the Yami's mouth is as God's own words. I mean, a psychopath would probably keep someone around if they killed for them on command, right?

Voldemort? Why should Rami care about some second-rate psychopath he's never heard of running around in a country where Bakura-sama said the wizards are idiots? It will come in though. Probably in the second year and brief mentions here and there.

Triwizard Tournament? Eh, Maybe.

Dumbledork has been looking for 'Harry Potter' for years. And he will be for years to come.

Quote: 'In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.'

Ya gotta love Murphy's Law

Rami was bored…and snarky…and paranoid. If Rami had any less self-control, he would be twitching violently. There was nothing Rami loathed more than the word and definition of 'Unpredictable'. To Bakura, and, through learnt behaviour, Rami, 'Unpredictable' was like a curse word and thus all people who fit this description are to be avoided like the Plague.

Case in point: Cayden Aelyth; a small twelve-year-old eleven months older than Rami andanIrish fey half-blood. His hair was a mass of spiky sunset-orange falling around a pale heart-shaped face dominated by oddly tilted honey-coloured eyes, a pert little nose, and an insane grin which bared pearly white, slightly elongated canines. Big pointy ears poked out from the reddish mess and twitched every now and then. The white 'demonic' bunny situated on his head was definitely odd, especially when he mentioned his name was 'Chu'. Overall, Rami was reminded of this guy from a Japanese Anime he'd see once; Jin the Windmaster or something, just minus the horn. (1)

Rami liked green. He also liked orange. And purple. Just not together. Cayden was decked out in all three. Green pants and over-vest, bright orange shirt and bruised purple neck-chief, gloves and sneakers.

Somewhere through the first ten minutes of breakfast, Rami had found the little redhead next to him and motor mouthing about his seven older siblings, how he was the only one to get in and how his parents were sooo proud of him. Rami had found himself blinking stupidly at the boy for several seconds before trying to ignore him.

As far as Rami could tell, the urge to start twitching started about ten minutes after the dark-haired boy finished his breakfast and sat waiting for his timetable. As soon as he received it, the sniper left for his room as fast as he could without running.

Once in his room, he paused to study his schedule.


Each period lasts fifty minutes. There are six periods in a day starting at 8:40am and finishing at 3pm. Lunch is between 12:35am and 1:20pm. There is a brief recess between 11:20 am and 11:50am.





Double Potions


Survival Training (Theory)

Physical Education (Theory)


Double Science





Magical Theory



Double Survival Training


Tools and Artefacts: How To Use Them

Potion Ingredients and Their Effects





Double Magical Theory


Double Math


Double Art


Double Survival Training


Tools and Artefacts: How To Use Them

Potion Ingredients and Their Effects


Double Magical Beings: Races and Creatures

Rami got his book, his hounds and his dignity before taking off for his first class, hoping that he could avoid the Irish boy for the rest of the day.


Don't ask how it happened, please don't, because Rami didn't really know, himself, how it happened that Cayden was seated beside him in both Math and Science. Something about the psychotic redhead just irritated him, making him loom about in a dangerous fashion – not that the Irish kid noticed this. Cayden chattered on and on insanely, switching from subject to topic at random, and with this terrifying energy; he dramatized everything that didn't need to be dramatized. What he'd do if the end of the world came around, Rami didn't want to know.

All he could do was pray for second period gong to boom.

Aside from the chatting redhead (who had cooed and petted them before going on about a dog he'd had when he was six), only one other student hadn't stayed as far away from Venator and Latro as they could and still be in the same room. The girl hadn't even glanced at the two as she sat at the desk to Rami's right.

During role call, Rami learned her name was Tsuriai Kage. From her name, Rami deduced she was from Japan or thereabouts. Her long silvery was tied in a tight braid to reduce heat, her pointed ears, smaller than Cayden's, poked out between some stands while the braid was pulled over her shoulder to avoid the stupid British pureblood wizard looking for trouble seated behind her. Purplish-blue eyes of a strangely gem-like hue flickered to and from the teacher as her vaguely silvery skinned hand jotted down notes. But however pretty the girl appeared, what caught the boy were the wings-or rather, what looked like wings. Rami was under the impression that they were physical manifestations of her power locked in a natural force-field shaped like wings. The simple white robe and pale blue sash suited her.

Despite her calm, almost stoic, exterior, Rami was just waiting for the girl to turn around and ram the tip of her quill through the pure-blooded brat's poking hand before asking the boy for it back as he lay screaming. Youkai, and he was almost sure she was one, were inherently prone to acts of violence and sadism; it just depended on the youkai's level of control, race, gender and reason.

Rami's impressions were usually right. Unfortunately for everyone wanting a distraction, the teacher also shared Rami's insight and moved the stupid child to the front.

As soon as the gong for recess went off, so did Rami as he scrambled to get away from Cayden. Though on the way out, he could have sworn Tsuriai smiled.


Potions was a disaster waiting to happen. Not only was he trapped working with Cayden and Tsuriai (who really wasn't that bad), the Potions Professor, Adjo Menetnashté, was uncannily reminiscent of hunting Bakura. Very scary.

He announced that the groups they were in now were the groups they would stay in for the rest of the year. Even scarier.

"Furthermore," Adjo proceeded to inform the class with a threatening smirk, "If any of you stuff up this ridiculously easy potion," He pointed to the Low-Level Boil-Reducing Potion on the board, "You will find yourselves with two month's detention and a ticket to see the Headmaster." Beware the Anti-Hero.

And for some reason, Rami had a bad feeling about all of this.

Rami was good at Potions and he payed attention to what the teacher said and he hated people who got soap bottles stuck on their hands. So usually the only time he messed up was when he didn't care or when the little voice in his head said that something's a pretty good idea. The little voice is him.

And Tsuriai was good at potions. He didn't know if she thinks some of the things she did were good ideas or not, but she said one time she got a kid's hand to glow bright green in the dark for a month. Rami didn't know if that was on purpose... or not.

Cayden... well, there are a lot of explosions around the redhead. Usually a student wouldn't be allowed to even touch a Bunsen burner with his submitted track record, but he was manipulative. So he got to blow things up to his little heart's content and the teachers smiled at him like he was playing with a harmless little puppy. Terrifying.

That bad feeling from before... when Rami saw the materials being handed out, he didn't think much of it. When they started the potion, he didn't think of it much. When they set Cayden's books on fire and melted the already battered table, well, he thought about it long and hard.

In the office.


Finally! Fuck, they acted like the three of them blew up the school, not a table. Actually, they melted it... Rami vaguely wondered how the hell that could happen. Or how they managed to do that with supposably harmless materials... Coricalas Stomach Acid: Bad.

Plus Rami almost ended up having to go to therapy when he accidentally swore at the voices in his head out loud then proceeded to tell Malik and Adjo about them. As you can guess, Rami's social skills suck. Miracle of miracles that Tsuriai the wonder girl was there with him. They all got out with a small amount of fuss in time for lunch.

Rami spotted Shadow and made a beeline for her as soon as he entered the hall. Shad gave him a smile as he sat down and pressed against her side for comfort. It appeared that his new friends, or rather, friend and clingy walking disaster, had followed him.

"So…Rami, how were your first few classes here at Shadow Gardens?"

Rami looked up and gave Cori Hikari a low-level 'You're-Irritating-Me-Be-Quiet' Glare™. He dropped his head back onto the table.

Cori was one of Shadow's very limited actual friends and she had gotten on with Rami in an almost eccentric sisterly way. It wasn't that odd that he liked her though, because, let's face it, he was drawn to odd people with bad backgrounds. And Cori was most definitely odd. Imagine, if you will, a short girl with a well curved form, crimped blonde hair streaked with orange, red and blue and poofed up like she stuck a fork into an electrical socket, odd amber-orange eyes sharply accented with kohl and dressed like an electrocuted and demented Strawberry Shortcake reject. I.e. A slashed, frilly burnt orange knee-length dress with multiple multi-coloured petticoats, black and orange striped socks to the knee, shiny black buckle shoes and fingerless off-white lace gloves. Rami, now quite good at reading eccentricities, figure she was going by the Principle of 'Look-At-The-Clothes-And-Not-At-Me'. At first glance, no one would put her at fifteen.

Cori gave him an encouraging smile very different from her usual 'Hyper-Scary-Fairy' Grin™. "Don't worry. It can't be that bad."

"Shadow! Cori! You'll never guess what!"

Rami couldn't say he knew Selena Marti, but he could stand her. She was a middly person with no real clique, which wasn't to say she wasn't popular, but she was definitely a bit vague and on the ditzy side, but Rami wasn't sure if it was because she was absentminded or just ADD. And then again, Sirens were said to be somewhat flighty.

She was pretty, he would give her that, but among the magical races, one was either pretty or some variation thereof, or ugly as sin. It was rare that one was plain-looking, and that usually came with muggleborns. Selena was Spanish, part Siren and part human, and very passionate from both sides. If Rami had been any more emotional that a particularly dispassionate rock, he would have freaked out when, on meeting him, Selena had hugged the boy, clasping him to her bosom as she cooed about how cute and adorable he was. And he had noticed her ogling Bakura-sama in the hall before he left the week before.

Selena was very physically mature at thirteen, with her café latte skin tone, sparkly deep brown eyes, wavy raven hair hanging about her shoulders and her ample but lithe figure. She usually wore a billowy peasant shirt and knee-length shorts, shoes varying.

Which, while ponder the girl's state of dress, sent Rami off on another tangent. Why was it that no one above first year was wearing the entire school uniform properly, if at all.

"-some poor first years got two months detention with Professor Menetnashté already!"

Shad and Cori hissed in sympathy. Unfortunately, Cayden decided to speak up.

"Hey, Rami! Raaamiii?" Rami twitched with his head now buried under Shadow's arm. "Isn't that the guy who sent us to the Headmaster when we melted that table in Potions?"

There was a moment of silence before Tsuriai's whack to the head sent Cayden's skull careening into the table-top, Chu flying through the air to hit the back of the vampire sitting two metres away's head.

Shadow lifted her arm to look at Rami. "My deepest sympathies to you." She lowered her arm.

(1) From Yu Yu Hakusho. Jin's sooo cute

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