Title: Just like Simon

Rating: G

Word Count: 450(ish)

AN: Okay so I wrote this at work the other day and it had a very different ending, one I didn't like all that much (it was okay don't get me wrong, but it was also kind of dorky and lame) So as I typed it up today I decided to change it and I like this a bit better. It's short and still slightly of the dorkly kind (I totally just made up a word there) but I like it.

"You were three when you started correctin' the Doc's spellin' right?"

River looked up from the thick text that lay in front of her to look at Jayne, he was staring again. "Yes"

Jayne continued to stare where he had been staring for the last hour and a half. "How old were you when ya first talked?"

River offered him a small grin although she knew he didn't see it, what with all the staring. "Simon often says that I came out of my mothers womb speaking."

Jayne scoffed at the idea. "What were you doin', correcting the doctors birthing procedure?"

River's grin grew into one of her brilliant smiles, the one's he often told her he loved to see, even though this one was completely lost on him. "Why?"

"Just curious is all." He offered suddenly becoming very quiet. "I didn't start speakin' till I was two. Is that late? I think that might be late."

"Man of few words." River offered him helping to put his mind to ease "All children learn differently."

"Just wonderin' ifn' its gonna take him as long as me or you."

River flashed another brilliant smile and walked over to where Jayne sat. She leaned her body against his back, wrapping her arms around his middle. "Maybe he'll be right in the middle."

Jayne grinned wide at that.

"Just like Simon." She added.

And as soon as it was thereit was gone. His grin fell immediately. "What?"

River leaned up onto her tip toes and kissed his cheek. "It was a joke." She let him go and began to walk out of the mess and back towards the engine room.

Jayne had stopped staring where he had been staring for the last hour and a half and instead watched River as she left the room, a look of horror plastered onto his face. "Well it ain't funny!" He glared after her as she disappeared around the corner. He looked back to where he had been staring only moments ago. "You ain't gonna be like the Doc…"

The capture of the ultra sound stared up at him.

He stared down at it for a moment mulling over the idea of his baby boy being anything like the prissy doctor. "Let's just aim for your ma, whattya say?"

El Fin

Okay so as I said before I had a very different ending to this little piece. If you want to see it I may just update this with the other ending so you can all see the serious dorkyness of it. Then again I could always re-vamp it to make it a sequel to this one.