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Hey Everyone! Long time no see! I just updated one of my stories yesterday, and I decided to post my new one today. This one will be much longer, as it spans a greater amount of time.

I decided to write journal/diary entries as a young Riza, and reveal events from her past that make her who she is today (as in the anime and manga).

So without further adeau, here's the first chapter of "Of her Past".

Riza picked up a stack of books to place in a box to go in her closet. Just as she was sure she had them all, Riza tripped on another box, sending the books all to a pile on the floor. Blinking at her clumsiness Riza pushed herself up and started gathering the books. Just as she grabbed one book, she noticed a small old book lying open. She carefully took the book in her hands and looked at its cover. Flipping through the small leather book Riza thought back to its contents. Her thoughts went back to each little mark she could feel on the soft leather cover.

Smiling to herself, Riza opened the book. Sure she should be finishing the cleaning she had been planning on, but a short break couldn't hurt. She opened to the first page, after reading when and from who the journal had come from. Her eyes read the name of her father, not long after her seventh birthday.

Turning the page once again, Riza saw the first beginnings of her handwriting; each letter and word written carefully, yet still in a scribbled sort of way. Such a treasure she had found. There was no way I still have this Riza thought, shaking her head in disbelief as she started to read the first entry.

Dear Journal,

Do daddies play favorites? I think my daddy does. He says I'm his favorite little girl. Thomas and Ben get to learn how to shoot today. Daddy won't teach me. And I don't understand why—

-------That day those years ago---------

Riza sighed as she watched her brothers and father head out to the woods near their house. She had asked to go along with, but Ben had said something about being too young, and girls shouldn't be around guns. Thomas had rolled his eyes at his younger brother, and assured Riza she could go another time. Of course, her father had wanted to take her along, but said she could go once she was older, probably in another year or so; once her mother, Evelyn allowed her to.

"Come on Riza. You can go with daddy and the boys next time. I promise," Evelyn said, taking Riza's hand and heading inside. Riza glanced over her shoulder just as she saw them head into the woods.

"Mommy, how come Ben is so mean sometimes?" Riza asked, looking up at her mother. She recalled the words her brother had said to her before running after their father and elder brother, Thomas. "You're too little, shorty. Girls should stay home and play with their dolls."

"Ben will be like that for some time. At least until he grows older. Then he won't torment you as much. I felt the same way with my brother's when I was your age," Evelyn smiled down at her daughter.

"How long will it take for him to grow older?" Riza asked curiously, looking at her mother as they entered the living room and sat down on the couch.

"It will take the same amount for him, as it will take you. Go grab me a book and we'll read it," Evelyn said, gesturing to the large bookcase. Riza grabbed the book they had been reading for sometime, and carried it over to her mother and climbed into her lap.

"I'll grow up faster than him. He can be so mean sometimes," Riza said, cuddling with her mother as they started to read. Between her mother and father, Riza was read two different story books. Her father normally read the larger books, while her mother read her short stories with morals; little things Riza enjoyed hearing, and could understand.

"I'm sure you will grow up faster than him," she smiled, kissing her daughter's cheek, and then pointing at the some of the pictures.

It wasn't long till they had finished the story, and were setting the table for dinner. Riza set the plates carefully on each placemat, and then the spoons and forks; she had yet to have permission to use a knife. Just as she was taking out the napkins, Riza heard yells from outside. She ran out onto the back porch, and saw her father and brothers waving and yelling as they made their way home.

"Daddy's back!" Riza yelled in through the screen door, and then ran off the porch to go see her father. They had been gone a few hours; their father out teaching them how to shoot. "Daddy!" Riza said, jumping into her father's arms.

"There's my girl! Well, howdy little lady. Is dinner almost ready?" Bryan asked, hugging his daughter and continuing to walk with her in his arms.

Riza nodded happily. "Mommy was just setting the table while I finished cooking," Riza grinned.

"Oh really?" Thomas smirked, tickling his sister from behind. "I thought mom was cooking tonight? What did you make us?"

"Mud pies!" Riza giggled, pushing her brother away playfully.

"Mud pies? My favorite! How did you know?" Thomas laughed, tickling Riza once more.

"Hmm… I thought mom was cooking tonight too. Shall we go surprise her with your dinner?" Bryan said, setting Riza down.

"Yeah!" Riza nodded excitedly.

"I'll race you home Riza!" Thomas said, turning and pretending to run to the house. Riza ran after her brother towards the house. Ben sighed, shaking his head at his older brother's immaturity.

"Come on Benny boy. I'll race you back. One on one against your old man," Bryan said, looking at his youngest son. Ben smiled, and nodded.

"Alright dad. On your mark, get set," Ben said, taking off running. "GO!"

"Hey! Get back here you little cheater! You have to wait till go!" Bryan laughed, running after his son.

"You can't catch me dad!" Ben called over his shoulder, running up the steps not long after Thomas and Riza.

"Wash your hands!" Evelyn yelled to the kids from the kitchen. Thomas headed to the bathroom with Riza and helped her wash her hands. Ben joined them soon after, and from there they started a water fight. Bryan entered the house, and came up behind his wife; wrapping his arms around her waist.

"How was your day with out the boys?" He asked, kissing her neck. She smiled at his warm touch, and turned to kiss her husband.

"It was good. They have homework to do once dinner is over with. And Riza wants you to tell her another story," Evelyn explained, kissing her husband and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Another story, eh? Well, I'll have to tell her one from when I was a boy. All those war stories she's heard a million times," Bryan sighed, resting his forehead on Evelyn's. A giggling from the doorway informed them both that their children were watching them.

"Eww… Mommy and daddy are kissing," Riza giggled.

"They're not kissing yet. But they will," Ben said, looking at his little sister. He remembered when he had such thoughts as Riza; about four years ago when he was her age. But now, he understood that kissing was something parents did.

"Did you all wash your hands?" Evelyn asked, turning to her children, and looking at the three of them.

"Yeah, we did," they chorused, stepping out from the corner and showing that they were very wet.

"And I can see you decided to have a water fight to… Well, you wouldn't want to catch a cold. Upstairs, the three of you, and change. I'll have dinner on the table when you're finished," she said, gesturing to the stairs with her head. Ben turned and headed up the stairs, followed by Thomas and Riza; their feet sounding of thunder on the old wood steps.

"Now, where were we?" Bryan asked, turning his wife to face him. Evelyn giggled, and brushed his hat from his head. "Ah, that's right," Bryan said, resuming their kiss.

After dinner, the boys started on their homework at the table while Bryan went out onto the porch. There, he was busy cleaning his gun, just as his father had taught him. Riza had joined her father, and was staring out at the sunset. Bryan could sense his daughter watching him when she wasn't looking out at the horizon. He looked up just in time to catch her eyes and see her look away quickly; as if in trouble.

"Something on your mind, Riza?" Bryan inquired casually, returning his eyes to his work.

"Mommy says I can go with you next time. Will you teach me to shoot like you did Thomas and Ben?" Riza asked, raising her gaze back to her father.

"Well… I know you shouldn't be around guns at such a young age, but I think you're mature enough. Besides, I think every girl should know how to handle a fire arm," Bryan beamed at his daughter.

-----------Back to Present Day Riza---------

Ben is so mean. Thomas is nicer than him. Daddy said he would teach me to shoot with his guns the next time he goes out with my brothers.


Riza smiled at her crayon written entry. She sat back, thinking of the last time she had even thought to when her father took her brothers out to shoot for the first time. After all, Riza was six years younger than Thomas, and four years younger than Ben. Now she could understand why Ben found it unfair that Riza got to learn how to use a gun when she was seven. Her mind continued to wander as she thought of more memories from her childhood.

Black Hayate placed his paw on her leg, hoping to get her attention. He had seen his owner off in her own thoughts before, but this time was different. Her expression was of happiness, not of sadness like it had been in the past. Riza blinked, coming from her revere, and looked at her dog.

"Sorry boy. I guess I just sort of got off task," Riza said, scratching him behind the ears. She then took a look at the clock and realized she had been sitting there for almost forty-five minutes. "Oh, I really am off task!" Riza stated, setting her journal on the bedside table, and then finishing her cleaning.

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