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Being knee-deep in cleaning supplies wasn't a hundred percent how Riza planned on spending her one and only day off. Low and behold she was currently sweeping every floor, mopping them, and then doing any extra items she could possibly think about. So far, she had scrubbed the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling, fixed the leaking faucet and pipes, and was now taking items up to her attic that were a nuisance. Sitting on the floor by her bed, she sighed as she reached up and slid off the bandanna currently keeping her hair out of her face.

From where he was currently lounging on the hardwood outside her bedroom door, Black Hayate got up and trotted over to his master. Sitting next to her, he then curled up against her leg. Glancing at her bedside clock, Riza saw that it was almost noon. She had been up for nearly seven hours, and she had almost half of her housework finished.

Snagging her journal off the bedside table, Riza flipped through the pages. After she found the page she left off on, she sipped some of her tea—which by that point had cooled considerably. It was another entry that started without introduction other than the date.

Finally had my day off, and guess who did too? Somehow I have a feeling he bribed someone to schedule his day-off the same as mine. Hmm, no surprise there… After acquiring a car we drove to—

X x x The Battlefield x x x

At long last she could leave her spot on the cliffs and actually have a chance to relax, shower and down a drink or two. Making her way down the trail, she adjusted her rifle strap and froze in place hearing a high pitched whistling noise. Her eyes instantly went to the skies, watching for the mortar. Stepping into a small inlet of the rocks at long last she caught sight of the mortar. It flew over the cliffs and crashed somewhere beyond. Keeping her ears peeled, she continued down the path until at last she arrived upon the camp.

All around people were bustling about to and from the larger tents. Food was especially appreciated, as the line from the mess tent was even longer than the line to the showers. Bypassing the throng of people, she made an immediate b-line for her own tent. She'd have the next twenty-four hours to herself, and she wanted to use it to her advantage. Just as she turned the corner, someone called out her name. Groaning, she turned on her heel to see who in their right mind would be bothering her now that she was officially off duty. And now before her stood an out of breath Roy Mustang panting as he leaned on his knees.

"Didn't… you hear me? I've been… calling you since you passed… the mess hall," he said, glancing up at her for a split second before taking a few more deep breaths and straightening up. It occurred to the sniper that she had blocked out anyone shouting for her.

"Oh, that was you?" She looked at him with a smug look on her face, hoping to get a rise out of him.

"…Yeah, well I was wondering if you wanted to go into town and get a drink and some decent food. Word is tonight's menu will send you home with the runs," the alchemist said, gesturing over his shoulder. Thinking about his proposal she sighed. All she really wanted was a nice hot shower, some food and a lot of sleep. And of course she remembered the agreement she made with him.

"Your day off is today too?" It was obvious Hawkeye was very exasperated. For the few days after her last talk with Mustang, she had assumed their days-off would never coincide. When the fighting had picked up in the field, she had completely forgotten about it.

"Lucky coincidence right? What do you say?"

"Let me put my rifle away, and change," she said, looking at him before doing an about-face and walking towards her tent.

"I'll meet you back here," was Mustang's response.

Traipsing to her tent, Riza ducked under the now open flap and moved to where her cot was. Normally she would be sharing with someone, but there were very few women on the frontlines, and generally they were all roomed together based on unit. Being in the sniper division gave her plenty of much needed privacy. Setting her gun in its case carefully, she flopped on her cot and burrowed her head under the pillow for several moments. Letting her thoughts collect and her brain relax from the day, she finally sat up and started to change.

A few minutes later she walked out dressed in a cleaner uniform, and a clean desert cloak about her shoulders. Right where she left him, Roy stood, hands in his pockets and staring at the sky. Stopping before him, she observed him for several minutes.

"Well, shall we?" Raising an eyebrow at him as he finally noticed her presence; she walked ahead of him towards where they could sign out a car for a few hours.

Normally she would be the one driving since Mustang was her superior. But instead he snatched the keys up and got their car. Rolling her eyes at this gesture, she climbed into the steam-powered vehicle without a word and they left the camp. On average the drive would take about an hour, so they had some time until they arrived at their destination. The sniper had no intention of starting up a conversation, but she knew it would be rude not to—and a part of her cursed the manners she was taught.

"Talked to Havoc lately?" It felt so formal to use his last name, but out here, they weren't friends, they were superior and subordinate. If anyone heard, all three of them could be court marshaled.

"Jean's been busy being a guard. He does what he's able and works hard. His superior is one tough sonnuva bitch," Mustang commented, giving Riza a sidelong glance before turning his attention back to the road.

"He knows how to work hard, even if he honestly doesn't want to," she said, watching the terrain carefully for any sign of an ambush. Attacks on civilian roads were surprisingly infrequent and generally only occurred on military built roads. "I know your work has been going well, sir," Hawkeye said, leaning back a bit in her seat and looking at the cacti and rocks they passed.

"Come on Riza. You can call me Roy, and Havoc, Jean. We're all friends here. And it's not like anyone is listening," he said, looking at her as he slowed a bit for a farmer and his herd to cross the road.

"It may seem like we're still buddy-buddy, Mustang. But you need to remember we're in a war," Riza said, her eyes now looking at him. Still sitting on the road waiting for the last cow or two, he was staring at her. Compared to their childhood and middle-school days, at some point Riza had grown cold and shelled herself away. Once he could drive again, the Flame Alchemist drove some distance ahead before turning off on a side road that probably led to someone's farm.

"Do you honestly want to listen to my proposal or did you just want a ride into town?" By that point the car was shut off and he was turned in his seat looking at her.

"We agreed that tonight cannot have anything to do with sex. You try to get me drunk just to sleep with and I promise you that there will be no way you can reproduce after that," she said, giving him a hard glare.

"Right. No funny business. I just want to have your opinion," he said, holding up his hands in surrender.

"Alright, go ahead then."

"Do you like the Fuhrer?" Roy stared at her, watching her reaction to his inquiry.

"What does that have to do with your proposal?"

"Answer the question."

"I don't like the way things are run. But we're the military. It's our job to obey orders, even if we have our own bias against them," she replied, confused as to the meaning of his question.

"It's tough to listen to these orders, even if we know they're wrong. Killing people just because of their skin or eye color is wrong. Slaughtering them because of their religion is wrong. We both know that. But everyone is so stuck on believing its right. And I want to change that," he said, turning his attention to outside the windshield.

The sniper couldn't believe the words she was hearing out of his mouth. This was treason, and if any of the higher ups, let alone any of their fellows got wind of this, they'd both be in trouble. Staring at him in disbelief, she shook her head and looked out the front window. Her mind was mulling over his words, and she was just plain stuck.

"But in order to make it to the top, I need support. My question is, will you be there?" With his eyes still trained on some plant outside, Riza observed him for a moment before she nodded and faced forwards once more.

"Every step of the way. Besides, you need someone there to protect you when it rains," she said, smirking. Roy's eye twitched, as he glanced at her, obviously annoyed. After a moment he laughed and started the car up. Once more they were on their way to dinner.

x x x Back home x x x

a nearby town. It was nice to get a hot meal that wasn't made in a tent. But he brought up an odd subject. Looks like I'll be supporting him straight to the top. His ass needs guarding anyway. Sometimes in his excitement he can do the stupidest things.

Laughing to herself, Hawkeye took a sip of her cold tea and set the cup down, finally catching sight of the clock. Nearly spitting out the liquid, she jumped up. She had spent almost an hour sitting there, and she still had plenty of housework to finish. Having sensed his master up, Hayate was up next to her in a flash, alert and ready for anything.

Grabbing the dishes she resumed her task of cleaning and kept a keen eye on the clock. Several hours later, and at long last, her house was just how she wanted it. Once she had showered and changed, Riza was ready to go out with Jean. Black Hayate was fed and happy chewing away on a new bone, while she moved out onto the porch to wait for Havoc. Despite his usual laziness, he was right on time. Both of them were dressed casually and fully prepared for a great baseball game.

"Well, you look ready to go," he said, grinning up at her from the bottom of her porch steps.

"I haven't gone to a baseball game since I was a kid. Of course I'm ready to go. Besides it's the Scorpions playing the Yankstons. We can't miss this," she said, laughing as she moved with him out of the yard and towards his car.

The drive there was short, and thankfully they could still find parking nearby. They chatted and reminisced, laughing about plenty of their childhood memories, especially playing stickball. Once they found their seats, they watched the normal parade of events until at long last, the game started.

Some distance behind where the two of them sat, was a dark haired man observing them with several others with him. It was clear he wasn't watching the game, Mustang was determined to see how their date went, and figure out just what it was that made her always accept his offers. But everyone else sitting around him from the office…they were supposed to be helping him keep study them. So far though, that wasn't happening. They were too involved in watching the game.

"—the hell are they talking about? No reason they should be so close together. And what's with his arm on the back of her seat!" Roy was visibly frustrated and was not happy that Jean could be so close to his First Lieutenant.

"Hey boss, why not just let them hang out? It's not like he's trying to worm his way into her pants," Breda said, mumbling the last part. Judging by the Colonel's features though, he hadn't heard a word his subordinate said.

"I don't feel comfortable watching them when we bought these tickets on the military's dime," Fury said, glancing at the others as he sat low in his seat. He was evidently trying to hide himself behind the small wall that differentiated the seating sections.

"Okay, I've got the hot dogs, drinks and nachos," Falman announced, finally back from the concession stand. Taking his seat he passed out the items the others had requested and sipped his drink. "Did I miss anything?"

"Nah. Just an excellent double play followed by a few foul balls," Breda responded, taking a bite of his hot dog. Meanwhile, Roy continued to fume over the current actions of his two Lieutenants.

"Man, I can't believe that wasn't a homer. Just a double," Riza said, sitting back in her seat a bit. She had taken notice of Jean's arm across the back, but was really just ignoring it. As usual, he was being the gentleman his mamma taught him to be, which is what she expected. And compared to the dinners spent with Roy mostly talking over work, this was much more enjoyable.

"Hopefully they'll bring out the real firepower with Biggs Hill. He'll definitely score us a homer," said Jean, keeping his eyes on the field. After a few moments of observing the infield, he glanced over to where a nearby hot dog vendor was making his way along the stands. "Hey you want something to eat?" Looking to where the man was, she turned her attention to her childhood friend.

"Sure. Hot dog, peanuts or popcorn sounds fine to me," she said, before immediately her eyes were back on the pitcher's mound. It was then that they heard a loud crack from his bat and the ball went soaring. After moving through the air for a few moments, it finally landed just outside the yellow post signifying another foul ball. A loud grumble came from the crowd, not at all pleased that their home team was having bad luck.

Raising his hand to get the vendor's attention, Jean got them some food and touched Riza's arm gently to gain her attention. Turning, she grinned, seeing that he had gotten all three of her requests, including lemonade from a separate seller.

"Excellent. Now for the Scorpions to just crush the Yankstons and we'll be home free," she said, unwrapping the main course and taking a bite.

The game continued on for some time, with the cheers and boos from the crowd. But finally after eleven grueling innings, the scorpions finally pulled it off. Every fan was on their feet cheering when the last runner made it to home plate. Seeing the winning run, Riza and Jean were both yelled loudly, celebrating the victory. Jumping up and down, they suddenly embraced. Within a few moments of the action, they suddenly split apart, faces tinged faintly red. As everyone left, Riza and Jean made for the car to get home.

"That was the most amazing play ever. Who knew one of the top teams could have so many errors in one play!" It was like being a little kid again, as Jean watched Riza gush about the game. He remembered how much she loved baseball when they were young, that was evident.

"I can't believe it. They might actually go all the way! If they're playing here, we'll definitely need to snag tickets," Jean said, following her as she turned into the parking garage. Together they wandered up the stairs and to where they had parked somewhere on the third floor. Turning from where the stairs were, Riza walked right into Mustang and the rest of the members of their office.

"Sir! What are you doing here? I thought you had paperwork to finish?" Riza was more caught off guard that he was out of the office and near the stadium.

"Ah, we uhh… finished early. So we figured since this game was so huge, it was a good night to watch," Roy said, nodding.

"We didn't expect you here, Colonel. I figured you had a date tonight," Jean added, hands casually in his pockets, usual cigarette hanging between his lips.

"Nope. No plans tonight. Thought it was a good night for a man's night," Roy said, nodding once more.

"Why wasn't I aware of this?" Jean raised an eyebrow, obviously confused. He was after all, Roy's best friend; why wasn't he told of this?

"You were going out with Riza," Roy replied, trying to appear like it was no big deal.

"Oh stop your lying. I highly doubt you were even watching the game. I don't appreciate you watching me while I'm out with someone else," Riza said, clearly ticked off at Mustang.

"What? Where'd you get an idea like that?" Taken aback by her statement, Roy tried to act as casual as possible. Fury hid behind both Breda and Falman, hoping to not experience any of Hawkeye's impending wrath.

"Fury, front and center please," Riza requested, knowing the younger officer would listen. Peeking out from behind the other two subordinates, he stepped forwards.

"Kain, you don't have to listen to her if you don't want to," Roy said, shrugging. He wanted to give the man a way out so that he wouldn't spill the beans.

"W-Well, we were just watching the g-game. And really… it was an amazing game," he said, trying seem as calm as possible. Seeing Hawkeye's face, Fury could tell she wasn't happy with what he was saying.

"See you boys tomorrow. Evening," she said, starting to walk towards Jean's car. Scratching the back of his neck, he nodded to the guys.

"I'm glad to see you enjoyed the game. But did you really have to follow me on the date?" Glancing at his coworkers, he searched their expressions and body language for his answer. "See ya'll tomorrow." Turning on his heel, he trailed after Riza towards his car.

Staring after them, it was unmistakable that Roy wasn't pleased with the outcome of the past five minutes of events. Running his hand through his hair, he sighed.

"Fuck," he said before starting to approach their car.

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