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Ritsuka shifted a little, turning towards Soubi and looking at the hand gripping his wrist. It was mostly the shock of Soubi's miniscule pleading note that had fastened Ritsuka's feet to the floor, eliminating all thoughts of continuing towards the door after finding his coat. Even now the search of his coat was only a whisper in the back of his mind as he stared at the Fighter.

"Stay the night with me…"

For some reason the words made him a little uneasy.

"S-Stop it, Soubi." He said, prying the fingers free from his wrist.

The Sentouki's fingers only tightened their grip on him and he lifted his gaze to Ritsuka, oceanic eyes overpowered Ritsuka as if their positions had been switched and he was no longer the master of the duo…but the underling to Soubi. If he could compare them…Soubi being the leader would have sufficed much more then the other way around. As always…everything about them was unnatural.

Gently pulling on Ritsuka's arm, Soubi guided Ritsuka into him and wrapped his arms about him. He felt so much bigger now…this was not the child he had met four years ago…this was a teenager near his prime. Vital…full of life…he had changed so much but no matter how hard he looked at him, the Sacrifice was still the twelve-year-old that had shouted at him and tried to push him away.

"I love you, Ritsuka." He whispered near his human ear.

"N-No you don't. Stop…stop lying."

"It's not a lie." He said calmly. "I love you."

"I said stop it!" Ritsuka snapped, pushing at Soubi's chest.

Don't do it...don't make me want to say it! Ritsuka pleaded inwardly, his hits at Soubi slackening more and more. Don't burn me any more…

Soubi parted slightly, tilting up Ritsuka's face with his hands on either sides of it.

"Don't…" Ritsuka said, his voice faltering again. "It…burns…"

Leaning down, Soubi lightly kissed his Sacrifice upon the forehead. You're burning, Ritsuka…that's why the painting is of flames…because I want to be that blaze inside of you…that painting is your desire, Ritsuka…that is—if you'll let me be that desire.

"Let me hear your spell." He said quietly, guiding Ritsuka away from the door by slowly walking backwards, guiding him by his hands like a child.

"What spell?"

"The one that can help extinguish those flames…"

"Extinguish…" he murmured, dazed and repeating him without much thought.

Soubi nodded, sitting down on the edge of his bed and lacing his fingers between Ritsuka's as the teen stood before him in between his legs and violet eyes searching his own in confusion. He tensed his fingers, squeezing Soubi's so hard he thought he heard his knuckles pop once.

"Yes." He said, releasing one hand carefully and it immediately clung to the fabric of his shirt over his shoulder.

Extending his free arm, he looped it about Ritsuka's waist and pulled him even closer, nuzzling his face against the Sacrifice's stomach. He could smell the detergent used to clean the teen's clothes but with it was a lingering scent that made his chest tighten with a twinge of annoyance…he smelled something feminine…he smelled Yuiko's scented sprays she used mixed with Ritsuka's clothes…

Gripping Ritsuka's hand that was still laced with his, he pushed the teen's shirt up in the back, grazing his fingers over the warmed skin of the teen's back. The flesh had been preserved by the generosity of his coat and his sweater felt so warm…it was a fine contrast compared to his hands that were as cold as ice from their exposure to the winter air. It made him wonder if the teen's face and neck were just as cold…he hadn't given it much thought before now.

Now that Yuiko had been with him at some point…he had to do something about it.


"Soubi!" Ritsuka jumped as Soubi's hand submerged beneath his sweater and ran over his back. The touch that was once such gentle warmth was suddenly scorching him and he tried to arch away from it but it only made him move closer to Soubi. He was caged in between the burning touch and the man seated upon the bed. "S-Stop!"

"No." he said, releasing his other hand now and pushing up the front of the his sweater, leaning in and kissing the teen's exposed stomach lightly.

Ritsuka flinched from the cold frames of Soubi's glasses that grazed his skin and he jolted back, Soubi's hand firmly keeping him from retreating too far. He hit at Soubi's shoulders but the man continued to push up his sweater farther and his fingertips persisted their contact.

Why…can't I stop him?

Ritsuka tilted his head back as Soubi's hand ran up his stomach and beneath the sweater, emerging from the collar and lightly trailing his digits over Ritsuka's neck and down over his collarbone.

Lifting his head, Soubi peered up at the Sacrifice and lowered his hands from him, removing his glasses but continuing to stare upon the teen. Ritsuka's body was starting to tremble, his eyes a little wide and face flushed from the sheer nerves that were alive with every burned inch of his flesh that Soubi had touched.


He almost managed to ask "what?" but Soubi had already grabbed his wrist and pulled him down.

It was a blur for a moment…Ritsuka couldn't see what was happening as he was pulled down and Soubi had moved out of the way so quickly he wondered if he had teleported there in the seconds it took for the teen to collide with the mattress of Soubi's bed. He uttered a cry as he bounced on the springs once and then lay still. The room was silent again…

Opening his eyes after having closed them a moment ago, Ritsuka looked up at Soubi who was seated on the edge of the bed again but one knee was on the mattress and the other foot was braced on the floor. He was leaning over him with one hand pressing into the mattress near Ritsuka's shoulder; the other hand was holding onto his wrist and gripping it almost painfully.

"Ritsuka…I don't want to wait anymore…"

"Wait for what?" Ritsuka asked, pushing himself up on one elbow, "W-What are you doing?"

Soubi lifted his hand from the mattress, stroking Ritsuka's face but he pushed it away in frustration.

"Tell me what you're doing!" he snapped, "Why are you doing this all of a sudden?"

The Fighter frowned a little, releasing his other hand and looking at the teen solemnly. He wanted to tell him what he was doing…tell him that their names could change…but …would Ritsuka still do it? Would he love him? Or would this desire to test the fates make him lose the Sacrifice's trust all over again?

"I can't tell you…"

"Why not?"

"Because…if I told you…you would be angry." He said, closing his eyes, "And I promised I would do whatever you asked…but I can not tell you why I want you. It is the same as me asking you if you loved me. You wouldn't be able to answer easily."

Ritsuka jumped…but Soubi hadn't finished speaking.

"You wouldn't want to tell me if you loved me, would you?" he asked, opening his eyes and looking over at Ritsuka as he pushed him to lay again, his hands on the teen's shoulders. As he pushed him gently back down, he stood and climbed onto the bed, swinging his leg over Ritsuka and kneeling on either side of him, straddling the teen and leaning over him, making sure his eyes were on him, "You're Loveless after all…one who is incapable of love…"

Squeezing his eyes shut tight, Ritsuka turned his face away from Soubi. He wished that the man wasn't caging him within him like this…he was so close…if he was too quiet then Soubi would hear the way his heart was pounding. He may have even been able to hear the flames crackle within him…

But…what was wrong with burning?

He opened his eyes, still peering off to the side.

What did he have to loose from loving Soubi? He had nothing to loose, he could take his mother's abuse if she found out…Mother knew that the real Ritsuka was hidden away in side of him after all…she wouldn't risk killing him and risking all chances of the "Real" Ritsuka awakening. That was right…he didn't have anything to lose…

Turning his head, he stared up at Soubi. The man was still waiting…waiting for him to say something to him and break the silence between them that had formed in their awkward position.

"Soubi…" he lifted his hands, reaching up and touching the Sentouki's face, brushing his bangs out of his eyes and letting the soft strands slide from his fingers. He could tell his hands were shaking…it was clear that he was still uneasy where he lay…but he couldn't help it…he wanted to do something about it.

Wrapping his arms about Soubi's neck, he pulled the Fighter down a little closer, craning his neck till he could reach one of Soubi's ears. He touched the lobe with the tip of his tongue just beneath the earring, tasting the bitter jewelry a moment before he lightly closed his teeth over the very tip of the lobe briefly. He heard Soubi make a soft, struggled noise.

Leaning against the side of his head with his cheek, he took a breath, exhaling against his ear.

"I…love you…"

Soubi jumped, making Ritsuka recoil back flat against the mattress, staring up at the Fighter as he focused on him but his eyes were looking right through him. He was surprised…

"What…did you say?" he asked suddenly, leaning so far over Ritsuka that he smelled the cigarettes on his breath.

It took me so long to tell you that and now you want me to say it again! Ritsuka glared up at him, "I love you!" he snapped, "I don't know why but you're everywhere I go and all that I think about! It drives me crazy!"

Ritsuka continued to raise his voice until he realized that Soubi was trying to calm him down, he felt the man's hands stroking his hair and touching his face, his thumbs ran over his bottom lip and craning his head to kiss his forehead.

"Why?" Ritsuka asked, his voice weakening significantly, Why do I have to love you so much?


The teenager finally peered up at him.

Lowering himself over Ritsuka to the point that he was lying on top of him, Soubi's lips brushed over Ritsuka's gently, causing the Sacrifice to react, twitching before he attempted to kiss back a little. It was hard to concentrate when Soubi was lying over him and pressing him into the mattress but one of the Sentouki's hands trailed down Ritsuka's side and traced the slender frame of his body until he kneeled over the teen, drawing himself up and parting his lips from Ritsuka's as he straddled him again, his eyes not leaving Aoyagi's for one moment.

"I love you, Ritsuka."

He grit his teeth a moment, shivering as the words slid down his spine like one of Soubi's teasing fingers but he relaxed slowly, reaching up and lightly trailing his fingertips down Soubi's jaw.

"…I…love you too…"

"Then…" Soubi said, unfastening one of the buttons of his own shirt, "Will you stay the night with me?"

Ritsuka hesitated.


"She'll notice your ears missing? Is that what you're worried about?"

Ritsuka almost acknowledged this but he stopped himself. He had decided to tell Soubi how he felt…he had already told himself that he would take whatever punishment given to him…but…even so…

Sitting up stiffly, Ritsuka braced his thumb upon his chin and hooked his index finger beneath it, leaning forward and kissing his Fighter. As his lips pressed against Soubi's he thought he heard a startled sound from Agatsuma…but that was dismissed when he found Soubi's hands slipping under his sweater once again…


"I can do it…" Ritsuka said; pushing Soubi's hands away from the hem of his sweater after the men managed to shift their positions to where they were both kneeling on Soubi's bed.

"Alright." Soubi said, holding up his hands in a mock surrender but he at least appeared sincere about his actions.

It was awkward to be pulling off his sweater in front of Soubi…sure the Sentouki had done it to him before…but this time it was different, the last time it was a heat of the moment kind of thing…but now the affection was more then what Ritsuka had bargained for in his younger years. Now he wanted to extinguish the fires that were eating his heart away with every moment he had spent without Soubi's touch and the Fighter not knowing how he felt.

He wanted to bring the blaze down to its embers where it would one day begin to smolder again…only when that time came again…he would be ready for the burn…he would want that strange desire.

Running a hand through his hair after removing the sweater, Ritsuka thoughtfully fingered his ears in a melancholy way, his eyes focused upon the bedspread that covered the gap he and Soubi were severed by at the moment.

Sixteen years of having his ears…and in one night…they were going to be gone. It was strange when he thought about it…questions were beginning to form. Such as: Would it hurt when they came off? Did they just fall off? Would he have to pull them off? Did a person bleed when they lost their ears and their tail? What would he do if he had bald spots from where they were?

The tickling of fingers on his sides derailed his train of thought and he once again was brought back into the reality that Soubi was fondling him again, only this time, his chest was bare and Soubi's shirt had become unbuttoned in the amount of time it took him to think.

"Nervous?" the Sentouki asked, smiling a little at his Sacrifice as the teenager averted his eyes, his cheeks tainted with red and his threatened ears drooping a little.

"I-I'm fine!" He grumbled.

Soubi smiled, reaching over and closing the gap between them by embracing Ritsuka. The electrifying shock of skin suddenly touching skin made Ritsuka utter a yelp that made Soubi chuckle. The deep chuckle vibrated throughout Soubi's body and Ritsuka could feel it so thoroughly it was as if he had been chuckling himself. But he couldn't even if he wanted to. They may have had skin to skin in the past…but they were always blinded by thoughtless kisses…now Ritsuka was conscious and all too aware of the situation he was in.

"If you get scared…you can cling to me…" he murmured against the Sacrifice's ears, "You can scratch me too if it will help…but I'm not going to force you."

"Y-You're already forcing me." Ritsuka pointed out, weakly thumping his fist against Soubi's chest and then holding it there.

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not…"

The Fighter chuckled again and released Ritsuka long enough to slide his shirt down over his arms and dropping it in a crumple upon the floor. He returned his hands to Ritsuka's bare shoulders, cupping them then descending the palms of his hands over the teen's arms, feeling the lithe structure that had always been hidden from him for so long.

Resting his forehead against Soubi's collarbone, Ritsuka sighed, closing his eyes and twitching his tail from side to side and then relaxing it. He took a slow breath as every nerve concentrated on the sensation of Soubi's warmth running down his arms as the palms ran down their lengths until they reached his wrists. That's when the fingers coiled about them and his arms were pulled up from his sides and his hands were brought up, suddenly touching Soubi's chest.

"I want you to touch too." He said, releasing one of his hands and Ritsuka lowered the released hand into his lap but his other hand was resting over Soubi's heart where it was placed. Beneath the flesh he could feel the distinct thumping of something within his chest…Soubi's heart. It was beating pretty fast compared to Soubi's calm exterior. It probably rivaled Ritsuka's own heartbeat…

"Soubi…your heartbeat…"


"It's really fast." The teen said in mild amazement.

Soubi smiled.

"I'm only human, Ritsuka." He said, releasing the wrist of the hand against his heart and waited for Ritsuka to move.

The teen did, he leaned in and pressed his human ear against Soubi's heart and shut his eyes, listening to the pounding heart beneath the flesh of the Sentouki's leanly muscled chest.

"It sounds soothing somehow…" he murmured, eyes still closed, wanting to continue listening to the proof that Soubi was indeed a human being longer…he wanted to keep that sound in his ears, the resonating thumps that revealed Soubi's humanity and his ability to become nervous, anxious, or excited. It was all there in the beats within his breast.

Neither of them knew how much time had passed as Ritsuka listened to Soubi's heartbeat. It didn't occur to them to keep time of their actions or see how much of the night was fading away in their moment together…no, it was just them and their own company within the single room apartment. But even with the desire to listen to the life source, Ritsuka parted from Soubi's chest and was laid back against the mattress again, wrinkling up the comforter as Soubi's mouth glanced over his own, trailing down his neck, the tip of his tongue running down his throat without disgusting Ritsuka with a trail of spit, rather it was a rather dry graze over his flesh and the flames were roaring with the wood being added to them with each touch and kiss.

Kissing the teen's collarbone, Soubi lifted his head, peering up at his Sacrifice to see just what kind of reaction he was stirring from him. The Sentouki was pleased to see how Ritsuka had craned back his head, neck stretching and exposing his Adams Apple prominently and revealing the long contour as it arched. He looked so graceful…almost like a woman…but the masculinity was also evident within the boy.

Gingerly resting his hand upon the teen's chest, Agatsuma continued his agonizing descent down Ritsuka's body, trailing his fingers slowly after his kisses until he was at the navel, that's when his hand came into the lead and grazed over the fly of Ritsuka's high school uniform pants that he had been unable to change out of since he had not been home yet that day.

Ritsuka immediately lifted his head.


Soubi paused, lifting his own head.


Ritsuka's face reddened greatly. He didn't have a reason to stop him…he just didn't want Soubi to discover what was being concealed behind the zipper and single snap protection. It was embarrassing.

"It's alright." He said gently, reaching up and brushing the teen's bangs from his eyes.

Damn him and his words! Ritsuka cursed the Fighter in his mind as he found himself letting his head flop back down upon the mattress and his eyes shut tightly as he heard his snap undone and the zipper pulled.


He's surprised isn't he? W-What was he expecting with all of those kisses?

Ritsuka inwardly groaned as the silence deafened him, the complete lack of touch from the Sentouki made him panic…he was afraid to even open his eyes to see the expression on his face.

Please…say something Soubi…say some—THING!

Ritsuka gasped as he suddenly felt something touch him in his most personal area. He felt skin…he felt fingers…he felt a thumb…they were all cupping him teasingly and yet gently. He sat upright but another hand stopped him before he got up all of the way, his eyes open wide as he looked up at Soubi's face.

"W-What are you doing?" he demanded.

"I wanted to see if you fell asleep on me." He said but the smirk made Ritsuka think differently.

"P-Pervert…" he grumbled, trying to pull the man's hand away from between his legs.

"Ritsuka." He said, suddenly sounding a bit firm as he moved his hand away, "I'm not a pervert."

The Sacrifice averted his eyes and nodded once, embarrassed and a little put down at the sudden authority in the Sentouki's voice.

"I want to touch…" the Fighter's voice whispered suddenly as he pushed him back down gently, the teen submitting the moment the words left his mouth. "…let me touch you."

He had been touching…but this was the first time that he had Ritsuka literally "by the balls". Pardon the vulgar phrasing. He wanted to be able to touch the teen intimately without him springing up like a jackknife or trying to make him stop. Soubi wanted to be able to touch the body, feel it writhe beneath him and feel the untouched skin beneath his lips. Skin that none other had touched or tasted before…

Ritsuka grit his teeth again, "If you're going to have me naked…y-you have to be too! I'm not going to be the only one looking completely helpless."

"Understood." Soubi said in an affirmative tone and he climbed off of the bed, allowing Ritsuka to sit up again.

Standing beside his bed, Soubi calmly unfastened his belt, sliding it from the loops and wrapping it about his hand as Ritsuka watched him but his eyes wondered towards the back that was turned to him…there were thin lines running in different directions all over the man's back…lines that he hadn't noticed before the few times he had seen him shirtless…but now they were more prominent then ever…

He had stared so long that he had forgotten all about the fact that they were stripping down to Birthday suits and he hadn't even moved to remove his final clothing as well. So it was a complete shock to him when he noticed the way Soubi's pants had slackened about his hips but they lingered there.

Blinking at the Fighter, he slowly climbed off of the bed, approaching him and reached out, running his fingers over the scars on his back.


"Don't look at them." Soubi said quietly, turning around and facing the Sacrifice, tilting up his face with his hands, "They're irrelevant."


Soubi's mouth capped over his, surprising the teenager as he found that he was not only being kissed…but he felt the warm moisture of Soubi's tongue run over his once and it triggered a reaction that made Ritsuka's knees shake and the Sentouki's arms wrapped around him to steady him but his mouth still occupied Ritsuka's.

Don't stop it now…

Soubi opened his eyes slightly, seeing Ritsuka's tightly shut and how his cheeks were flushed, mouth yielding to his kiss without hesitation at last.

This is your spell, Ritsuka…

He felt Ritsuka's hands on his chest.

Don't break it.

Ritsuka pulled his mouth away and he winced as something hard pressed against his sensitive erection, he lowered his eyes to see what…only to lift them again, his entire face bright red and ears hanging low. Soubi could practically hear the steam whistling from the boy's ears.

I love you, Soubi…Ritsuka thought, squeezing his eyes tightly shut and running his hands timidly down the man's sides, pushing down at his pants.


"T-That's wrong!"

Soubi looked up a little perplexed, closing his mouth immediately.

Ritsuka stared down at him, drawing his knees up quickly, "That's…"

"It's not wrong." He reassured him, pulling his legs back down with a little resistance from the teen.


Soubi smiled, "Just tell me…" he bent down, "does it feel good?"

Ritsuka gasped, gripping the bedspread as he was drawn into Soubi's mouth, every nerve was on the edge, and he was rigid and unable to move as he felt Soubi's tongue and the strange sensation of his teeth lightly grazing the sensitive skin of his erection.


He jumped as the Sentouki started to lift his head but he slowly descended upon him again and repeated it a few times, each time making Ritsuka panic with the strange and unfamiliar feeling it was giving him. It felt weird and yet pleasant but he wasn't about to admit that to Soubi at that time…it was all too embarrassing!

"S-Stop it! Soubi!"

Closing his eyes, Soubi withdrew himself and sat up, the comforter that they had been tenting beneath sliding down his shoulders as he looked down at the trembling Ritsuka as he pushed himself up onto his elbows.

"It's…its strange!" he exclaimed, It's…its dirty!

"Ritsuka…" Soubi comforted, resting a hand over his head, "You're new to it…I was scared as well."

That made Ritsuka snap out of it.

"You…were scared?"

"You didn't think I was heartless, did you?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"You…you seem like it." He admitted, averting his eyes.

Soubi took his hand and closed it about himself, making the teen inwardly scream, his tail bristling.

"I'm human, Ritsuka. And it's not wrong…because I love you." He said, releasing Ritsuka's hand, "So…don't be afraid of it."

Ritsuka released him, looking at his hand uneasily before clenching it into a fist. He looked up at Soubi and the Sentouki was surprised by the way Ritsuka's eyes became determined and he shifted to his knees and rest a hand on Soubi's stomach, lightly pressing against it. He sat back, the comforter bunching up behind him now as Ritsuka lowered himself onto the mattress, hands on Soubi's waist and he continued to glare up at Soubi as he lowered his head.

Soubi stifled a groan as the teen suddenly withdrew his own erection partially into his mouth, the uncertainty of the gesture not phasing him at all…it was Ritsuka's mouth after all…and he wasn't keeping score on who was better at it…but chills ran down his spine as Ritsuka hesitantly copied Soubi's former practice on him.

It is your first time…but Ritsuka…I'm not going to be disappointed…and neither are you.



Soubi ran his hand down the teen's back, he outlined the muscles with his index finger and admired every line…every curve, the shoulder blades, the fine line over his spine…his back was as cute as it was when he was little…but now, it was Soubi's back, his…and no one else's.

I want your name, Ritsuka…I want to believe that there is a way to give me your name…but…can it really be done?

Resting his hands on the teen's hips, Soubi peered down at Ritsuka as he glanced back over his shoulder, his tail tickled Soubi's stomach and he had to brush it away again as Ritsuka swallowed.

"Can you handle it?" he inquired.

Taking a breath, Ritsuka closed his eyes, turning his face away. "I'm fine!" He gripped the fitted sheet tightly, bracing himself for what he was expecting to be a world of pain rather then pleasure. He trembled under Soubi's hands and the Sentouki hesitated, peering down at the Sacrifice sympathetically.

Sex was supposed to be something that expressed love…but for Ritsuka…he was only making love more and more painful for him…

Perhaps he was really supposed to be called Loveless after all…since love was nothing but pain for him…it must have meant something.

Closing his own eyes, Soubi leaned over, wrapping an arm about the teen's stomach, then, taking a steady breath, he thrusted and a painful gasp met his ears. The sound made him want to stop right then and there, he was hurting Ritsuka. Hurting him as he was always hurting him in their battles whenever Soubi had faltered in Aoyagi's youth. But this pain was only Ritsuka's to bear this time.

Even though Ritsuka was in pain, he knew he wouldn't stop…he knew that he liked it too much.

Easing away a little, Soubi thought he felt Ritsuka relax a little before he thrusted again, this time Ritsuka squeaked and tensed up again.

"Ow…" he whimpered against the mattress.

"I can stop…"

"I-I'm fine!" he snapped over his shoulder, "If—this is what you want, then…go ahead and do it!"

I love you, Soubi…and if this is what you want, then do it. I don't want to be your master. I don't own you. I want you to be with me as you always have…even though you make things so painful for me.

Another thrust.

…I…I always want to be near you.

Ritsuka began to relax himself a little as another came on. Comforting hands caressing him.

Stay with me, Soubi…

"You can…keep going…I'm…I'm fine!"

Soubi nodded once, and Ritsuka stifled another sound as he felt Soubi plunge deeper inside of him. He couldn't breathe…he forgot how for a moment, his breath caught in his lungs with each thrust and he had to take deep, gasping breaths to make up for the number of caught inhales. He groaned once but slapped his hand over his mouth, embarrassed.

Is that my voice? He wondered, shocked, Is that…MY voice?

Tensing up as he felt himself reaching his breaking point, Soubi clung to Ritsuka, gritting his teeth a little as he let out a struggled word from his lips.


The teen winced as Soubi suddenly quickened his pace a little but then the man shuddered and he exhaled heavily as warmth flooded through his body, Soubi collapsing onto the mattress as he slumped forward himself. He hadn't even realized just how out of breath he was until he felt Soubi pulling the comforter over them.

Ritsuka curled up against his fighter, closing his eyes as he rest his head against the man's chest, listening to the still pounding heartbeat that would probably take some time to slow back down.

As the Sacrifice lie there against Soubi, he reached up, fingering the bandages about his neck for a moment…he was hesitant to see if what his former teacher said would have been the truth or not…he didn't want to find out…but at the same time he did.


"My chest itches a little…" Ritsuka said suddenly, sitting up.

Soubi looked at the arch of Ritsuka's back, reaching over and stroking it gently before he noticed that Ritsuka was touching his chest.

"What is it?" he sat up as well.

"There's something on my chest…" Ritsuka said, scratching at it. Please don't let it be one of those hickies I heard about…

"Let me see."

"You've looked at my chest enough, tonight." He said, crossing his arms over it.

Soubi smiled, sighing breathlessly, "One more time won't hurt you."

Ritsuka glared at this remark, he had just gone through his first time at sex and it had hurt, he didn't see a very good reason for people to want to do it all the time…with the exception of the fact that he had felt closer to Soubi then he had ever felt before…

"Fine." He grumbled; lowering his arms and Soubi peered down at the red marks that were left behind by Ritsuka's fingernails from when he had scratched at it.

Looking at him he coulf see traces of pink marks on Ritsuka's neck…but he wasn;t sure if the marks were from him…or from something that was not related to their recent fiasco.

However…when Soubi looked at the area in question…he saw what looked like some kind of a mark that was the size of a fist. It was very light in color, he could hardly distinguish it from the teen's skin…but it was there. A mark that was shaped like a broken heart…

"Your name…that is your name, Ritsuka." Soubi said, outlining it with his index finger.

"My name?" Ritsuka tucked his chin in to try and look down at his chest, "You mean…I have a visible mark on me? Like you?"

Soubi looked down at his own chest…but didn't see anything, nor did it itch.

He removed his bandages and ran his fingers over the base of his neck.

The same…my name…I am still Beloved…

Shifting his gaze back to Ritsuka, Soubi watched him prod at the mark on his chest with a slight frown. He knew how much Ritsuka somewhat disliked his name and he was sure that he wasn't expecting a mark.

So...you were lying to me after all, Sensei…it's impossible to change one's name.

Ritsuka peered up at the Sentouki, and just as he did, Soubi noticed something else about Ritsuka that he had neglected to notice.

"Ritsuka…your ears." He rested his hand on Ritsuka's brow and smoothed his hand through the teen's hair, "…are gone…"


The End