Danny Phantom: Rude Relatives.

Description: Danny's little cousin has come to stay. He is constantly following Danny around and Danny needs time to fight ghosts. Danny is also going through some changes. Weird things are happening to Danny and Sam and they think Vlad is involved. Will Danny be able to hide his secret identity? This cousin uses a lot of slang words so if he knows something will they be able to understand him?

Author Note: this is my second story, I got this idea eating breakfast. I guess it must be because I love food so much.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does.

It was a normal winter morning for Danny Fenton as he hopped out of bed. He was feeling unusually hot today.

"That's a surprise, normally I feel colder because of ghosts. Oh w… AHHH!" screamed Danny, looking into his bedroom mirror.

A red face with raven black hair looked back at him. Danny looked all over his arms and they were also red. His legs and stomach were red too. This was different. What was happening? He was starting to look like a tomato and Danny didn't like tomatoes!

"Danny are you okay I heard you scream… OH MY GOSH!" screamed Jazz.

Danny looked at her with a sad look on his face. She looked at his skin very closely.

"What the hell has happened to your skin?" asked Jazz, scratching her head.

"I have no idea." He answered with a confused look on his face.

"I better get mom and dad." Called Jazz, running downstairs.


"What's up princess? More importantly what's up Danny?" asked Jack, running into Danny's room instantly.

"I don't know." Mumbled Danny, looking himself over.

"What happened to you Danny? You look like you have just been in a microwave oven!" frowned Maddie, running into the room.

"I haven't been anywhere. I feel extremely hot though…" sighed Danny, collapsing onto his bed with his head in his hands.

"Don't worry son, we'll call the doctor. Be careful Jazz, it might be contagious." Warned Jack.

"Hang in there little brother." Whispered Jazz.

She walked out of the room. Jack followed and closed the door behind him.

'Don't listen to your father, Danny. You just relax and I will bring you some iced tea since you are feeling hot. I will get your father to call the school to tell them you're not coming in today and then he will call the doctor and get him over. Just relax, take a cold bath and get dressed." Smiled Maddie, feeling Danny's forehead. "My, you are quite hot. You really need to take a cold bath."

Maddie left the room and Danny looked at himself again.

What is happening to me? I have never heard of a disease like this. My whole body is red and I feel like I'm on fire. Thought Danny. He got off the bed and walked into his bathroom. He shut the door and turned the lock. He got out his towel and put it near the white bath. He put in the plug and ran the cold water. He wanted to see if he looked red as a ghost as well. It was really tempting but Danny told himself he couldn't. He went back into his room and got out some shorts, a singlet and some thongs. He wasn't going to wear his usual white top and jeans in the condition he was in. He walked into the bathroom again and turned off the bath.

About ten minutes later his mom entered his room. Danny was rushing about looking for the thermometer when she entered.

"How are you feeling son? You really should take a bath." She placed a tray with icy cold orange juice on it down by Danny's bed. "I couldn't find any iced tea so I just made you orange juice instead."

"Thanks, mom. Now can I have a little bit of privacy while I have a bath?" asked Danny, walking towards the door.

"Uh, sure. By the way, I just called Mr. Lancer. He said he would send someone over with your homework after school." Maddie informed Danny.

"Oh, thanks." Said Danny.

Maddie finally left and shut the bedroom door behind.Danny walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He touched his face. He was kind of hoping a ghost would come by so that he could see if his skin was red. He also wanted to cool down and normally when a ghost came by he got colder.

He gave up and shouted his signature cry "Going Ghost!"

He shot his arms in the air and watched as two blue rings appeared around his body. He rushed over to the mirror.

"That's odd. My skin looks perfectly normal and I feel perfectly normal." Muttered Danny, looking all over his skin.

He changed back into a human and glanced into the mirror. He looked normal. His skin wasn't red anymore and he felt normal, cold from the weather. Danny ignored this and hopped into the bath. It was cold but Danny didn't feel like having a warm bath. He sunk into the bath and thought of Sam. If only he had the guts to ask her out.

About ten minutes later he heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Danny asked, hoping it wasn't the doctor.

Danny hadn't seen the doctor since he acquired these ghost powers. He was afraid the doctor might be able to tell. Then what would happen? His secret would be out and people would do experiments with him. Like Jack said, "If I ever catch the ghost boy I will tear him apart, molecule by molecule."

"It's mom! Are you feeling better? I thought I might check up on you before I get Jack to call the doctor." Shouted a voice from the other side of the door.

"Just a minute!" called out Danny.

He got out of the bathtub and dried himself. He looked in the cupboard for a spare pair of his jeans and top. Just where he expected, folded up on the second shelf. He threw these on and looked at himself in the mirror. Same old same old. He opened the door to an impatient Maddie.

"Why, Danny! You look better already. I guess we don't have to call a doctor. Just spend the rest of your day relaxing and you should be fine." Squealed Maddie.

She rushed out of his room as he collapsed on the bed. He opened the first draw of his bedside table and got out his phone. He looked at the clock. It read '10:30am' in big, red bold numbers.

"I guess it is okay to ring Sam and Tucker. It is recess." Danny thought out loud.

Just as he had finished saying that his phone began to ring. On the screen it said 'Samantha calling.' Danny opened his phone and held it to his ear.

"Thank you for calling Fenton line. I mean, hi Sam." Answered Danny.

"Danny? Are you okay? Jazz told us why you are away." Greeted Sam, with worry in her voice.

"I'm fine. Well I am now. For some reason, when I went ghost I was normal. I transformed into my normal self and I wasn't red anymore." Explained Danny.

"Wow, that's odd. Maybe we should do some research. If you're OK now then maybe you might like to. I'm busy all day. Hang on, Tucker wants to talk to you." Sung Sam, all cheery.

Wait, all cheery? That's not like Sam. Maybe she's happy I'm not at school. No, she sounded worried when she asked if I was alright. Maybe, she likes me. No, that isn't possible.

"Hello?" spoke Tucker.

"Hi Tucker." answered Danny.

"Dude, you alright?" asked Tucker.

"Uh, yeah… I am now. Like it was weird, because I went ghost and my skin was normal again so I transformed back and I was all better." Danny explained again.

"Oh, that's good. Oh no, the bell. I have to go. Another tardy slip and I will have detention. Bye man." Tucker said.

"bye." Muttered Danny, hanging up.

He put his phone back in the draw and got out a blank book. It had nothing on the cover and nothing inside. Jazz had bought it for Danny in case he felt like writing a book. Danny didn't know what to do with that book so he just put in on his table. He started to think about the event that happened the previous day. He remembered how green stuff fell on Sam and him. Maybe this was what was causing the strange skin. But if it was, wouldn't it have affected Sam? Danny decided to do something else so he got out of bed and walked downstairs to watch TV.

"Ah, Danny. I'm glad you're feeling better. Come over here and check out my new ghost invention." Jack called out from the basement.

Danny grabbed a soda and walked down. He was getting quite thirsty and had spilt his orange juice all over his bathroom floor instead of drinking it. It was an accident. He accidentally turned the glass and his hand intangible. He was only trying to split himself into two. Or as many others say, duplicate his form. It was unfair, Vlad Plasmius could split himself into four different Vlad's and Danny couldn't even split himself in two.

Danny walked into the basement to see something very strange. It was small and looked like a bouncy ball.

"What is this dad?" Danny asked.

"It is called the Fenton Ghost Drainer. If you throw it at a human it won't hurt the human but if you throw it at a ghost then the ghost gets weaker every second until it passes out." Jack explained to Danny.

"Oh, OK. Well I am feeling a bit light headed. I am going to lie down for a bit." Choked Danny.

He went into the lounge room and watched cartoons for a while. Danny was really amused. He was so amused that he fell asleep. If you can't tell, I am being sarcastic. Danny got so bored in the middle of watching 'superman' that he snored so loud his father came upstairs. And Jack can't hear things. He is slightly deaf in the ears.

"Danny?" called out a voice.

"Ah! I wasn't sinking through the chair." He screamed.

"Relax Danny it's just me, Sam. And no you weren't sinking through the chair." She laughed.

"Oh, hey Sam. Listen, I need you to do me a job. I need you to dress as a ghost so my dad thinks his new weapon doesn't work. I will be invisible next to you and after a while I will fly you through the roof." Danny explained.

"Alright, if it will help you. I need to look like a ghost though…" she hinted.

"Fine, I will find you something." Moaned Danny, getting up from the couch.

They walked up to his room where they found a silver wig that looked like Danny Phantoms hair and another identical jumpsuit. Sam hopped into this and Danny made sure her face looked good enough. He washed off all her make-up and put green contacts in her eyes. This needs to be convincing.

"There you go, all done. And, if I stand near you and they put a ghost radar towards you they will think you are a ghost." Grinned Danny.

"Hurry up, I need to get home." Complained Sam, looking at her watch.

"I will do your talking. Alright, here goes." Whispered Danny, hearing footsteps near by.

The door slowly opened and Jazz stepped in.

"Danny? Can you explain to me why you are there and your ghost half is there?" asked Jazz.

"My ghost half? Does that look like my ghost half?" he asked.

"Uh, isn't it your ghost half?" asked Jazz, getting annoyed.

"It's me, Sam. I am dressing like this to destroy a weapon that may be a threat to Danny." Sam explained.

"Well, I will leave you guys to it." Frowned Jazz, walking off.

Danny jumped up into the air and transformed into Danny Phantom. He put his hands on Sam and flew her down to the basement where his parents were watching the Fenton Portal. The Fenton Finder sitting next to them started beeping like crazy. They looked at the device and looked where it was pointing, behind them. Danny was invisible but Sam was visible. Danny took over Sam's body for a second.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the public ghost enemy number one, Inviso-Bill." Laughed Jack.


"Well, someone is a bit cranky this morning." Frowned Maddie.

"Beware ghost, because we are ghost hunters and we just made a new invention which we are going to test out on you." Warned Jack.

This was Danny's cue. He left Sam's body and flew behind her. Jack threw the ball at Sam and it hit her in the stomach. It bounced on the floor and Jack picked it up.

"What gives?" Danny asked, flying into Sam's body.

"You didn't feel any pain?" muttered Jack.

"Nope, not a thing." Sighed Danny.

"Are you sure?" asked Maddie.

"very, look, you're wasting my time. I'm heading off, see you next time, Jack, Maddie." He smiled and flew Sam through the roof.

Danny flew her into his room, left her body and transformed into Danny Fenton. She held her head and looked around at her surroundings. She jumped a bit when she saw Danny looking at her. She could smell his cologne and it smelt really nice.

"what happened? Did you prove your parents wrong?" asked Sam, blinking.

"yep, thanks Sam. I couldn't have done it without you." He thanked her.

A small smile appeared on both their faces and they started to blush. Sam went into the bathroom and started to change into her normal clothes when Danny's father barged into his room. Danny jumped in surprise and was glad that Sam was in the bathroom. Just at that time Sam walked out.

"don't you think it was funny how your…" she started, realising Danny's dad was in there.

"what was funny Sam? Oh, that reminds me. Danny, have you seen a ghost go up here?" asked Jack.

Sam ignored his question about what was funny and hoped Danny would find a good enough answer. He could say a simple no but then his dad might have a bit of hope left.

"yeah, he stopped for a chat." Danny said as if it were nothing, not looking up from an interesting book.

"WHAT? Why didn't you tell me?" asked Jack.

"he only just went, I did tell you. He said hi, and then he said… that you were wasting his time and he needed to be off in a hurry. Then he looked at my eyes and asked what the invention did." Danny explained.

"what did you tell him?" asked Jack.

"I told him that it was meant to weaken a ghost until it passed out. He said that was funny because he felt normal and it happened five minutes ago. He said don't get your hopes up, try again. He is sure you will succeed. He then flew off. No big deal." Muttered Danny, getting up from his chair.

"No big deal? NO BIG DEAL? Of course it is a big deal! I guess I will just give up on this invention." Mumbled Jack, shaking his head and walking out.

Danny and Sam exchanged glances and high fived. Danny remembered what he was thinking about earlier on this morning so he decided he should ask Sam if anything strange had happened to her.

"Sam, has anything strange happened since the day we got covered in green goo?" asked Danny.

"why do you ask?" asked Sam, confused.

"oh, because it might have a connection with that thing that happened today." Explained Danny.

"well, nothing I remember of. Oh wait, there is that one thing. I decided to help you and your evil schemes." She laughed.

"very funny Sam. This is serious, in case you haven't noticed." He said, sarcastically.

"I haven't had any mysterious changes, but I am hungry. Maybe we could grab a nasty burger?" she suggested.

Danny sighed and gave in to her. He looked at her while changing into Danny Phantom. He picked her up and flew her out of the room, towards the Nasty Burger. He flew behind a tree and changed into Danny Fenton. They walked inside and up to the counter.

"Hi, welcome to Nasty Burger, may I please take your order?" asked the lady at the cash register.

"Uh… I will have a double cheese burger and a small fries and she will have a Nasty salad and a small juice." Danny told her.

"That's ten dollars thanks." She smiled.

Danny gave her the money and waited as she spoke into the microphone. She gave him the bag with the food in it and they walked outside. They walked around to the back of Nasty Burger and Danny made sure no one was there. He transformed into Danny Phantom and picked Sam up, heading for her house. They ate their food on the way so they flew slowly. Danny could feel the wind blowing on his face. He decided to turn intangible so that he didn't feel it. By that time they had finished eating and arrived at the balcony of Sam's house.

"Thanks Danny, I had fun tonight." Sam blushed.

"That's alright." He smiled.

They looked into each others eyes and leaned in to kiss. Just before they could kiss, Sam's mother came barging into the room.

"Sammy-kins? Are you in here? Oh, there you are. I was looking all over… who is that boy?" Sam's mom asked her.

Danny noticed that it would be a good time to fly home. He jumped off the balcony and let Sam's mom believe he was falling. She started to scream and ran over to the balcony.

"Oh, stop being an attention seeker." Sam groaned.

"Samantha Manson, that boy just killed himself… what? He is just floating there." Sam's mom was confused.

"Mom, you didn't know he was a ghost? Oh, didn't I tell you. That's Danny Phantom, he is a ghost. He saved my life." Explained Sam, making things up.

"Bye Mrs. Manson!" he yelled, flying off.

Danny liked to scare people who hadn't known that he was a ghost. It was fun. Danny flew home and flew into his room where his mother and father were standing. Danny stood up and was about to change into Danny Fenton when he noticed them come out of his bathroom.

"Freeze ghost!" yelled Jack, pointing a gun at Danny.

"What do you think you're doing in my son's room?" asked Maddie, also pointing a gun at him.

"Uh, it's time to pick a human friend?" smiled Danny.

"Sure, sure… very funny." Maddie said sarcastically.

"I am not trying to be funny; I just want to get out of here." And with that, Danny flew out of the house and changed into Danny Fenton on the doorstep.

Danny walked into the house and called to his parents that he was home. His mother and father came racing downstairs.

"Danny, did you see a ghost go by?" asked Maddie.

"Uh, no." Danny lied to them.

"Danny, we need to tell you something. Tomorrow, your little cousin, frank is coming to stay with us." Squealed Maddie.

"Great, another annoying brat." Danny muttered to himself.

"What was that?" asked his mother.

"Oh… I said great." He lied again. "I'll be in my room."