Title: Hopeless

Author: Vanagristiel

Rating: T (just to be safe)

Genre: Angst

Disclaimer: Silmarillion is not mine... and will never be mine... it's Tolkien's. sigh but if they give it to me you won't see me complaining... hehehehe

Summary: Just a little one-shot about Maedhros during his captivity in the Thangorodrin.

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He opened his eyes to a dead world. All around him, there was only destruction. He could feel the wind in his face, but it was not refreshing… it brought the foul stench of the creatures Morgoth had created and stored inside those foul mountains.

He felt weak… his body shook from the mistreatment it had been submitted to. And the pain was something he never thought one could endure.

But still there he was… hanging by his right arm, on the side of a cliff in the middle of the Thangorodrin… away from everything and everyone he loved… with no hope of freedom… only desperation… with nothing but the expectance of death as his one and only comfort.

He could not tell how long he had been there… but it felt like an eternity. He dared not to look up anymore… for there was a chance that in the midst of his anguish, he would see the stars… and it would break his heart, for it would remind him of all he had lost, of all the beauty that was still out there, and that was now beyond his reach.

That's why when he first heard it, he thought it was a dream… a cursed dream that came to taunt him and torment him in his despair. He used what strength he had left to will it away, but the song didn't fade, instead it became stronger.

His heart, for so long without hope… for so long without a reason, was now filled with expectation. There was someone out there looking for him… someone that loved him enough to come into this horrid place and rescue him.

He knew the song from his childhood days… and he knew that voice. It was Fingon.

He opened his mouth to call out for him… to let him know where he was, but not a sound left his parched mouth. He tried it once more, but again silence was his voice.

The song began to distance itself from him and he felt all the hope that had been restored to his heart, be torn away so viciously that outdid all the torture Morgoth had put him through. After all he had endured he would die there when help had been so close…

He prayed the Valar for strength to beat this darkness, to reach out to the light one more time. And as the tears flowed down his face, his voice made itself heard, as he matched the one of his brother in heart on that old and dear tune.

The voice came out low and raspy… so weak that for a moment he thought Fingon wouldn't be able to hear him. But when he opened his eyes, what greeted him was the most wonderful sight… a pure light in the middle of that wasteland. His friend standing on top of the cliff, calling out for him, looking at him with so much love and worry that made his heart almost burst with joy.

Hope had been sent to him in the form of his oldest friend… and in that one moment, despite all his desolation, Maedhros was in peace.

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