Chapter 1

Pinto Hath was worried. She was sitting in one her favourite places, next to her mother's grave, nibbling on her fingers. She was now 16 years old, a year married, and everything was going wrong.

She sat on her hands and faced the ground to talk to her mother's long gone spirit.

"Bo's coming back tomorrow, ma. I'm really scared, things haven't been the same since, well you know. Pa's still pretending nothing happened, but Bo was furious, and Mumpo…" she trailed off.

Her husband, Mumpo hadn't spoken to her for weeks. He slept downstairs, left their cottage early in the morning, and came back late at night. When Pinto tried to talk to him, he had gotten that sullen, sulky look and that's when she had 'walked into a door'. She spent most of her time crying, none of the Manth people would look at her, except Creoth, a good friend of her father's. Hanno would never shut one of his children out, no matter what they had done, and Creoth followed him. But it was not the same.

"It's gotten so bad, ma." She was crying by this point. "I just close my eyes and wish it didn't happen, but then I realise, I did mean what I said, and that's what hurts most, I'm such a bad person, I-"

"Pinto?" she turned around. Her father was there, frowning slightly over gentle eyes.

She wiped the tears away quickly, hoping he hadn't heard.

"Dad, I'm sorry, I was-"

"I know darling, I know." He sighed. "You know, you're probably going to have to apologise to Bo tomorrow." He paused. "Even if you meant it."

She gasped. He had heard. "I'm sorry, pa. I really am."

"You don't have to explain yourself to me, child. There is nothing you could do that I would stop loving you. I know how bad it's been for you the past month."

She sniffed. "I think Mumpo's going to leave me, pa."

He didn't look surprised. "Just work on Bo first. I'm sure he'll come round."

"But Pa!" she stood up suddenly, tears pouring down her face. "I'm pregnant!"