Chapter 6

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Bowman and Sisi were being surrounded by all the citizens of the homeland, friends new and old. Hanno watched from a distance, proud to have his only son back and happy to wait his turn for a greeting, but something nagged at the back of his mind.

He knew there was trouble brewing. He realised all too late that having Mumpo marry Pinto was merely an act to meet her emotional needs, but was clearly the wrong decision. Hanno had never told her the marriage was planned for her, it would break her heart and at a time like this he would do anything to prevent further upset for his only living daughter.

Being a quiet family man, Hanno had never liked arguments, and couldn't stand feeling constantly uncomfortable in his home. Pinto was always unhappy lately, Bowman quietly fumed – something so unlike his son that it worried Hanno greatly- and Mumpo, his son-in-law, hardly spoke to anyone, became aggressive and defensive too easily nowadays.

Hanno sighed to himself. He couldn't help thinking it was all his fault – he had let the marriage go ahead, fueled Pinto's jealousy instead of encouraging…well what? He had known the circumstances at the time, Mumpo had told him personally – should Hanno have listened to him on the day that changed everything, instead of doing what he could to make Pinto happy?

He had been covering this worry for as long as the marriage had lasted, even when it seemed to be going well. But after Pinto's outburst about Kess, it was clear to everyone how their relationship was going, and Hanno could now see it was not a marriage.

He cursed himself silently for being so weak, especially in those days, so soon after his beloved wife and daughter's death. Bowman may still be able to feel Kess, and Pinto often could talk to Ira, but Hanno, head of the family and closest to all could not manage to make any connections. He knew he had not prophetic blood inside his veins, and this saddened him when he saw how the children could communicate with those who had been gone for so long.

A small tear appeared in his eyes.

Wiping his face swiftly and pushing his darkest fears and worries straight to the back of his mind, Hanno walked forward to hug Bowman.

'Pa.' Bo greeted him solemnly, trepidation filling his expression. Hanno couldn't help thinking how Bowman only knew half the story – he was as clueless as most until Pinto had said the words last month which she would regret for the rest of her life.

If only that was Hanno's only trouble. He needed to speak to Mumpo as soon as possible, especially now there was an unborn child involved. No one else could ever know.