"Mal! Wait!" Inara watched nervously as he stopped and swung back around towards her. A smug expression was plastered on his face and he looked at her, waiting expectantly.

"Yeah?" He asked, casually.

"I…I didn't let her kiss me." Inara stammered. She felt her heart flutter heavily in her chest and cast her eyes down to the floor. She couldn't look Mal in the eye.

"Wha-?" Mal grunted.

"Saffron didn't kiss me."

"Huh. So you didn't fall an' you didn't let her kiss you. Then how-?" A confused expression washed over him as he tried to make sense of it all.

"You're saying that she didn't kiss you – you kissed her?" Mal smirked.

"No!" Inara glared at him. Honestly, he could be so clueless sometimes!

Mal shot her a grin and returned to his thoughts. He fell silent for a few moments.

"Not sure I understand. Would you care to enlighten me?" Mal dragged a hand through his hair and walked over to the chair, where he sat down.

Inara remained standing and mentally scolded at herself for putting herself in her present situation. If she had just kept her mouth shut, things would be going on like normal, like they should. This should not be happening. Inara turned to Mal.

"Do you really want to know?"

Mal nodded, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth at her discomfort.

"Yeah, o' course. That's why I was askin'."

"Right." Inara began pacing the room, panicking. Her usual composure was gone and it was obvious that her nerves had the better of her despite her intense training.

"You okay?" Mal asked. Inara heard a trace of concern in his voice. She swore at herself, knowing that Mal had noticed her slip.

Ignoring the question, Inara continued pacing and tried to word an explanation in her head. Coming up with nothing clever, she sighed. Mal studied Inara carefully as she paced, as if it looking at her would reveal the truth. Nothing became any clearer though, so he turned his gaze to the floor for a moment before looking back up.

Inara glanced over in his direction at that exact moment and their eyes met. Unspoken truths became apparent as they looked at each other. Everything that had been unsaid came clear. Mal suddenly pulled away as realisation dawned on him.