It was just another day on the Merry Go. Zoro was taking his daily nap, Usopp was atop the ship, scouting for land. Luffy was on the ships head with his eyes straight-forward set on adventure, Robin was reading a book on archeology and Sanji was once again doing his best to woo Nami with his compassionate gentleman skills.

"The finest tangerine for you, my love!" Said Sanji, enthusiastically.

" Now now Sanji, I'm busy.."

Sanji blinked as his heart eyes turned to normal to notice that Nami was plotting a map for the destination they last left. Sighing softly Sanji turned and walked on the ship's man deck. It was a lovely day, there was a cool sea breeze and the comforting sound of seagulls chirping above them made him feel just a bit better, if not at all. His arms leaned on the rail blocking him from the fall into the ocean, leaning his hand on his chin and the other grasping the tangerine, he pondered silently.

"Something wrong, cook-san?"

Sanji jumped and turned his head to see Robin reading a book, his spirits were instantly lifted.


His eyes turned into hearts once again and he swooned his way over to her, going down to a knee and lifting the hand that concealed the tangerine then opened it.

"The sea's finest tangerine, for you!"

Robin smiled sweetly and placed the book into her lap, taking the tangerine and peeling off a piece.

"Thank you."

"Pleasure is all mine."

Sanji stood in this position and but watched as she ate, his heart pumping madly. Then, before his eyes was her hand holding a piece.

"This is too good not to share with anyone."

Sanji held back his tears and took it, savoring the taste, twisting and turning out of sheer happiness. Robin but smiled and finished the last piece.

"That was delicious!"

"How it was.."

Sanji was still swooning over her, Robin kept the sweet smile on her face and asked once again.

"Cook-san, you looked depressed over there before you came by, is something wrong?"

Sanji's heart eyes turned back to normal and his face turned stoic.


He began to rub the back of his neck. Robin turned in her seat to face him.

"Well what?"

Sanji sighed and looked out into the sea.

"Sometimes..I get the feeling that Nami doesn't have the same feelings toward me as I do her."

Robin kept silent as her face turned from happy to serious.

"Daily I try to tell her through obvious signs and she doesn't really seem to get to point, and I think, is it really worth it?"

Robin leaned he elbow on her thigh and her hand on her chin.

"But..unlike her, you seem like you enjoy my attempts of affetion."

Robin smiled.

"Of course, I can see how hard you try, so I can't let it all go to waste."

Sanji's eyes light up.

"But I think I know the reason why she isn't really giving you the same affection.." Robin said unusually slowly.

Sanji just blinked.


Robin lifted a finger, motioning for him to come closer and Sanji did just that, Robin placed hand to his cheek and turned his head to whisper something into her ear. Sanji's eyes widened and he instantly turned enraged.


He stood up and pushed up one of his arm's sleeve, but it was useless since he doesn't fight with his hands.

"I'll kill that bastard!"

"Relax, cook-san!"

Robin tugged on his sleeve, Sanji's overpowerment from women allowed him to calm down and take a seat next to her, his eyes aflame and still in rage.

"How did you figure out anyway?" Sanji said with a growl.

"Well.." Robin's voice trailed away as Sanji turned his head to look at her.

"I was sleeping then I awoke to sounds, I noticed that she wasan't in her bed and natrually I got curious. I used by power to look throughout the ship…then..I saw him and her in the living quarter's..from the view I could tell they were doing something.."

The entire time through her talking Sanji's blood boiled, he raised a fist, and it was shaking violently.

"Damned carrot!"

"I didn't want to tell you because I was afraid you would get your heart broken.."

It seemed that all the anger swept away from him as soon as she finished saying that. Sanji looked to her.

"I'm not really heartbroken..I'm angry at him.."

"But..I thought you had feelings for her?"

Sanji kept silent and let out a heavy sigh. He parted his lips to answer but then an annoying voice rang into his ear.


Sanji felt as if his eardrum burst as the captain yelled into it.

"Don't do that! Idiot!"

Sanji sent a foot into Luffy's gut and it but streched.

"Oi! Don't do that when my belly is empty!"

Robin giggled softly as Sanji adjusted his tie and made his way down to the kitchen and Luffy followed.

An hour or two after they went into the kitchen, Luffy's voice echoed throughout the ship.


Not too long after he said this everyone made their way down into the kitchen, Sanji noticed that Zoro and Nami came in together, and Zoro was adjusting his pants as he did. Sanji's eye twitched and he set up the table and slammed down the food in a rather fast but neat order.

"Eat up." He said rather disgustantly.

Through Luffy's full mouth he spoke across the table to Chopper.

"No hats at the table!"

Usopp's face got splattered with bits of meat, he groaned and continued to eat.

"That goes for you too, Luffy!" Chopper said rather angrily.

They would continue their argument and soon food was being stolen under their noises, of course by Luffy. Sanji didn't have an appiteite to eat, he just sat back with a cigarette in his mouth, arms crossed and a look of deep thought in his face. His head then turned into the directed of something tapping his shoulder, it was an arm protrudeing from the wall, pointing at the direction of the stairs leading up to the main deck. Sanji flicked away his cigarette and went upstairs, dodgeing the food being thrown. The first thing he noticed was how fast went by, it was already dawn and the sky was painting a deep crimson as the sun set into the horizon.

"Lovely view.." Said Robin.

Sanji nodded and stepped next to her, placing his hands on the rail and looking out into the sea as the breeze went through his hair.

"Did you need something, Robin..?" Sanji turned his head to look at her.

"I was thinking about what you said, it must be hard on you…Sanji.."

Sanji's eyes widened slightly, this was the first time he heard her use his real name. Robin looked to him and smiled.

"Something wrong..?" she tilted her head as her smile broaded, she looked so cute. Sanji shook his head and smiled as well.

"'s nothing.."

Sanji slowly shuffeled his way closer to her his eyes staring directly into Robin's. His heart was beating and he could feel the sweat pouring from his underarm. He was close enough now to count the eyelashes on her, close enough to feel her breath agaist him, to smell her beautiful sent, as well as feel her body warmth. Robin didn't do anything to object to this, she actually made the last move and pressed her lips to hers, falling into the passionate kiss.

Later that night while everyone was asleep, Sanji and Robin were not.


The rooms tiny space finally backfired on them, as their body's friction, along with their breath's gathered up in the room and had nowhere else to go, but back to them. Sweat dripped off Sanji's brow, but there was still tiny beads of it along his entire body along with Robin's. Erotic sounds of their flesh slapping together echoed throughout the room, along with their outcrys, moans and groans. With Robin's back on the floor, her legs wrapped around his waist and arms placed around his neck she bit at her bottom lip to compress her moans.

"So good.." Sanji muttered between his breathes and moans.

Sitting back and pulling away from her arms grasp his hands trailed down to her ankles and lifted it into the air then began to thrust into her with immense force and speed, moaning continously. Robin arched slightly and gripped at the bedsheets, tugging on it.

"R-Robin..I'm coming..!"

"Don't pull it out…come inside." Robin replyed with a tone of lust in her voice. Sanji heeded her words and released his seed, long thick strings of his inner white essence quickly filled her inside, a bit of it leaking out infact. Sanji collasped atop of her and began to pant. Robin smiled weakly and gently glided her fingertips through his blonde hair. Little did they both know that a certain orange haired woman was watching the entire time from the crack in the doorway…

To be continued.