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Severus Snape, the world's youngest potions master, was nervous. It was his wedding day. He had been waiting for this day for so long and now it was finally here. He was going to marry his high school love, Lily Evans. He and Lily had been dating since their third year and after graduation, and I mean straight after graduation, he asked her to marry him. She obviously said yes otherwise there wouldn't be a wedding now would there. Severus had asked his best friends James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Tom Riddle to be his best men. They had been called the Hogwarts Marauders and caused so much chaos. They had become animungi in order to help Remus, who was a werewolf. Although Remus transformed into a real were once a month, he wielded the power to transform into a normal gray wolf at other times. Since they decided that they were a group of troublemakers they needed codenames. And so the marauders, Prongs (James), Padfoot (Sirius), Pythag (Tom), Moony (Remus) and Salzar (Severus) had finally come to be. Their animungus forms were that of a stag, a big shaggy dog, a humungous python, a gray wolf and a sleek black jaguar. They were so close many often mistook them for brothers, which they were, in a way.

Severus paced the length of his dressing room where he was waiting with three of his four best men. Since Lily's dad had passed away she had asked Tom to walk her down the aisle. Tom had been given ' pick up the bride duty' and he was late. James, Sirius and Remus watched their friend pace the room in fascination and in some cases amusement. " Um Sal I think that the rug can't take anymore of your pacing," said Remus. James and Sirius were trying not to laugh as Remus tried to get through to the agitated potions master. Severus stopped pacing and stared at Remus as if he just noticed he was there and continued pacing. By now James and Sirius were trying so hard not to burst out laughing that they started going red from the strain. " WHAT IS TAKING THEM SO LONG!" cried Severus frustrated at the non-stop waiting and his nerves. Sirius let loose a snort and when the potions mater turned and glared at him he fell out of his chair laughing. " Calm…Down… Sal…They'll…Be. …Here…In ….No…Time…" said Sirius in between breathes of fresh air. Severus ran a hand through his shoulder length black hair for what seemed like the 20th time that day. Sirius, who had partly recovered, burst out laughing again at the sight of Sev's hair. It stuck out at odd ends and made James' mop look neat. Remus, who was quietly snickering at his friend, led him over to the mirror. All the birds in the vicinity took flight at Severus' cry " WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO MY HAIR!" This time both Remus and James burst out in laughter at their friend's antics. They had very rarely seen Severus this nervous at to them it was a once in a lifetime spectacle. Severus grabbed the hairbrush off the dresser and began running it through his disheveled hair. After Sev was satisfied with how his hair was he resumed pacing nervously. " Sal if you don't calm down and sit I'm going to have to stun you or put you in a full body bind." Joked James. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and in popped the head of one Tom Riddle. " Hey hey hey did you miss me!"

One very nervous, very agitated Severus Snape instantly tackled Tom. " Tom did you fetch lily? Is she ok? Oh my god what if she does not want to marry me anymore? Tom, tell me did you pick up lily? Was she dressed…" said Severus as he shook the life out of Tom. Remus and James tried restraining him while Sirius laughed his head off on the ground. " Woah Sal one question at a time," exclaimed Tom as he rubbed his sore shoulders. " Yes I did pick up lily, yes she was dressed, yes she does still want to marry you and yes she was ok." Said Tom out of breath. " Sal you need to calm down you're a nervous wreck! You are going to collapse soon then you won't be able to marry Lily." Chided Remus gently. Severus jumped up from his seat " but I am calm Moony, don't know what you are talking about" cried Severus pacing the length of the floor again. " Sorry Sal but this is for your own good stupefy" Severus fell to the floor with a resounding BANG! Remus and James carried him to the chair where the unceremoniously dumped him. "engravate," said Remus after they made sure they had Severus tied to they chair. " REMUS LUPIN I DEMAND THAT YOU RELEASE ME FROM THIS CHAIR! WHEN I AM FREE I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!" James left the dressing room only to return within a few minutes. " Guys its show time!" Sirius picked himself up from the floor where he was lying after his laughing fit and brushed off his tuxedo. Tom did a final check, and then exited the dressing room, Sirius following behind him. Remus and James helped the very irate Severus to his feet and helped him straighten up. They finally left the room with the numb and nervous man in tow. Severus allowed himself to be led out of the room one thought running through his head I am going to get married to Lily even if I have to die trying cause she's the only one for me.

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