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Chapter 3: What a mess!

It was two weeks after Severus and lily had left for their honeymoon and the marauders had had free run of Snape manor while they were away. Since none of the marauders were expert cooks or cooks at all they decided it best to order take put instead of trying to eat each others cooking remembering what happened when Severus had asked them to make breakfast as he worked on his potions in the basement.


Sirius and James woke that morning with an incurable to have pancakes. Like most fourteen year old boys their age the first thing that came to their minds was food so they headed down the hall to wake Remus and Tom, who had been sharing a room together. Severus had taken his own bedroom. The five of them had decided to spend the Christmas holiday away from Hogwarts and Severus' mother had opened the manor to them as she and her husband had to go on a trip and would be out of the house for a while. They knew that Severus was very capable of taking care of himself and did not need to worry abut him.

"Wakie wakie up and addum you guys" Sirius chanted as he pranced around the room.

The two lumps in the bed just groaned and turned over, clutching a pillow to their heads. James and Sirius however were not discouraged.

"Come on you guys we want pancakes!" James said tugging at the pillow covering Remus' head.

At the mention of pancakes Tom was out of bed in a flash and taking a shower. Remus however was still curled up in his blankets and seemed to be growling at anyone who dared to wake him from his slumber. The guys backed off knowing Remus would probably bite their head off, literally. Tom, who was finished with his shower, was now rummaging through his trunk for something to wear. He eventually decided on a black t-shirt on top of blue jeans and a blue cloak. It was winter and cold inside the manor no matter how many heating charms were cast.

"C'mon I'm hungry" he said and headed out the room and down the stairs, Sirius and James not far behind

When they entered the kitchen however there was no sign of any house elves.

"Where are he house elves and come to think of it where is Severus? We always find him up before us" asked Sirius puzzled

"I think Severus is working on his new potion experiment. We will find him in the basement." Answered James and the three of them trudged down to the basement in search of their friend

When they reached the bottom of the stairs they saw Severus hunched over a cauldron, stirring counter-clockwise. Sirius was about to speak when Severus held up a hand to silence them. He finished his stirring and straitened, lowering the fire beneath his cauldron.

"There now all I have to do is leave it to simmer a bit." He turned to face them "morning guys what are you doing down here and where is Moony?" he asked them

"Moony is still in bed and we came down here to ask you were are the house elves? We're hungry and feel like pancakes" whined Sirius.

Severus looked to be deep in thought and then smacked himself on the forehead "of course today's the day mother said the house elves will be doing our Christmas shopping and we'll have to fend for ourselves. Okay guys let's go and make those pancakes" and with that he led them back into the kitchen.

Now I'm sure we all now that fourteen year old guys are not familiar with the kitchen except for when they are in need of food so it came as no surprise that four of the five marauders were staring at a frying pan as if it would bite them

"Uhh Severus why don't you touch it" James said wearily

"And get my hand bitten off no ways, Tom you touch it" Severus said defiantly

"No Sirius you touch it" Tom argued

"Nuh uh I'm not touching it." Sirius countered

"Look you guys this is getting us no where. Tom, Severus you both are halfbloods why do you not know what that," here James pointed at the frying pan "does?"

"Because James even though I'm a halfblood my mother uses only magic in the house so we don't have things like that" Tom replied pointing to the frying pan once again

"So what are we going to do starve?" Sirius wailed

"No we are going to drag Remus out of bed and get him to make us breakfast because he is the only one amongst us who takes muggle studies" Tom replied

With that said he boys marched upstairs like men on a mission which they were for now they wee getting very hungry. However when they got to the room which Tom and Remus shared they found Remus at the desk reading. They mentally sighed with relief as now their problems were over. They quickly explained the situation to Remus, who just smiled and grabbed his muggle studies text and headed downstairs, the others impatiently following. When they reached the kitchen Remus turned to address them

"In this book my friends, I have the recipe for the worlds best pancakes and how to around using the equipment. This," here he picked up the frying pan "is the instrument we will use to cook the pancakes. It is called…" Remus flipped through his text book quickly "aha it is called a frying pan. Worship it my friends for it will wield for us the delicious food we mean to make"

The boys quickly dropped to their knees and started singing their praises to the frying pan. Soon they had worshiped all the items necessary for making the pancakes and were busy mixing the ingredients together.

"Uh Remus what does the text say to do now after we add the flour?" asked a pretty white Sirius

"Umm," Remus quickly consulted his text book "it says add eggs and milk"

Sirius looked first at the eggs then at Remus and shrugged "okay if that's what it says" and he then proceeded to drop all the eggs into the mixing bowl, shell and all.

"Severus how is it coming there at the stove? Is the oil hot yet?"

Severus turned to Remus a scowl firmly fixed on his face "How am I supposed to know if the bloody oil is hot Remus?"

"Touch it of course" Remus replied

Severus glared at him and started to needle Tom into touching the oil. Meanwhile James had decided to spice up the pancake mixture a bit and added blueberries inside

"The book doesn't say it's wrong James so I don't think it will do any harm." Remus replied after James asked.

Severus glanced at his wrist watch and swore "sorry guys you just continue making the pancakes I have to go and attended to the potion. See ya" and with that he disappeared from the kitchen

"Oh well I guess you really have to ouch the oil now Tom" James chuckled.

Tom gulped and lowered his finger into the pan. He yelped as soon as his finger touch it.

" The oil is hot guys" he said as he blew on his finger to ease the pain he felt there.

"Is the mixture ready guys?" Remus asked James and Sirius who were trying with all their might to stir the concoction.

"Yup it's ready" they answered and brought it to the stove.

" Well what are you waiting for pour it in" Tom said impatiently.

James poured the mixture into the pan until the whole surface was covered.

"Now we wait" he said dejectedly

"Why don't you just put the stove on high?" Sirius asked

"I guess that could work" Remus replied as he turned the heat up. Suddenly they heard a voice float up from the basement

"Guys come see what the potion does!" Severus' voice cried excitedly. The marauders hurried down completely forgetting the pancake on the stove.

Three hours later the boys resurfaced from the basement to find that the house was covered in smoke "The pancakes!" they all cried as they scrambled to the kitchen.

Severus managed to put out the fire that had occurred in the pan while the others opened all the windows in the kitchen and dining room. They glanced at the charred mess inside the pan and turned their heads in disgust. Severus threw the pan and the pancake mixture into the dustbin.

"What now?" he asked turning to face the others

They all thought for a moment before a chorus of "Pizza!" rang threw the manor. They never attempted to cook ever again

End flashback

Remus descended the stairs of the manor to find the house in a total sea of pizza boxes, crisp wrappers and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans everywhere. He shook his head slightly

"What a mess" he murmured as he headed to grab himself a cup of coffee. As he entered the kitchen, which was the only place in the whole house that was even moderately clean, the phone which had been installed by Violet, rang. Remus picked it up and heard Lily's voice on the other end

"Hello" she practically sang

"Hi Lily how are you and Severus there in France?" he asked

"Oh we're fine. We just called to tell you that we decided to cut our honeymoon short and are coming home today"

Remus paled dramatically "ttttoday?" he stuttered

"Yes today Remus. We'll be there at six this evening okay see you then" and with that Lily hung up.

He phone cluttered to the floor and the other marauders, who had come down when re us was busy on the phone, glanced at him curiously. Remus raised fearful eyes to them

"Lily and Severus are coming home today" he whispered.

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