The Hunter's Daughter

Chapter 1

The journey back to Rome was a silent one. It had been four days since princess Anna's Death. It was hard for both men, but it was much harder for Van Helsing then it was for Carl. Because not only was he in love with Anna, he was the one who killed her. He had killed her while she was trying to remove the werewolf curse, which made things even worse.

At first, Van Helsing's silence didn't bother Carl. After all, he was also upset that Anna had died. But toward the end of the third day, Carl started to get worried about him.

It was around noontime, on the fourth day. While they were resting, Carl handed a plate of food to Van Helsing.

He, however, turned away from it.

Carl heaved a sigh. "Come on, Van Helsing. You have to eat something," he said as he offered the plate again.

When Van Helsing rejected it again, Carl said, "I know you miss her, Van Helsing. I miss her too. But you have to eat something to keep your strength up."

"What's the point, Carl?" Van Helsing said, "I don't see anything else to live for."

"Do you think," said Carl after a moment, "that Anna would want you to remember her like this? She would want you to keep going. She would want you to think about the good things that happened. Not the bad."

Van Helsing knew what his friend said was true. Anna wouldn't want him to stop killing monsters because she died. Smiling slightly, he took the plate from Carl's hands and began to eat.

When they finished eating, they started to pack up to continue their way to Rome. Suddenly a scream pierced the silence in the air.

Van Helsing picked up his crossbow and ran toward the clearing from where he thought he heard the scream

As he entered the clearing, he saw a huge grey werewolf, walking toward a woman, who was on the ground. She was trying to back away from it while still clutching a small bundle to her chest, as if her life depended on it.

Thinking quickly, he ran behind the werewolf and shot an arrow into his lower back.

The werewolf turned to Van Helsing and ran toward him. Taking his gun (that had the silver bullets) from inside his coat, he took aim and fired just as the werewolf was in mid leap, and fell dead at Van Helsing's feet.

As Carl entered the area, Van Helsing turned to him and said, "The woman over there needs some help. Do you think you can help her?"

Carl rushed over to her to see what he could do. She wasn't bitten, but she had lost a lot of blood from the hole in her chest.

He looked up to Van Helsing. "I'm afraid that there is nothing I can do."

Van Helsing looked at the woman.

Looking up at Van Helsing, she feebly held up the bundle that she had with her to him, and said, "Take her… promise me… that you will… protect her in… anyway… that… you can."

Van Helsing took the bundle from her arms and looked back at the woman and said, "I promise."

With one last smile she said in a quiet voice, "And tell her… that… I love her…" Then, she closed her eyes, and breathed no more. Van Helsing unwrapped the bundle slowly as it was beginning to move on it's own. He was shocked to find a baby - a tiny baby girl. The baby looked into Van Helsing's eyes and was suddenly calm.

After the burial of the woman, Van Helsing mounted his horse and Carl handed him the baby. Before they left, Van Helsing turned to Carl and said, "Astrid. I'll name her Astrid."

Carl smiled and nodded.

With one sharp kick, they took off. Carl, Van Helsing, and little Astrid asleep in his arms.

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