Chapter 6

Van Helsing had told Astrid about Castle Dracula when she was little. It was even scarier then her father had described it. Just looking at it, made her blood run cold. When she was around the age of six she had nightmares about places like this and it seemed that she had entered one of them. All except it wasn't a nightmare.

It was real.

All too soon, the were right next to it.

As soon as they flew in through an open window, she was dropped to the hard stone floor.

Dracula stood at one end of the room. He looked up at his brides and said sternly, "How many times do I have to tell you that you must be gentle with our guests."

Astrid turned to see the brides turn back to their human form. She didn't get a good look at them when they were in the village until now.

All three of them were very beautiful.

One Had Fiery red hair that was curly and spiraling down to her waist. And she was dressed in light pink.

The second one had long strait hair that was black as a raven that went a little past her waist. She wore a dress that was green and she also had a funny looking collar.

The third one had light brown hair that was slightly wavy, but unlike the others, her hair didn't go past her waist. It went to the center of her back. She was dressed in golden yellow. But her it was not a full dress like the other two vampire's dresses. Her outfit made her look like she was a genie.

"Forgive us Master," The one in green -who's voice Astrid recognized as Verona's- said.

Dracula briskly walked over to them.

And they ran over to cuddle him.

He gave them each a kiss on the cheek and turned to Astrid. "I'm sorry that they dropped you from so high up, my dear. I hope that you're not hurt."

Astrid picked herself up off the ground. "I'm fine," she said.

Dracula turned to the one in yellow. "Marishka, would you be so kind as to escort Astrid to her room?"

"Of coarse, Master," she replied. Marishka walked over to Astrid and grabbed her hand and quickly walked to a staircase.

She was walking so fast, that Astrid nearly had to run to keep from falling.

About half way down the hall, Astrid decided to brake the silence.

"I'm sorry about your foot."

Marishka slowed down her pace and looked back at her. "All is forgiven," she said, then added after a few minutes, "It doesn't hurt as much anyway."

Not another word was spoken until they reached her room.

The room was decorated in mostly dark red color. There was a small wardrobe in one corner and next to it was a vanity with an oval shaped mirror. And on the wall on the opposite side of bed was a medium sized fire place.

"I hope the room suits you," said Marishka from behind her.

Astrid turned to her and said, "It's nice. Thank you."

"Dinner is served a seven," she said as she closed the door and locked it behind her.

Astrid looked out the window. She knew that she had to get away.

She walked over and sat on the windowsill, thinking about her father.

'Papa,' she thought as a tear slowly fell down her cheek. 'Please come and find me.'

A.N. Thanks for reading. I know that the brides seem a little nice. But that is how I'm going to make them to be. Sorry for those who don't like it. I'd like to thank my reviewer Readerfreak10 the next chapter is going to be about Van Helsing and Carl. Until next time, I remain your obedient servant. (I always wanted to say something like that.)

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