Disclaimer: I own nothing.

This story is based off my brother's wacky dream. Sorry if it's too short. This is a one-shot. I will probably never look at this again and will most likely forget all about it.

Starfire was sitting in a bed in the Titan medical room pregnant. Robin was sitting next to her.

" I love ya star but I don't want the Titans to find out." He said. (because Robin made her pregnant.) And beast boy was being beast boy. Raven came in.

"I can use my powers to see if it is a boy or a girl." Raven checked and it was a girl. Cyborg was in his room scanning to see who the father or Star's baby was then Robin came in and told him to stop. They fought and than Starfire was kidnapped and she stuck in a poler ice glacier. The Titans went to the glacier and saved Star and her unborn child. Cyborg still ran the scan and they found out that Robin was the daddy and after much teasing they all lived happy ever after.