Title: New Beginning

Author: Vicky Ocean

Pairing: Sam and Jack

Season: Between 8 and 9

Spoilers: Where Sam was at the beginning of Season 9

Rating: all ages

A/N: I cleaned out my purse and found this. It was written on a napkin while I was waiting doctor's office limbo a few weeks ago. It's a late entry for the word of week challenge for 'Beginnings'. It's not really edited much from what was hurriedly scribbled, so I hope it's coherent and that you enjoy it.

"Sam. Wake up, Sam."

"Go away, Daniel," Sam mumbled, batting away the hand that was trying to shake her awake.

Daniel? Jack mouthed to himself. "Carter, time to get up."

"Colonel, tell Daniel it's his turn to stand watch. I already did it," she muttered just barely audible as she turned away from him, snuggling deeper into her pillow.

Jack sat on the edge of the bed and breathed a sigh of relief. She was dreaming they were offworld, not… something different. "Carter, c'mon, wake up for me." He hauled her back toward him and shook her a little more forcefully. He'd learned over the past several months that Sam was a very deep sleeper when she wasn't on duty, probably making up for all those long hours she put in.

She cracked open her eyes and offered him a bleary smile, "Jack, come to bed."

"Not now."

"Okay. Good night." She settled back down and pulled up the sheet higher.

"Carter, wake up."


"We have to get married. Now."

That woke her up. "What?"

"I just came from a meeting in Washington. I'll be taking command of Homeworld Security in…" He glanced at his watch. "Eight hours and 23 minutes."


"I'll be in your direct chain of command again. So it's now or never. Whadya say?" he asked, hoping his casual smirk covered his nervousness.

She scrubbed a hand across her face trying to wake up, "Okay."


"Yeah," she flipped on her bedside lamp wincing at the sudden light.

"Sweet." He couldn't help the sigh of relief and the smile cracking his face.

"You though I'd say no?"

"I wasn't sure. It's not like we've had any sort normal courtship." Eight years as CO and subordinate and then a fishing trip followed by three months commuting between Colorado and Nevada for the occasional couple of days together was not the usual precursor to a marriage proposal.

"We're not exactly normal people, Jack."


"So, you gonna let me get up or did you bring the chaplain with you?"

"I didn't think of that."

Still, grinning inanely, he stood allowing her to crawl from the bed. She gave him a good look for the first time since he woke her. He had his dress blues on but they were a little on the rumpled side and his tie and collar was loosened. "You got another star."

He shrugged, "Came with the new desk."

She frowned, "Do you have something else you can wear?"

"I guess. Why?"

"I don't want to marry General O'Neill."

He nodded with an easy smile, "That's good because I don't want to marry Lt. Colonel Carter either."

Three hours later, in the most tasteful chapel they could find on the Vegas Strip, which wasn't really saying much, Jack and Sam began their new life together.